Is this cage big enough for a rat?

Is this cage big enough for a rat? Topic: Space case small 2 piece
July 22, 2019 / By Julia
Question: I have done all of my research on rats and decided im going to get 1 or 2. (probably 2) i already have a cage that i used to keep my bunny in and i dont want to buy another expensive cage. my cage is very similer to this one: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753281&lmdn=Pet+Type i want to make another level, but i have NO idea how lol so if anyone can tell me that would be GREAT! thanks best answer gets 10 points
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Gladys Gladys | 7 days ago
It really should be two rats you get. They are highly social and shouldn't be kept alone. Now when you say your cage is very similar to that one, do you mean it is the exact same size (or larger)? If your cage is any smaller than the one linked, I wouldn't put them in it. In all honesty, it isn't the best cage due to the height. Rats love to climb and they won't have much space for it in that cage. Most rabbit cages also have 1" bar spacing which is too big for anything other than large fully grown males and in rare cases, very large fully grown females. You would have to modify the bars with 1/2" hardware cloth and a lot of zip ties. Only put hardware cloth on the inside of a cage; they can get caught between the bars and the cloth and choke if it is on the outside of the cage. When most people want to add shelves they just buy some stand alone shelves at the store. Usually found in the kitchen and laundry aisles. It could take a bit of work to find one that is the right size. Secure it to the cage with clips or zipties so it doesn't fall over. You will also have to use Plexiglas on top of the shelf if its bar spacing is more than 1/2" so the rats don't fall through. You would need to attach the Plexiglas to the shelf too. Then you would need to attach fleece to the shelf on top of the Plexiglas (or directly on the shelf is the bar spacing is 1/2") so they aren't walking around in their urine. If you make a large hammock and stretch it tightly across the cage it can be used as a second floor. They will just climb the bars to get to it. You would need a few of them so you have extra when one is in the wash. They will probably chew them up pretty often too. You could also make a shelf out of three or four pieces of wood nailed together. They will chew on it and pee on it a lot so it will begin to smell and will have to be replaced often. You will need to use a hardwood since softwoods (like pine and cedar) have phenols that are harmful to rats. Hardwood tends to be much more expensive too. I hope you know that two rats cost about $70 a month in care not including bedding and the cage. So, since you're already going to have to spend so much a month on them, you might want to go ahead and invest in a good cage for them.
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Gladys Originally Answered: I have this cage for my cockatiel. ( on the cage it say small-med sized birds)?
It's too small for your cockatiel. Your tiel needs a cage that is at least 20x20x30 (width, depth, height), room for dishes, toys, perches, etc., and still room for him to turn around and stretch his wings without bumping into them all. You should upgrade to a medium parrot cage. Just be sure that the bar spacing is no bigger than 3/8" to 3/4" wide, or your tiel may get his head stuck and be seriously injured. The great thing about parrot cages is that they have a large, wide door to access your tiel and supplies, as well as a stand in some cases. They also have a more rugged design. No matter what cage you have for your cockatiel, make sure he gets lots of time out of it for exercise and time with you. Get his primary wings trimmed so he doesn't hurt himself flying in your house. Also, get (or make) him a separate playgym he can hang out on when he's out. Wishing you and your tiel the best!!

