How can I convince your mom to let me get rats?

How can I convince your mom to let me get rats? Topic: Most homework ever given
July 22, 2019 / By Kailyn
Question: My mom has got to be the most stubborn mother ever. I've tried anything and everything to try to convince her. She jut keeps saying that they're dirty, that they're gross, that they smell. I've written a paper on it and given it to her to read, I've tried just explaining to her that they aren't dirty and all that, I've tried showing cute pictures of rats to her, I've tried pretty much all of it. But if you have any suggestions to try and convince her, I'm all ears. I've been wanting rats for quite some time, over a year. I've tried on multiple occasions to ask her. I even have her like 4 months time to just cool down and still the answer is the same. It's just frustrating because she just doesn't listen to what I have to say. So please, if you have any suggestions, I'd happily try them out. Thanks! xoxo
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Gwenyth Gwenyth | 1 day ago
I have had two hairless rats, and I will honestly let you know they were the best pets I've ever had! Rats are very intelligent actually; people often judge them by their looks, but they aren't dirty and smelly.. Both of my rats cleaned themselves as all rats do, and they actually are neat and tidy animals. You could eve potty train them to go to the bathroom in a certain potty of place! Well obviously they will smell if you don't take care of them, like every animal. But they aren't that stinky. I cleaned their cage only like once every two weeks and they still remained clean and there wasn't an odor.. Plus let her know that they have been proven to be one of the best pets to get. They're small than dogs and cats, which means they're easier to care for. They're more cute and friendly than fishes, mine actually enjoyed being played with and would come to me often. They're smarter than most little pets, you can also even teach them some tricks! And they're very clean and take care of themselves by cleaning themselves. Mine used to actually sit on watch TV with me without being forced, they used to sit in their ball by me when I was doing homework, and they love to be played with and won't bite and be mean unless they were raised to be like that. Also, let your mom know it's not like a life time commitment; they only live a few years, unlike rabbits and other pets that could live like 15! Plus, they don't cost lots of money! Cats and dogs are very expensive pets that require trips to the vet, neutering and spaying, they're food is more expensive, and they require a LOT more attention then these little critters! Once you get past what they look like, they are sure to be your smart, clean, friendly best friend! Try showing her these responses on here, showing her how much you know about them, and explaining how you'll care for them, because you seem responsible enough and I'm sure she trusts you enough to keep them! Goodluck, hope you get a little cute rat in the future! :)
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Gwenyth Originally Answered: How to convince my parents for 2 more rats?
First think hard about getting 2 more rats. It will be another $100 cage, another cage to clean, and another 1 hour playtime. If you can handle that, then here's my $0.02. You say that you just got two more rats and your parents didn't even like *that* idea. Let the other rats settle in and be happy with what you have for NOW! Asking for two more rats right of the bat might make your parents angry because they just let you get two more. ( For example, I got my ferret in February and I'm waiting until the end of June to ask for another.) While you're waiting a reasonable amount of time, make essays and Powerpoints on why you want more rats. It will keep you busy while waiting and will also back you up if your parents say no. Also try to get one or both of your parents to see and interact with the rats more. Who knows, maybe they'll start to love them and think that the idea for two more rats is a good idea. ;-) Good luck!! EDIT: I also want to say that getting your parents to like your pet is the best way to boost the idea up on the convincing meter. Last year at this time, it was NO FERRET! July of last year, it was ehhh, that's one weird animal, January of this year my parents were almost crying from the death of my ferret, to now, " Ohhhh, you should see Tootsie ( my ferret), she was climbing the bars of her cage, and, and..." Hehehe. :-)
Gwenyth Originally Answered: How to convince my parents for 2 more rats?
seriously, I totaly LOVE animals two,but I wouldn't push it that far with my parents. becides, your lucky to have 3 my mom and dad won't even let me have one!

Dindrane Dindrane
My mother didnt want me to have a hamster either but I saved up my money and offered to buy his cage and him all she had to do was buy his food and all that and also he'd stay in my room so she never has to see him she finally agreed after a month of begging.
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Dindrane Originally Answered: Help with RATS????
We've lived with dozens of pet rats & have 5 boys & 2 girls right now (not kept together obviously). It's true that female rats *in general* prefer to explore & play while males *tend* to prefer hanging out & cuddling, but every rat has a unique personality. We've had cuddly girls & adventurous boys. Both sexes make smart, affectionate pets. Male rats will play & some will even use an exercise wheel. Males are generally about twice the size of females. Yes, their testes are very noticeable when they're frown up, but it's often just a matter of getting used to them. If you get them when they're pretty young, you can gradually get used to the "spectacle" as the rats are growing up. Where we live, the PetSmart store only sell one sex to reduce accidental litters. This is probably the case in your area too, but you can call to find out. Whatever you do, don't get a rat-- get 2 of the same sex. You'll have happier rats & more fun with them too. No matter what the pet shop tries to sell you, never use cedar or pine bedding, which can be really bad for rodents' health. Our rodents love Eco bedding & there are several other good varieties you can buy. Do as much research as possible before bringing your rats home so you can give the little guys the best home & healthiest lives possible.
Dindrane Originally Answered: Help with RATS????
Guinea Pigs are a lot different to rats in terms of care, but don't worry Rats aren't hard to look after either. I've recently got 2 new rats and they're both girls. While girls don't really 'dislike' cuddling, they just don't seem to have the time to do it. It seems like they'd much rather just be active, which means you'd definitely have to have a very safe 'rat-proofed' room! Male rats do play, but so do females! All rat's have different personalities and so, like different things. Some rats are more ready to play than others. One of my rats loves all type of games and training activities, while my other one would just prefer to investigate anything new she can find. With male rats, yes you can see there testies but if thats a problem, then you could always have him neuteured? *Remember that rat's always do better off in pairs as they're social animals* Also, I'm sure that your local petshop will have both genders of rats, but if they don't then i'm sure that if you keep checking what they have in, then your ideal gender will come into stock. Another thing is, you could try to find a reputable rat breeder in your area, as you would be more likely to find your ideal pet here. Anyway, have fun deciding where you want to go with your rats, and good luck! :)

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