What if Evolution was no longer just a Theory?

What if Evolution was no longer just a Theory? Topic: Example of a conclusion in science
May 24, 2019 / By Kaitlin
Question: The Theory of Evolution. It's just that, a surmising by a collective of scientists. These same scientists (just a general term) also came up with Laws of science, theories that had been proven without the shadow of a doubt. As Evolution is perhaps one of if not THE largest of man's mysteries, what effect do you think a LAW of Evolution would have on the world? Just so you know, I'm not an American, I'm a Brit. Thank you to Both Caleb F and Nature Boy. With your answers Ilooked this up a little more to get a better understanding of Evolution and it's misconceptions. This is a little something i found. "A theory, in the scientific sense, is "a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena" [Random House American College Dictionary]. The term does not imply tentativeness or lack of certainty. Generally speaking, scientific theories differ from scientific laws only in that laws can be expressed more tersely. Being a theory implies self-consistency, agreement with observations, and usefulness." "Claiming infallibility for one's conclusions is a sign of hubris. Nothing in the real world has ever been rigorously proved, or ever will be. Proof, in the mathematical sense, is possible only if you have the luxury of defining the universe you're operating in. In the real world, we must deal with levels of certainty based on observed evidence."
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Gwyn Gwyn | 2 days ago
Evolution is both a theory and a fact (a "Law"). The fossil record among other things proves that creatures have changed from simpler to more complex forms over time. This is an accepted fact. The theory part of it comes in when you try to give an explanation for what is causing these changes to occur. Natural Selection is the leading theory for this.
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Diot Diot
it didn't sound like an American question son. I'm not completely confident that it is a *theory* any longer. So many things have been traced back to this or that. Unborn children look much the same as unborn chicks for a while, or elephants, or dolphins. How can that be if not some sort of evolutionary progress. Also as we look back on homo Sapien himself we can see the drastic evolution of his life on earth. So theory or law it's really a matter of words.
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Carissa Carissa
Evolution will ALWAYS be a theory. There is no evidence of evolution. Evolution was designed for all the people who refuse to believe that God created everything. It takes more faith to believe in Evo then creation. Have to ever heard of setting off a bomb and some sort of life comes form it:? I don't thing so. Science is to be able to find facts take those facts to a lab and recreate there facts. This will never happen with the big bang. It is more of the big flop.
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Andi Andi
They only call it the 'theory' of evolution in your country to keep you quiet. It is accepted as fact almost everywhere else! If your government suddenly endorsed it as fact there would be anarchy. edit- then you're just a nutter mate
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Wendel Wendel
God created evolution, Darwin was a high priest who also played in goal for Chelsea. What English person says 'Brit'
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Wendel Originally Answered: List a theory about how life came on earth that no longer has support.?
o don't know if I'd consider it a real scientific theory, but spontaneous generation was a widely-held belief a couple of centuries ago. It was the idea that complex life could come from non-living material (mice came from piles of grain, maggots from rotting meat, etc). This is different from the modern hypothesis of abiogenesis, though, which is less "life from non-life" and more "complex chemistry from slightly less complex chemistry". As usual, though CRR is chiming in with his mindless parroting of the professional liars-for-Jesus over at creation.com. There's nothing wrong with belief, but they willfully distort the truth to trick people over to their side (and I'm fairly certain that their religion has some strong feelings on bearing false witness). You'll walk away from sites like that with a worse understanding of biology and science in general than you had going in.

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