Do people not understand that EVERYONE'S bible/holy book tells them it is correct?

Do people not understand that EVERYONE'S bible/holy book tells them it is correct? Topic: Research bible books
July 16, 2019 / By Kaley
Question: So what gives you the right to use that as an authority over someone else's holy book? *I assume the majority of holy texts are held as infallible truth by the followers. While this may not hold true for all, the assumption still works with this question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
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Hadassa Hadassa | 6 days ago
So, let me try to follow your logic here. What you seem to be implying is that if I would go ahead and print myself some counterfeit money, that would automatically make all the currency in the united states fake? Or conversely, that my counterfeit money should be just as accepted as anyone else's? In all due respect, your question is simply one huge logical fallacy. Only one currency is endorsed by the federal government and only one book is endorsed by God. Can't you at least agree that one of those books could be the correct one? While some of your respondents have agreed with you, they are condemning their own position by admitting that anyone can come up with a holy book if they want. However, not just anyone came up with the Bible. It's backed by logical, spiritual and scientific evidence. It actually does not take much research to realize that there is ONLY ONE book which claims to be God's Word and provides thousands of accurate prophecies and who's author is claimed to have risen from the dead and which tells the history of the universe that is confirmed by science. If you sincerely want to know if the Bible is really God's word, all you have to do is ask Him.
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Hadassa Originally Answered: Q: To those who read and understand the Bible and God - Why are the Jews Gods' chosen people?
It wasn't that. It was the conduct of Abraham and his descendants in worshiping the true God faithfully. By choosing 1 nation, God could show His power and name. As long as the Jews were faithful to Jehovah, nothing could harm them. Not even armies 50 times their size. When they stopped being faithful, a kid with a stick could beat them up. All other nations could see this and knew what protected them. This exhaulted Jehovah's name. It has been a good example for us today. With all the religions and governments in the world, why should we believe in God? Looking back at Israel, we see He can protect His people. He honors His promises. He keeps His word. We can see all political earthly governments fail at keeping most promises after election. They fail to solve any problem without creating 5 more at least. Science and most religions offer no better. Most religions do not worship the true God of the Bible, just as those Jews back then waffled back and forth in service and away from service to Jehovah. Most religions waffle just away from Jehovah in favor of just what and how they want to behave. Israel showed that was not the way to please Jehovah or gain His favor and protection. Another major point overlooked by almost everyone------non-Jews who wish to join Israel and worship Jehovah were allowed to do so. Even by God's laws to be treated as family, not just residents or strangers who live down the road. So it wasn't just for "Jews only, all others need not apply" signs put up. All who wanted to worship Jehovah and abide by the God given laws could stay and thrive. Good news for us today.

Dixie Dixie
I don’t understand why it is so no longer elementary to understand… the issue interior the 1st fact is desperate by employing genuine remorseful approximately and repentance …in simple terms God is conscious the guts…apart from, the be conscious teaches repentance at any age… any time…by way of fact is the Lord’s promise. the 2d fact …the issue is that all and sundry human beings could desire to repent, we've all sinned…lied, stolen, cheated….yet in particular we've all denied Christ quicker or later in our lives….it doesn’t remember how “reliable” we predict of we are…as quickly as we deny Christ…we deny God…we are seen sinners. The know God teaches…there is not any sin that isn't be able to be forgiven…( different than blaspheming the Holy Spirit) the fact God will forgive all sins…leaves NO excuses. you won't be able to proceed to stay like the devil and nevertheless enter the dominion…likewise, you won't be able to head into the dominion while you're actually not keen to different than the King! the issue is how is God assume to handle people who've heard of Him, heard of Jesus…and the be conscious (Bible) and function know-how of testimony from Christians… …………IF…………..by employing ones very own admission…they have heard of those style of issues…yet deny Christ…and…God? all of us have somebody accountability to seek for God and His be conscious…He grants while you're keen to repent and walk in His techniques…you will have a place in His Kingdom.
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Carley Carley
I understand! It amazes me that people believe the bible is the word of god because the bible says it is. I am going to write a holy book and say, "by the way, this is all true because God said so. To question this book is to question God!"
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Andri Andri
If someone else has a book that contains scores of prophecies that have already been fulfilled and scores of prophecies that are about to be fulfilled, more power to him. I don't think I'll be looking over his shoulder. Many holy books do not have prophecies that have been fulfilled. Most holy books have no prophecy at all.
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Whitaker Whitaker
"I am God, the supreme ruler and creator of the universe, my words are law, my proof for my being God is that I say I am, any further requests for proof is heresy. If you do not believe me, you will suffer for eternity. That is all." Anyone can do it, whether you are foolish enough to believe such an ultimatum, well lets just say your belief or lack thereof is a pretty good judge of character. Oh, and in the event that anyone kills in my name, I hereby declare that I cannot be held responsible for any actions of my followers, My message is that of Peach on Earth, and Goodwill towards Manatees.
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Whitaker Originally Answered: How do you read and understand your holy books?
I'm a Christian and read the Bible. For me, some things are straight-forward, some I don't understand, and some I have to ask others or ask in prayer. I agree with you that in many ways people DO think differently now than when the Bible was written, but some concepts are universally human. (ie, faith and lack thereof, love and hate, tell the truth vs. lie, be honest vs. steal and cheat, be faithful vs. cheat on a spouse, etc.) Parts of the culture I just settle that I don't understand, and it may not even therefore be relevant. I have found a HUGE value in praying about certain scriptural concepts and asking God questions. I've gained a huge amount of understanding through this, because when I do that, many times I just "get" the answer, or am pushed in a direction to study. I believe that when you pray and worship, God can *give* you insight and understanding into the scriptures.

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