What chance do i have at getting into harvard?

What chance do i have at getting into harvard? Topic: Diversity in my community essays
May 24, 2019 / By Kae
Question: gpa 3.81 sat reasoning 2010 sat subject 1940 act 32 additional: lots of community service , a couple of AP classes, in spanish club, national honor society, diversity club, environmental club, philosophy club, and faith club. im an eagle scout and in a church youth group>
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Gussie Gussie | 4 days ago
Well, Honestly, your chances are low. But everyone's are unless they have some truly exceptional atributes. Even a perfect SAT score is far from a guarantee. If your essay is exceptional, I would say you have about as good a chance as possible. I hate to say is, but if you are a non-asian minority then your chances are pretty damn good.
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Gussie Originally Answered: Do I have a chance at getting into Harvard?
why would you want to go to harvard........to work harder and make more money.......................for a "smart" perosn you are an idiot........

Diann Diann
If you're HERE asking that question the answer is probably NO CHANCE. Universities like that groom people for the inside club. Which means thier parents are already in "the club" You need some political connections to make the cost worth the trip. You can get in but you'll always be on the outside. The old saying; its not what you know, its who you know. And that definitely applies here.
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Careen Careen
Those are solid attributes, but it if you don't have any familial ties to Harvard they won't get you in. It really depends on the quality of yr high school as well. If that gpa is from a public school, you're probably going to be hard pressed to get into any ivy league. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. If your family is important or influential, though, it won't matter what your grades are.
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Amie Amie
A damn good chance your gpa must be at least 3.7 or higher to get into a ivy league school ypuve got tht and your teast scores are outstanding. Also schools like Harvard look at what else youve done outside the classroom to see what kind of person you are and you certainly have the credentials. I say you have a very good shot. Good luck with your application!
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Washington Washington
not unless you are a lucky chap who can rely on affirmative action to get you in and pay for it all. they also have a fast track program with an astrisk. anybody else, forget it. otherwise for the children of the rich and famous or the truly exceptional scholars who max out the sats ans such. reality is hell.
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Washington Originally Answered: Do i have a chance to getting into. 1. Wharton 2. Harvard 3. Yale 4. Stanford?
hi, check these out, http://www.wharton.upenn.edu/mba/admissi... http://www.yale.edu/admissions/index.htm... http://www.harvard.edu/admissions/ http://www.stanford.edu/home/admission/ good luck,

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