Why does Obama want us to drive less, eat less, and set our thermostats to 78 degrees?

Why does Obama want us to drive less, eat less, and set our thermostats to 78 degrees? Topic: Business plan for a restaurant example
July 16, 2019 / By Juliet
Question: Look, we're 3% of the world's population; we use 25% of the world's energy. The days where we can just drive where we want to drive and eat more than we have to, eat all we want; and keep our thermostats at 72 degrees; those days are over. The rest of the world doesn't look at us favorably like that, and doing that is not leadership." - OBAMA Does Obama realize he works for us not the other way around?!
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Gloria Gloria | 2 days ago
This is a perfect example of what is to come if Obama gets elected. I believe that he has lots of plans for the government and yes, change is a big part of that. But that change will be to take as many of our natural born rights away from us as he can. I know a lot of people do not think his background has much importance but I think that it does. "Control" is a big part of his design as it is with the Muslim faith, as it is with communism, etc. "Does Obama realize he works for us not the other way around?" No, he does not see his role as a politician or the President as being a civil servant. Obama does not really have a clue as to the way most people live their lives. I would say a large part of us do watch the energy we consume whether we are Democrat or Republican. But since I drive 60 miles round trip to work, it makes it somewhat difficult to ride a bike. As for how much I eat for dinner? That is absolutely none of his business. What's he going to do next, get rid of all the fast food restaurants? Come on! Let's start focusing on the real issues and quit hiding behind these stupid little petty things that are not going to help the economy or help him get elected. Leadership is not being a dictator, however, telling citizens that the rest of the world looks at us unfavorably because we eat too much and put our thermostats too low is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard from a Presidential candidate. Who believes this crap?
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Gloria Originally Answered: Need some help with researching car parts on thermostats, gaskets and hoses?
The costs of the parts will be small compared to the cost of the labour. The time taken to remove and replace the cooling system parts varies from car to car - but you can safely say it will take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Labour costs vary over here from £25 to £55 per hour. I would think that total cost would be £250 max ($400)- shop around your local garages.

Destinee Destinee
My DOCTOR wants me to eat less. It's good advice. You prefer rampant obesity and heart attacks and diabetes and the resultant strain on the medical system? My BANKER wants me to waste less of my money on useless or fringe activities so that I stay financially solvent. It's good advice. You prefer to burn your money? My CHILDREN want me to drive less, or at least use a more efficient vehicle, so that the world I leave them will be more livable. You prefer a world choked by pollution and bereft of energy alternatives? Working for us doesn't mean facilitating our killing ourselves or our planet. What sort of parent would you be if you let your kids do anything they wanted to do just because they WANTED to do it? A government has a legitimate nanny role, I'm afraid, because the market really doesn't provide guidance. A Free Market is fine in an infinite world, but we live in a finite world. Free Market insures that some companies make a profit, but it doesn't insure that the products and services are actually good for the country as a whole. In the early 20th century, people used to say that what was good for GM was good for the country. Times change, and the services and products need to change. That's the good shepherd aspect of government. Tax incentives are the traditional way the government guides businesses to provide goods and services that conform to some larger need. It's been that way for a long time. Obama is not inventing this outlook. Your question reflects a very self-centered outlook. You might want to ponder that a bit before you go vote. Even McCain recognizes that we need alternatives to our current energy usage.
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Camryn Camryn
O'Bama, as usual thumbed trough the action book of Jimmy Carter and, eureka, he found a "prescription" for the mentally handicapped or sick American population. Since his brain cavity is only half-full, he didn't read further that Carter failed miserably with his socialistic moves. How can somebody have this audacity to suggest or impose regulations which would destroy the economy of the USA as we know it. This is in concert with the hypocrites on the hill who hold hearings with the oil company executives, accusing them for price gouging and completely ignoring that they blocked any new explorations in and around the US. They are more concerned about caribous, spotted owls and other critters. But they assume that the "people" are dumb enough to blame the others. We are marching in goose step towards Marxism. Following an incompetent and destructive un-American candidate as the piper.
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Amalee Amalee
Why? First off he was only pointing out one of the reasons why so many people in the world have a disdain for us. He's talking about us converting to more alternative energies that we can produce ourselves and stopping the attitude of entitlement that so many Americans have when it comes to using the world's assets. He's talking about setting a good example for the world to follow when it comes to cutting our energy use. And a lot of people in the Green Movement agree with him that we can do better about our wastefulness as individuals and as a nation.
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Wainamoinen Wainamoinen
How about if we use 25% that we at least develop 25%, at least that way we use what we'd have. Otherwise we're slaves to foreign countries for our addiction.
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Wainamoinen Originally Answered: Do you like the Obama administration's plan to keep track of how many miles you drive in order to tax you?
I drive about 28,000 miles a year for work. It isn't optional. If Obama taxes me, I will have to pass the cost on to clients, which is exactly what other small business owners will do. This will be a disaster if implemented, like everything else Obama has come up with so far, and the best thing about it is that I am becoming more and more confident that he is going to be a one-term messiah. For the record, we do not have projects in Detroit or the metro area anymore. They were torn down several years ago. We don't have public transportation because the auto industry used to be here. You cannot even hail a cab in Detroit. You have to call and schedule one. There is a bus system, but it is unreliable. You cannot walk or bike to work in Detroit because it's unsafe and not practical or even possible during the winter. We were going to build a public transit center that went throughout the tri-county area, but that had to be scrapped because we don't have any money. None of this matters, though, because no one has a job anymore. GM announced it is considering moving its headquarters to Charlotte, NC. It is being said that Chrysler is not even worth saving. We don't need cars, houses or jobs in Detroit. We need mental institutions, drug rehab centers and homeless shelters because people are losing their homes and their minds at an alarming rate. Yesterday morning we awoke to find a neighborhood woman who has fallen on difficult times nearly frozen to death on our front lawn. It was 12 degrees here, and who knows how much time she had left. If people think this is an anomaly, I invite them to please come visit for a week or so. Waking up to find this dear woman nearly dead on my lawn is something that will never leave me. Our state is devastated, and it's devastating our citizens. The auto companies can make cars as fuel efficient as they want to, but the sad fact is that there will be no one who can buy one anyway. If taxes get too high, many people who do work will quit working, just like mothers who find that it's cheaper to stay home with their kids than it is to pay for daycare. Last summer my husband asked me if I wanted to quit working and stay home to raise children, and I laughed. I'm not laughing now. Why should I work if Obama is going to take away my living and my ability to help provide for our financial future, which is what I work for anyway? It's too late to urge people not to vote for Obama, so all I can do is urge people to pay attention to what their lawmakers are doing and speak up for what is right, ignoring the media and their agenda. Sorry for the long answer. Watching our state fall apart gets to me sometimes, and today is one of those times.

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