Contacting senators or congressman for assistance with expiditious administrative seperation from marine corps?

Contacting senators or congressman for assistance with expiditious administrative seperation from marine corps? Topic: Writing services san diego
May 25, 2019 / By Juli
Question: Hello, I am seriously suffering very bad with my time in the Marine Corps. I have been in for 8 months and I am stil in school. I have given it all I can to make it and give my all to this but I cant do it anymore. I physically and mentally can handle no more so please do not reply to this telling me to suck it up. I recently tried to get help because of my extreme anxiety, distress, panic attacks and depression. I was not helped during my first few visits to the military hospital so I saw an outside physiciatrist and he diagnosed me with major depresion. i have been to the ER serveral times having severe panic attacks and I was later referred by a deployment health commander back to the naval hospitals mental health with a recommended administrative seperation. I was then taken to San Diego to the phyciatic unit where i stayed for nearly two weeks. I saw another naval doctor and was again recommended for an expidious administrative seperation for adjustment disorder (that makes two of the same) and I was told my command had agreed to it but I had to return to base to begin the process. I have been here two days..and i was dropped from my classes to a platoon to wait it but I really cant take this anymore and need to get out of here asap for my own well being and mental state. I cannot recover in these conditions and I am deteriorating daily despite my best efforts to widthstand it. My father is contacting an attorney in attempts to speed this process up and get me out of here immidiately but I truly feel helpess in knowing what to do. My father has and the attorney have suggested either writing my home state congressman or senators in an effort for intervention in getting this done RIGHT NOW. I am however terrified that my command will take that out on me in turn for seeking help above them. What good could getting an attorney that specializes in military law do in terms of intervening and speeding things up? additionally, who should my father write to? senators or congressman? I really need to stop torturing myself and escape this mental torment but there is no one to turn to here and i truly don't think anyone that i would go to cares. please help
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Githa Githa | 6 days ago
Listen I am not here to judge and if you really need some advice then via email contact me and we can talk off line. You have to play this game correctly as no one wants dishonorable service. If I were you I would talk to your doctors. I would request your record be sent to a medical review board. 2. If the medical route does not work then I would ask why you feel the way you do. If you cannot fight due to religious reasons then maybe a Conscience Objector Package is an option!? 3. Contacting your Congress man/woman is an option but outside of the medical option all other options should be considered Nuclear. Please contact me if you need some help but you need to tread lightly! You do not want to give up on the 9/11 GIBill that only requires 90 days active duty service. So please tread lightly and consider your path before embarking on it!
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They are apart of the united states navy and mainly deploy from naval ships to strike the enemy first if in the case of a full scale invasion. But they also are a ground fighting force, if he is interested in being a 0311 rifleman in the united states marine corps or any other active duty MOS (Military Occupation Specialty, a job.) that involves grunt work and is not intelligence or support work, he can see combat. The regular Marine corps usually do not go on "special missions", they go on patrols or go on major offensive operations and sometimes raids to "search for the bad guys". First you should make sure he FULLY KNOWS what he is getting into and what MOS he will be choosing. He needs to know what and why is he enlisting.

Derryl Derryl
No you need to "Grow Up"... You are probably homesick just like everyone else... But sorry that Mommy can't be there to tuck you in at night... Cause you are not getting a Discharge... You fail your MOS School... Then you will be a Grunt and Deployed to a Marine Outfit in Afghanistan quicker. The Charge for malingering is harsh... That is why you went to see a Civilian Doctor... Sorry but their Diagnosis will not hold up in the Military...and a Civilian Lawyer can't help you either... Gee didn't we just have this discussion a couple of days ago...
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Camellia Camellia
The chaplain may be able to get things moving for you or may be able to help you settle down a bit. At this point, the Marines want you out too. It's sad that you did not tell them about your mental instability before you joined up.
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Alyson Alyson
When I was in basic in 1964 I had the same bright idea. Thank goodness my congressman wrote back instead of getting me said we are proud of you.. After I became a better soldier
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You seem like someone that has done his research about joining the Armed Forces, but whatever you do continue to think it over. I personally have a terrible fear of heights and water, those two things continue to keep me out of the military, but i'm still attending a very good University. Good Luck

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