Does FOX News have an agenda against Ron Paul? Why or why not?

Does FOX News have an agenda against Ron Paul? Why or why not? Topic: News media term paper
May 24, 2019 / By Kaelea
Question: I was watching the republican debate tonight as an independent and I thought I noticed an agenda. I'm not sure why or if it was just my imagination. Please state your party affiliation. J&C - What are you talking about? Party affiliation is important because the two parties have a different perspective. You are obviously a republican extremist and a FOX apologist with no clue of reality. Thomas- good point paper mage- to say Fox News doesn't have an agenda other than "ratings" is a little niave. watch erok4444's video ... it will enlighten you. erok4444- interesting video ... I've heard Fox was biased, but haven't seen it laid out like that before. em T- If you say Paul is a "bit player" then that also makes Guiliani and Thompson bit players too since Paul finished ahead of them both in the IO and NH primaries, respectively. When any media tries to limit what opinions and views you are exposed to, you should always question their agenda. martin- I agree that republicans have strayed away from their values. That is the main reason I am now an Independent instead of a republican now. When Bush became the first preseident in the history of the US not to veto a single spending bill his first term of office and the rubber stamping by the republican congress made me reevaluate my political position. I wish all of congress would vote according to their own feelings and not the party line. Then we wouldn't have an idiot and his cronies leading the country down the wrong path. ThomasS, shrek, hallowee..., nickelru..., martinx0..., erok4444, Yes We Can, skycat, Boris859, and sull0711 - I like all your answers and selecting one of your answers is difficult. However, I am going to select the one that informed me the most. erok4444's video was very informative, and all of you should watch it. The rest of you that I didn't mention ... wake up and open your minds up to other views. Polarizing America doesn't help anyone.
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Gwen Gwen | 5 days ago
independent - Anything that isn't slanted to the extreme right Fox is going to ridicule. They are the most biased opinion posed as news on the television. The truth is out on Fox and Rupert Murdoch. Watch this video ... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=...
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Gwen Originally Answered: Is Fox news serious? They have nothing better to do than to claim the Muppet movie has a liberal agenda?->?
Yowee I wonder what the media or "politamaticians" say about SNL? The media has been slanted for years, and ratings seem to matter more than truth or fact, as those accused claim plausible denial. Don't anybody see the flaws in the first ammendment, or do we accept that it's OK to retort, with slanted reports, tongue in cheek? Oh wait, my bad, Democracy is the highest level of perfection, long as ya don't make fun of another??? Yowee that is so George Orwell, "1984" TY Scooter.

Dianna Dianna
Since the Republican debate the day before the New Hampshire primary, I have sensed that Fox News does have an agenda against Ron Paul. Fox News had the major Republican candidates take part in a final debate before the election began to enable New Hampshire voters to hear the candidates positions on important issues before they headed out to the voting booth. For some reason, Ron Paul was the only major candidate left out of the debate, while he out-polled Rudy Gillian in the Iowa caucus. His absence from the debate did not fully allow New Hampshire voters to hear their candidates views on the issues important to them and, therefore, may have greatly affected Ron Paul's chances of winning over more voters than he eventually did. Thank God that he is far ahead in South Carolina and looks as though he will take the state easily. If you haven't figured out, I am an ardent conservative Republican and am all in favor to vote Ron Paul into office.
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Caren Caren
I have no party affiliation. I don't even consider myself an independent. I follow the debates, the candidates, the news stories and the press releases, and I've been doing so since last spring. I make up my mind either once a particular candidate convinces me that he (or she) should be president or once I'm in the voting booth. There is no agenda "against" Ron Paul. There is an agenda, yes. It's the same of any network: keep the ratings up. If Fox News thought that pandering to Paul supporters would bring up their ratings, then that is what they would do. As for tonight's debate, the moderators treated Paul the same as they would anyone else. He acts as if he's treated differently, and so do his supporters, but the fact remains that these debates are run more by the candidates themselves than the moderators. Fox has always done a better job, in my opinion, than CNN and MSNBC in imposing order on the candidates when they get out of hand, but other than that their only agenda was to ask questions and get answers.
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Amilia Amilia
They do... He disrupts. What happens every time is Ron Paul makes some off-the-wall argument and then the other candidates all chime in and respond to his comments thus decreasing the amount of time that the moderators have to ask their own questions. He is a disruption, he has no chance of winning or being a running mate, so basically allowing him into the debates is a promise that you'll lose control of the format. I know that Ron Paul supporters would say that he WANTS to be a disruption to the mainstream candidates and that his whole goal is to engage the others in dialog over the topics that he discusses, but the truth is that this is going to be a ridiculously close campaign and that the grown ups in the US are trying to decide who to support. I, and most of the Republican voters, want to hear what Rudy, Huckabee, Romney. and McCain have to say about the issues and it frustrates me when they have to waste time arguing about whether or not we should stop using federal money to fund sewer systems or whatever else he rants about these days. The guy raises sick amounts of money from his devoted supporters but still can't crack any serious ratings in the primaries. It isn't Fox News ignoring Ron Paul, it's the entire freaking country.
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Amilia Originally Answered: Why don't democrats admit that most “news” media are propaganda tools for promoting their socialist agenda?
The evidence is overwhelming that you don't own a dictionary: "so·cial·ism A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole" Nowhere has any government - including Obama's - seized everything from farms & factories to stores & businesses and then put themselves out of a job by handing direct control of everything directly to the public.

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