Is something wrong with my son?

Is something wrong with my son? Topic: Gibberish writing a book
July 16, 2019 / By Julianne
Question: he will be 11 months on the 26th. he's not really talking too much. he does do the whole gibberish talk and says dada, but that's it. he doesnt shake his head "no" or anything. i was readin that book what to expect birth to 1 years old, and it mention things that he's not doing at all. he does walk and clap his hands, but verbally, not much is going on. do you think something's wrong with him?
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Glenna Glenna | 10 days ago
I don't think so. Boys are usually a little behind when it comes to speech as well. My son is almost a year and only says mama, dada, and Buddy, our cat. He does ramble though and talks gibberish, but he's always been a gibberish talker. I think its normal, and sometimes I wish they would just stop writing all the crap about your baby should be able to do this or that and all these guidlelines for parents. AS if mothers don't have enough to worry about already they have to go make these misinformation books and pamphlets.
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Desirae Desirae
I have 7 kiddos and have noticed that the sooner they walk and are moving that the speech seems to kinda come second. My 5 year old daughter didnt walk untill almost 14 or 15 months and was already talking 2 word sentences by that time. My 3 1/2 year old son was walking at about 11 months but just started talking in sentences at about 2 1/2. My 10 month old daughter is already saying dada, mama, baba, baby, more, and no no no, and she just started crawling a few weeks or so ago. I also see a patern between boys and girls, with the girls figuring out the talking and boys the walking quicker. At your sons 12 month appointment just talk to your doctor he will be able to guide you through the very wide gap of "normal for this age" behavior.
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Camille Camille
Hmm...sometimes I think the "What to Expect" series is a little alarmist, if not overboard on some things. By that age, total gibberish is pretty normal, and to him, that's talking! LOL Has he had any repeat ear infections? Sometimes this can cause hearing problems if there's fluid in the ear canal, which can distort the way they hear things. You could try taking him for a hearing test and a speech eval, just to be on the safe side. Nothing wrong with that. On source I said mentioned that by age one, they should be able to use 'one or more words with meaning.' So dada would qualify as that, I would think. Other criteria suggest they should be able to follow simple instructions, 'especially if verbal or physical cues are given,' - does he get a toy when asked, etc.?
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Amabel Amabel
No I don't think anything is wrong with your son. I have 3 delayed sons. Gibberish is good, sounds come before words, a lack of sounds is something to be concerned about. The head shaking its early, he should do it by 18 months. Many times a toddler when beginning to walk the speech development plateaus. At 11 months he couldn't have been walking for long. I would expect that over the next few months his speech will increase.
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Vortigern Vortigern
NOPE, he sounds like he is right on track to me! all kids are different and develope differently at different times. boys esp tend to talk and potty train slower than girls. some kids don't talk until they are 2 or later (great for those who do sooner tho!) everything balances out in the end. Just keep talking to him and and playing and enjoying this time, it goes by so fast. unless his doctor were to become concerned i'd not worry about it all. my sisters baby just turned 2 early Januray and does not speak a word. he can and has, you'll hear it a few times, then it vanishes just as quick. of course we were concerned and found it odd, but there is nothing wrong with him other than being stubborn about talking. but they say the late talkers, a lot of the times skip right to full sentences when they do decide to break their silence. you boy sound perfect and like he's a lot of fun, dancing and clapping all around.
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Royce Royce
Nope, all babies develope differently. Some master the verbal learning stages before the physical part and vice versa. Completely normal. On average babies dont really start talking till after a year most times anyways or so my doctor told me.
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Moriarty Moriarty
Mines the same way. I think he's just concentrating so much on walking and learning new things everyday he has no need to talk as of yet. I've heard boys are slower in the talking area. Don't worry about it.
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Keenan Keenan
Likely nothing is wrong. He sounds like he is developing his physical side first. My baby girl took her first step at 11 months, and didn't start talking much until about 14 months. Most babies develop one side at a time: Physical or verbal. You can try teaching him sign language. It can reduce your frustration and his until he starts talking more. My favorites are: milk eat - it means all solid food to my baby drink all done more
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Hengist Hengist
My nephew didnt say "real" words till he was almost 2. Supposedly boys develop linguistic skills later than girls do. Those books are just guidelines every baby is different.
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