Need some serious help. Coffee maker question?

Need some serious help. Coffee maker question? Topic: Case saver
May 24, 2019 / By Kalie
Question: please answer even if this questions in the wrong category ! Ok so I might of goofed big time I'm a teenager apart of my highschools student council. At the end of today I found an old coffee maker "max 10years old ,due to me being in a new school" anyways this coffee makers bean all dirty and yucky for as long as I remember, so I clean it up and set a clock on it. Ok now things go bad ! I decided to be creative and set a timer on it for 12:30, so I could have tea for breakfast. Now I'm laying in bed trying to remember if it was 12:30 am, or pm ! I'm reading how coffee makers can start fires, or make a smokey environment " which is still bad being a school" I put about 8 cups of water in"according to coffee machine " , and I usually get to school around 8:00 - 9:00, which means coffee might boil for 8 hours ! I heard newer coffee machines have a 2 hour shut off, which would be a life saver if it were the case. I can't get to sleep with this on my mind, it would be seriously appriciated for your imput, anything from "it be fine mon " too "you should wake you parents right now to be first one at school" I will, I don't want to burn Dow my school :( thank you for your time
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Hadassah Hadassah | 7 days ago
About three years ago I started wrapping about a teaspoon of coffee into twist with a filter, stapling it shut with a piece of string hanging off one end and using it like a tea bag. This is what coffee machines have done to me.
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Dixy Dixy
ya be fine mon me be sure ya has a good fire dept ther mon .......... really tho ........ dont think you have a 2 hr shutoff so ....... was there enough water in it to last? .......... maybe ........................................... i was thinking about 5 to 6 hours .......
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There used to be an old phrase used by Swiss manufacturers: You can get this cheap, good, fast. Pick any two. You can get most things cheap and good but slow, good and fast but expensive, or cheap and fast but bad. The same can be applied to web-hosting. Especially since what you're intending to do is compete with something like http://deviantart.com or http://youtube.com both of which rely on subscriptions from people (paid use for better services) along with advertising on the site from sponsors to pay the running costs for their site and database. The other thing you don't seem to quite understand is that the website and the database are different things. Some web-hosts who will host your site will not want to allow you to hotlink out. Free web hosts make back their running costs by putting advertising on your site, for which you obviously get no money. If someone else is hosting the content (if all the images were linked to an off-site and cheaper storage), they are not getting these hits count towards their advertising. The largest free storage you can get around the net these days (that does not including hosting a web site or domain name) is around 2GB, which is not a lot for video and images. The free services also tend to have a cap on daily loading of the file (anyone sees it on their internet, that's a load), or the file will disappear after a certain number of days (usually 9-21). Writing scripts for a database that others can separately access and load their images onto is also a big deal, unless you're a very good programmer. Then there's the safety issue of having members accessing a database. A script to be able to alter the background is simple with good php and html skills coupled with some css java, but any of that is still beyond just building a website. You will also need to consider copyright issues. How can you guarantee the images and videos being uploaded into your site are not protected by copyright? As the owner of the site you're the one responsible for solving disputes where one member accuses another of stolen art. A site where one can post content is also completely open to spammers. You could find your site flooded by pornography unless you are very good with security. As it is, there are no free web-hosting or file storage providers that will do what you want (free, really large space, unlimited viewing of files, ability to upload files and have separate securities). And getting it cheap and good requires you to have a good understanding of database coding and online securities. Join DA, or get a team together and find sponsors for this (it's a business initiative). If you can get enough funding and a programmer who knows how to do what you want, you could start the site and try to keep it going with advertising and the odd subscription. Read the wiki links in the source if you seriously want to pursue this as a career option. It won't be free, but the information is. There is also a list of all the major (non-bogus) services on the bottom. You can try going through them. Just remember that even 20GB a month will not be enough for the scope of what you want to do.
Dixy Originally Answered: Art website maker help?
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