Have you asked your Senator or Congressman what -?

Have you asked your Senator or Congressman what -? Topic: Write letter to us senator
May 25, 2019 / By Kaety
Question: For the past three years the Republicans have repeatedly said this is not the time to start a new business, expand a business or hire new employees. They claim President Obama's small business policies and regulations are hurting small business and making it difficult for them to operate. Some time ago I read an answer here that said we should ask our representative what those problems are. I sent an email to my Congressman and he did not respond so I sent a registered letter and asked for a response. He only said Obama-care has created a situation that small business owners can not afford and many are confused as to what will happen in the near future. I sent a reply back (registered) asking why Congress has not worked on bills that would fix the problems they talk about; I have not heard back from him yet. I would think if our elected officials know of problems that are holding up national recovery they would be writing bills and getting necessary change made. Do they not realize they have that power? Do they think they have to waite for the President to write the bills? What are we paying Senators and Congressmen to do? Have you asked your representative what the problems are and what they have done about them? If they have known for years that we have problems why have they not already done something to fix them rather than blame them on someone else? Maybe it is time you do - it seems they would rather complain than correct!
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Gwendolen Gwendolen | 7 days ago
I have tried with both of my senators on the Federal level but got only a form letter from both stating that they thanked me for my interest but nothing more. I say to vote all of them out of office.
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Gwendolen Originally Answered: Letters to senator and congressman?
I doubt if Representatives actually read their own email. Unless you are large campaign contributor, in which case you probably have their private email address. A staffer reads these emails, and then responds to them, usually with the Representative's platform position on the issue. I email my representatives whenever I have something to say on an issue, but the responses I receive always seem flat and prepared. Basically canned responses. In some cases it is obvious that they didn't even actually read the entire email, just the subject. This should not deter you from writing though. Politicians are concerned about votes, and if enough constituents complain about an issue I can guarantee you that they hear about it from the person reading the mail.
Gwendolen Originally Answered: Letters to senator and congressman?
Every time I've written my Senators and Representatives I've gotten an auto-response, so I'm assuming a staffer read the letter. I do know that there are interns that work in Congress and do only this, or answer phones, and they keep tallys on the issues and what people are writing and calling about.

Didi Didi
I used to send emails to as many Congressmen (both parties) as possible expressing my feelings. Some would answer, others never did. After the 2010 elections Congress changed their Internet format and if you were not in the Congressman's district you can no longer send them emails. At the cost of first-class mail I now only send my opinions of really big issues and only to select congressmen - that I seldom hear back from. I believe this was to keep Congressmen from getting any input from anyone other than their own constituents and their party leaders. This puts the Congressmen at a real disadvantage in seeing the "whole" picture and taints their decision making abilities. It also makes it easier for GOP leaders to influence decisions using manipulated data. Most men and women in Congress are good people but they know if they go against party leadership they will not get party support for their bills or when it comes time for reelection. When political positions aer being bought by big money the honest politician has very little chance of doing what really needs to be done!
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Cari Cari
True - I have seen politicians complain about problems but they never do anything to fix them. I have also saw people already in office and running for reelection or running for a another office and saying they have some great ideas. I always have to wonder why they did not do something about their "great ideas" while they were being paid to do so. Do they only get these "great ideas" when it is time to campaign?
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The seriousness of the current White House leaks and Valerie Plume affair is a perfect case study of liberal hypocrisy.

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