What can I do? I need help please. My girlfriend likes her friend?

What can I do? I need help please. My girlfriend likes her friend? Topic: How to write a letter in english date
May 25, 2019 / By July
Question: Well how to start.. I met this girl last year trough a friend I met online (My friend lives like 2300 miles from here .. I know it sounds kind of stupid but yeah) .. So one day I was talking to my friend on Skype and suddenly this girl enters the room and I was like shocked, I asked my friend who she was and my friend said was her best friend. I liked the girl and apparently she liked me too so I asked for her number. We talked on the phone for hours and she was really nice and sweet. Everyday was the same texting and talking on the phone all day, sometimes we used to talk on Skype. So after a couple of months she tells me that she likes me a lot because I was nice to her and funny, so I told her that I liked her too so we decided to start dating (I know what people say about online relationships). Everything was amazing. We had some fights like everybody but nothing serious. I also went to see her twice, the day of her birthday and a couple of months ago, but i just could stay for 1 week because I had to come back to work and school. Our problems started like 1 month ago .. she changed completely. She stopped texting me, and talking on the phone. I asked what was happening and she said that she was kind of busy with friends and other things. She broke up with me 2 weeks ago because she said she needed time and that the long distance relationship was really hard also she asked for time to think so maybe we can be together again. The thing is that I found out that she was spending a lot of time with her best friend, I knew from the beginning that she always liked him, but i though she was over it because they cant be together for some problems he has i guess or i don't know. So like a week ago she texts me all sad because he was mad at her for some reason so I was just pissed because she knows how much I love her and it hurts me when she talks bout him. A couple of days ago I wrote a letter saying that I want her to be happy and she can go and be with him if she wants, she started crying and said that they wont be together and that she doesn't want me to go because she loves me a lot. I didn't know what to say so I stayed ... Now I don't know what to do. We don't talk as much as we used to and it really kills me inside because I know I'm losing her :( .. I've never felt this way before I really love her Thank you guys for your help.. And I'm sorry but my English isn't good enough Additional Details: I heard that the guy sometimes can be an a** and say stuff to hurt her and she knows I don't like him
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Godiva Godiva | 4 days ago
I've learned from something kind've like that "Not online, lol" that you don't really have much you can do, I tried to fight to get her back and not lose her to the other guy but it didn't matter much, and after a while you'll forget about her, in a few months, if it doesn't turn out well for you. Just keep up hope. Plus I wouldn't want to be in a online thing so maybe it's for the best.
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Godiva Originally Answered: My best girlfriend likes the guy I like?
That is a tough place to be. You like each other because you have similar tastes, it's natural that you would both like the same type of guy. Don't let a guy break up your friendship. It's not like you can make this guy like either one of you more than the other. He is the one who gets to choose in this situation. The only thing I can say is be happy for whomever he chooses. The dating thing is a real bummer. If it is a parental restriction and not a school thing you both may be out of luck because he may choose to date neither one of you, but someone totally different. It's good to hear he is a really nice guy. Sorry I couldn't give you better advice, maybe a different perspective on the situation can be of some help. Yeah I know about the heart flip. My best girlfriend and I liked the same guy, too. He up and married a girl from another school right after graduation. (sigh)
Godiva Originally Answered: My best girlfriend likes the guy I like?
ok well first things first. how much do you trust HER bestfriend? does she like you being her best friends boyfriend? If you do trust her, and she loves the idea of you 2 together, then i would ask your girlfriend out on a date, and tell her that you feel that she isn't being honest with you about this other guy. And if this is all true what her friend told you then, man im sorry, but it would be better off if you end it now, before you reallly REALLY get hurt.
Godiva Originally Answered: My best girlfriend likes the guy I like?
So, you liked him first. When I was in school if one of my good friends told me that she really liked a boy - no matter how I felt - it was hands off. Friends are forever. Boys come and go. It is just a crush so why bother ruining a friendship over it. That said, if you did tell her first and she pursues him then make a note to your self of what she has done. She puts her wants above your feelings so obviously she is not as good of a friend as you thought. I wouldn't cut her off as being a friend, she just wouldn't be in my close circle because I could no longer trust her. I would be mad and hurt because she chose a guy over me. It would really have nothing to do with the guy - but her betrayal. The two of you need to have a conversation about this. Tell her how you would feel and she can tell you how she would feel. Then you need to decide what to do because you both can't have him. Is it worth losing a friend over?

Devan Devan
You're what is known as an emotional tampon. She will string you along all the while she can't have this other guy, and then when he or another guy she likes comes along she'll drop you like a hot coal.
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Devan Originally Answered: Another guy likes my girlfriend, what should I do?
Tell your girlfriend to stop texting him and if she gets offended and p-o'd about it, maybe you should really show her she's wrong and is not doing so well in the relationship. Tell her what you just said, "Bob and my girlfriend were his bitches. That made me feel really sad. Not the fact that he called them bitches, but the fact that they accepted the name and were kind of joyful." but of course, in a way you'll speak to her. Tell her what you really feel about this "unbelievably attractive" boy. From what I read, I think your girlfriend, along with 'Bob', are shallow. I think it's a little fun texting someone and wanting to hear what they say, because you can make a joke out of it is okay. But the whole 'bitches' thing seems wrong. I don't think this guy is such a great person, from what I read :S Sorry if this didn't seem clear enough, but it really is what I was thinking the whole time I was reading this argumentative 'essay'.
Devan Originally Answered: Another guy likes my girlfriend, what should I do?
Dude, being 15 is always a hard time but if you don't tell your girlfriend how you feel it may just continue and possibly get worse, without her ever knowing how you feel. If you tell her how you feel and nothing changes or she gets angry, your feelings obviously don't mean jack to her and I'd say go find yourself another girlfriend. Besides, I know you have probably heard it before and will most likely hear it again, puppy love 9 times out of 10 doesn't last and there are plenty of fish in the sea. It sounds like you are a smart lad and you care alot but I'm sure if this relationship goes sour you could always find a girl who better suits you. P.S... Do not take it out on the next, there are always a few problems with every relationship. This all brought to you by a Been There.. Done That 30ish male =) Good Luck kid

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