Complaint against me for cyberstalking and harassing?

Complaint against me for cyberstalking and harassing? Topic: How to write a child custody letter to a judge
July 22, 2019 / By Justina
Question: my husband's ex wife and I hate each other. She lives in one state, we live in another. She refuses to let us have regular meaningful visitation with the child. So I joined a father's rights board on yahoo. At the time I was naive and had no idea about the privacy settings. I would come up on the scene as my maiden name (At the time I didn't care because I wasn't doing anything wrong) Anyway, I explained my situation, we would discuss matters live denied visitation, how to gain custody, things that were going on that annoyed us, etc. I never used name, and only relayed which states we were in because the laws are different everywhere. She works for CPS and has alway bullied us. She told me once that she could get my kids talken from me and that because she knew the judges in her area she could make sure my husband never saw his kid again. Anyway... She has all of our numbers, our address but she chose to email us using her work email because she restricts our ability to contact her. She kept asking for money and it was upsetting my husband and I. So one night I emailed her back and said please stop emailing us at this email address. Well she didn't. This along with other things she had done, prompted me to call her job. I only asked them to have her stop they wanted her emails and a statement from me. the charges were unfounded but I don't know how. she emailed me after she was asked not to. Anyway. Shortly after that (because the job forgot to take my email address off the top of the complaint) she started following me around the internet she went into my unsecured yahoo account and looked at every question I ever wrote. She then called the cops on me because she was, according to the cop"unhappy that I was talking about her and her family" I asked the cop what I did wrong, he couldn't tell me. So I changed my name my password and beefed up my security settings, well she found me again by lurking in the places I had been before. This time she posts on the group, "you aren' t fooling me, leave my family alone". Again I hadn't used names and I was not treatening and if she hadn't been stalking me she would not know it was me. I also caught her online trying to ask me questions under and assumed name. Now, because I continue to use the father's rights board, and because I sent the letter to her job, and because I talked to her child's principal while my husband was getting out of the shower. She filed a complaint against me for cyberstalking and harassment. Will it go any where? Did I do anything wrong? What am I looking at. She is in PA and I am in MD.
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Greta Greta | 8 days ago
It isn't sexual harassment unless you tell him his comments are unwelcome. Even if you did, sexual harassment and cyber bullying are not illegal. Just ignore him.
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Greta Originally Answered: My ex-wife is cyberstalking me?
Welcome to the 21st century. Stalking is normal. I stalk people, people stalk me, and if you were more interesting I might stalk you. We're all one big happy stalking family. The internet is full of delicious secrets. There's really nothing you can do, except remember that if you don't want other people to know something don't tell it to a computer. Ever. Don't even write it down. If you're in the public eye or involved in a court case just don't type anything ever if you can possibly avoid it.
Greta Originally Answered: My ex-wife is cyberstalking me?
You obviously are not the stupidest person on the planet in regard to the way you write. I gather that you are no dumb bunny. But everybody is smart in a different way. Do take what I say as an honest opinion. Trying to sue will just lend credence to her assertions that you are the one who is unbalanced. Now I understand how you feel as I was you once. But you need to get off the net in some way. No Myspace or anything like that. No support sites. How does she know how to find you on the web or what you are doing? -someone you both know might be helping her -she knows your password or knows how to guess it -how long has she been gone... maybe a keylogger -how did she know to hit the father's rights site since there are a million Sounds like you have a security issue. Change your passwords to something totally different and allow nobody access to your computer. If needed do a total system restore. Once that is all done and you have elimated that issue then you might find out that is not a computer thing but instead something else.
Greta Originally Answered: My ex-wife is cyberstalking me?
I feel for you guy My ex has told everyone she could even my son and daughter I gave her herpes I've had two blood test and never been exposed to this or anything else Don't really know if she has it Nothing you can do just thank God you are done with her
Greta Originally Answered: My ex-wife is cyberstalking me?
Take yourself off line! its that easy. People amaze me! Everyone is so worried and up set that they are being cyber stalked yet they dont want to delete their myspace/facebook pages? im not saying you have either one but you are obviously on a few social sights that would make it easy for her to find you. delete them all and stay off the internet. If you want a yahoo answer (which im asuming you do) then use a false name so she cant find you, anything other then answers just delete. you are making it easy for her to stalk you. And why dont you start stalking her back? lol.

Greta Originally Answered: My ex is harassing me via email - what do I do?
TAKE ACTION! Keylogger - get a professional to de-bug your computer. Abusive e-mails - block his user name and address. And or change yours. Print off the abusive e-mails and get it on record with the police. Even if you take no further action at this time, they then have it on record. If matters escalate, they can act more quickly. "I want him to get mental help and I want to be free of the terror." If there's enough in the e-mails, the police may be able to order a 72 hour emergency involuntary detention in a Mental Institution/Hospital for assessment and evaluation. That may put him on the road to the help he needs.
Greta Originally Answered: My ex is harassing me via email - what do I do?
Those Emails are evidence. Go to the police and report him. Get a new computer and a new service provider or have someone get the hook up for you in their name and that should help throw him off. Print and save the emails and show them to a lawyer or the cops. Stop reading them, just print, file, and report, He is counting on your fears to keep you from reporting him, His threats are to keep you from seeking help so that he can continue to torment you. Don't let him win. Go to the police. Think of it this way, he is already making your life unhappy, he is not being stopped. He is going to do whatever he is going to do so it is much better that you have the police and law on your side. Start building a case and you could get him sent to jail. Good Luck and God Bless You Dear, ask HIM and HE will protect you.
Greta Originally Answered: My ex is harassing me via email - what do I do?
Keep documented records of all texts/ emails/ letters in which he has harrassed or threatened you. Contact a womens refuge/ domestic abuse (as this is still what it is...) centre. It is important to 'log' everything and make police/ outreach workers (do they have these in the US?) aware of the situation so that, asides from anything else, if you need urgent help or support they are likely to react to a much higher level than if there is no previous record/ knowledge of threatening behaviours.It is all your 'evidence' and will be used by the law to make him stop. You absolutely should go to the police for the above reasons and also because he is potentially dangerous to you, as you quite rightly recognise, but it is more dangerous to do nothing. J x

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