How can I assess the condition of an old fireplace covered over by framing and drywall?

How can I assess the condition of an old fireplace covered over by framing and drywall? Topic: By the case shopping
July 16, 2019 / By Kaitlynn
Question: am in the process of purchasing a 19th century brownstone building that was very recently fully gut-rehabbed. The contractors covered what was obviously some sort of fireplace in the parlor-floor front room when they re-framed and drywalled all of the interiors. I would like to restore the fireplace (either as fully-functional or simply decorative) if it is at all possible, but not if the job would require rebuilding the FP from scratch. My question is, what is the best way (assuming I can't contact the rehab contractor) to check out the condition of the fireplace, so that if it turns out to be clearly unsalvageable, restoring the drywall covering (a simple floor-to-ceiling box) will require the least amount of work? To rephrase, what is the recommended way of seeing what's on the other side of drywall? Should I poke a hole in the wall big enough to stick a digital camera through and take pictures, would it be better to remove an entire drywall panel up to the corner joints, or is there some other, better way?
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Gypsy Gypsy | 4 days ago
Envy! Well, removing the new dry-wall covering the fireplace would appear to be the obvious choice. If what you discover is not reparable...simply cover it up again. Are there other fireplaces in the home? Often there are, on the floor above. You could (if indeed that is the case) determine what the one on the ground floor might look like, and go from there. You might simply build an interior (non-functioning) hearth and fire box, find a wonderful old mantle in some antique shop (or the like) and use it thus. I do envy you, it's been many years since I did restoring, I do miss the challenge...and the reward! You don't state what size the drywall 'patch' is. Drywall is not that difficult to remove (only time consuming). Don't think that making a hole and trying to photograph what's under the dry wall would work. Get brave! I once removed a mantle surround over my fireplace (discovered it was only held on by four nails) because the plaster surrounding the fireplace had shifted...and bowed. Easy fix with about two sheets of drywall and attaching the mantle and surround was a snap. Chimney sweeps can inform you if the chimney is sound, or would have to be replaced (can be an expensive fix). However, having the ambiance of a fireplace, working or not, in a room is always a plus!
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Dix Dix
My chimney sweep also renovates fireplaces/chimneys and does a lot of "checking" for my clients. He's never been wrong. Perhaps you can start by calling one yourself. Mine charges $85 for an inspection.
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Carla Carla
NEC states to be as much as code all wires that are uncovered could be got rid of besides simply by fact the receptacle container. shrink out all which you will discover without tearing the partitions aside and then cover the wall. only be sure that each and all the lines are ineffective.
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Andrea Andrea
A chimney sweep is your best bet. that is their job and they really know what they are doing. they will look at it from top to bottom and bottom to top checking the mortaring and for cracks and you can even get them to clean it for you if it is usable.
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