I have two questions. Help?

I have two questions. Help? Topic: Arthur writing paper
July 22, 2019 / By Kaitlyn
Question: I have many names for each character so please answer all these.. The hero of the story is a girl and she has two friends, a man and a girl. The main character's name.. Should it be, Edith or Claudia? Her friend (girl), Gloria or Cynthia? Her friend (man), Godric or Alfrid? The main character's little sister, Astoria or coraline? The main character's mom, Victoria or Selene? The main character's dad, Claudius or Arthur? ------------- I love writing so much but since I'm going through a rough times I have stopped writing because "I'm not in a good mood", the problem is I'm always not in the mood plus I know that writing can make me feel better but I just can't focus.. Especially, that the story is actually expressing my life story in a very fictional way. How to change that? How can I stay focused and how do you stay focused in writing something? Thanks.
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Gyneth Gyneth | 3 days ago
Main character: Edith (I feel like Claudia's too common for some reason lol) Girl-friend: Cynthia Guy-friend: Godric Sister: Astoria(: Mom: Selene Dad: Arthur Hm, I'm sorry you're going through rough times! Maybe it's a good thing that it's expressing your life in a way. You can get it out on paper and put your emotions into the main character. If you arent' in the mood, try writing anyways and seeing if you can get some of whatever you're feeling into the book. (I feel like emotions is what makes a book really good.) Good luck!!(:
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Divina Divina
main character - Edith (more of a relatable name) her freind - Cynthia (seems like a bff type person - always dependable) her other friend - Alfred (spelt like this) Little sister - Caroline (works best with Edith) Mom - Selene (flows very softly) Dad - Arthur (definately a dad name) --------------------------------------... I don't thinl there's anything wrong with expressing your life in a fictional way. You write from what you know. That makes a great story. I write when I get the inspiration. Some times you get an idea and you instantly flow with it and are excited about it. That keeps you the most focused. Write down anything that you think would be good for your story. Then look back on those ideas and if you like one of them you'll spring out from there. It's hard getting the focus to write, especially when you have bigger things on your plate, but inspiration is key to excitement in your own writing, so just allow ideas to flow even if they are unfocused ideas.
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