Dervila Dervila
I supposed that looks okay for two rats - definitely get two because rats need to live in pairs or more as they are very social creatures. Personally, I would buy a larger cage -- the bigger the better. My rats have a massive cage and love to climb up the walls of it. Try this Cage Calculator - http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/information/... You put in the dimensions of the cage into it and it will tell you how many rats you will be able to fit into that size cage comfortably =) Tp make a second level you can make a large hammock and stretch it tightly across the cage. Your rats will just climb the bars to get onto it. If you did that you would need a few of them so you have another to put up when one is in the wash. (They'll pee on it). You can also just by shelves from the shops (usually found in the laundry isles.) It might be a bit of work finding the right size though. Wood can also be used, balsa wood usually works well.
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Cameo Cameo
That cage is perfectly fine for 1 or even 2 rats. You can find bedding at the pet stores for rats that would fit. I have 2 guinea pigs and they live together in the same cage so it's totally fine. If you want to make a second level, you can add a piece of cardboard or plastic to the top and glue it to the sides and then add a ramp to the edge so they can climb up to the top. Make sure the second level is secure too!! and try not to make the ramp too skinny too. You don't want the rats to fall off. Hope this helps you!
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Alyssa Alyssa
I hope this helps!: 1 or 2: In my opinion and my experience with rats over the years, I will say 2! They are very friendly social pets! Is that cage right?: I always say the bigger the better, but that cage look okay. BE SURE to check how far apart those bars are, rats can squeeze themselves through them if to large. Second story: My cage/s came with a second story, BUT you can also buy a big plastic hide away igloo for your rat/s because they love to go inside them, but they also love to play on top of them. Rats love to climb and play!
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Vince Vince
I think its big enough. You can take your cage to the pet store, and ask if you can put 2 rats in there for a second. Get a metal or wire board or something like that, nail it to the middle, them buy a ladder or two leading it up the the second level. Hope I helped!
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Vince Originally Answered: Is this cage a good cage for my two female rats?
1- whats the best kind of bedding? -- I use zilla liners. They're super absorbent and they don't smell. To clean them all you do is hose it off and hang it up. They also don't want to dig it up and they dont eat it. I just put a litter box in the corner and for three days I put their poopies in the litterbox and they caught on. But I highly recommend zilla liners. I did months of research and everyone who's tried it has never looked back. 2-Best kind of food? -- I use Oxbow. I thought about the big huge 40-60 pound bags, but I knew I'd have that bag for a year and that's gross. It would get stale and god forbid moths would find it. I also would probably need help moving it. Naw. Just the small fresh bags of oxbow. I also find that big lab blocks are crumby. They eat them and it makes a mess everywhere. I use lava ledges for their teeth and nails. 3- if this is not a good cage... what is another cage around 100 dollars at petco besides the petco rat manor? -- This would be an ok cage, I would be worried they'd chew up the plastic. Mine certainly would destroy it. I have the petco manor (bought on ebay for $40). Because of the zilla liners (and some extra shelf liners I put underneath the zilla liners, I dont have to worry about the mesh. (I just clip it on like people do with fleece) 4- when should i clean my rat cage? -- I spot clean daily. Just picking up the bigger poopies and gathering up "hidden" food. I never know if they ACTUALLY need their bowl refilled or if they just hid everything. So I just go through and straighten it up while they kiss my face. It takes a couple minutes. Depending on how clean they are/how often they use the litterbox you can determine when it needs a cleaning. If you look in the cage and you don't want to run your hand across the ground, then clean it up. (and if youre like me, thats really often. One major spot clean and one scrub down a week or a week and a couple days) 5- do i need to give my rats a bath? -- If you smell them and they smell like ratties. Then no. A lot of people are against bathing, but sometimes I find it necessary. I usually just get my hand a bit wet and pet them a few times and that's enough. But sometimes I have to dunk their bums in the sink. I find their heads are often clean, it's usually just RIIIGHT on their rumps about half an inch above their tail they have trouble getting at. 6-Where do i put them while im cleaning the cage? -- When you go to the store, I suggest getting a big clear reptile carrier cage. Just put some bedding in there and a toilet paper tube and clean away. Although sometimes mine enjoy riding in the hood of my hoody while I do this. Although I warn you it will take longer because they might want to walk down your arm or something. 7-any cute names? Axel Razz Ritz Bianca Roo (Rue) Pip Randi Harely Uma Mango Ree Sunny Apple Lex Jazz (Jasmine) Blue Tilly Joey Squee Bean I took a poll with 40 some friends. Mango was the winner and thats what I named mine. Although Bean and Pip were really high on the list too! 8-should i get my petco or petsmart?? Thats the only place im getting them. So dont say a breeder..!!or shelter!! I don't have a petsmart around here, but I know petcos either have males or females, but not both. They also get some that are way too young and most of them are un-socialized, so it will take a good month to get them to be as friendly as ones you would buy at a breeder or rescue. You also have to be very careful when choosing because they are honestly bred as feeders even though their advertised as pets. This often means that they have a history of cancer and aren't bred for health really. They're bred for how big they get. Make sure to hear them breathe. If there is a squeak, crack or weeze to it, thats a respiratory issue. 9- what are some good tricks i can teach them? My favorite and most useful -- their name! It's a good one to start off with. When they are coming to sniff you through the cage bars, say their name a lot. Mango learned her name in... 5 days I think. Also when you feed them or treat them say their name and "come here." I dont recommend feeding them through the cage bars because they'll start to assume anything through the cage bars is food. Ouch. Made that mistake once. Now they know fingers are through the cage bars, food it delivered with the come here command and in my hand. 10- thankkkks(: answer asap plzz. I need to know asap!! feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

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