I need help hypothetically investing in a company?

I need help hypothetically investing in a company? Topic: Help with my marketing homework
May 25, 2019 / By Jules
Question: I have to decide whether or not I want to invest in MICROSOFT based on their last 2 or 3 years financial statements. I have to answer what is below. Please help! A.) Why you decided to invest or not invest in your company 1.) Briefly summarized the detailed information presented earlier in your presentation as support for your investment decision. B.) Disclose the trading (market) price per share for your company, and how many shares you Plan to purchase with your $10000. . C.) Identify what you believe your returns (dividends, appreciation, etc.) will be on your investment..
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Ginny Ginny | 5 days ago
1. Invest, because it is well managed and has done well over the long run. They also have a lot of cash. 2. The market price is 34.85 you could buy 286 shares assuming there is a standard 9.99 commission. 3. $40-41. Visit Trefis.com for full analytics. If you go to google finance and click on Financials you can see the there financial data for the past 3 years. One concern with investing now is that their P/E (price to earnings) ratio has slipped above 17 which no longer makes it a great value investment.
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Ginny Originally Answered: HELP! What criteria do/should you look at when investing in a company?
Maybe you can add some non-financial information, like: 1)how big is the market share for Heineken in terms of domestic (Netherlands), and international. 2) How strong is the brand? (Marketing aspects, including Swot analysis, etc for it) 3) What are the legislation, rules involved in investing in foreign countries? Are they beneficial to me, or not? 4) Discounting the future cashflows to see if their projects are profitable 5) Corporate governance? Are they transparent enough for us to know that they are managing the company the right way? 6) Economic conditions of the country that you are investing in 7) degree of competition? number of rivals and who are they? 8) future cost of materials? 9) Future prospects and issues/problems of the industry and company, in short, Business risks I think those above are some of the areas you can do your research on. All the best!! ;)
Ginny Originally Answered: HELP! What criteria do/should you look at when investing in a company?
Well there is a plethora of criteria to consider.. to start, the biggest is probably the P/E ratio. I look at the 52 week prices and even check backlogged daily prices from years ago.. you should see a steady uptrend. As the previous poster said, the worst thing you can do is buy an overvalued company... like those idiots who invested in GOOG this summer when it was at $750 a share, because some idiot predicted it would be over $1000 by 2009. mad money and fast money are good shows but are geared primarily for short term investing/day trading. if you are a student, I am guessing you are somewhat on the younger side, and you might be more into bonds, or ETFs that have steady, slow gaining trends... look toward retirement instead of cash now. If you want cash now, then youd wanna invest in WHATS HOT NOW or what will be tomorrow. FOr example, right this minute, try to place a PUT option on and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that has rice and grain as a large proportion of it's dealings. If you arent ready for Options yet.. then let's get back to basics. Buy Low, Sell high.. name of the game. Companies that show promise are ones that grow weekly or yearly and look like their business is strong and wil be around for a while... avoid highly volatile industry like construction right now.. the market just isnt right for it... get into technology companies, Biotech/Pharma, nanotech, etc. Companies that might come out with the next big thing or be big in the future. Id suggest looking at GENZ, AMD, TINY, obviously the perennial favorites like exxon, ford, JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway Holdings, etc are always good buys. these are the blue chips... but their A-class stocks are VERY expensive. Avoid Penny stocks unless you've REALLLLY done your research and know what you are getting into.. these small market cap companies have the ability to make you HUGE money, but can also go bankrupt easily. I work for ACUS, and we have a drug poised to go onto the market in 2009. I think our stock will be HUGE in a year or 2.. but its VERY volatile right now ..... Good luck.

Derby Derby
The question is presumably designed to test your knowledge on investment. It is best, therefore, if you answer the question yourself. Now there are two positions one could take: SELL or BUY Microsoft and good arguments to support both. So first establish whether you are a buyer or a seller. What do you think the future of computing is? Will it stay much the same with MS dominant in desk-based PC systems running their OS and software OR will computing move to smaller low power devices like tablets getting their resources from cloud-based powerful servers? B & C just look up on Yahoo Finance or similar. Come on give it a go! You can't be wrong!
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Derby Originally Answered: Whats a good online investing company to start with?
Been happy with Schwab the last 12 years. Lots of good research available, access to many no-load and loaded funds (not all Schwab). And offices in many areas if you need to visit one. Good help desk if you have questions about the website or IRA question. Not full of poor english speaking foreigners, like other companies support staff.
Derby Originally Answered: Whats a good online investing company to start with?
If you are a college student, then chances are that you do not have that much money. Therefore, I would suggest you open an account at one of the cheaper online discount brokers, rather than one of the big name ones, so you can save money on commission. I currently use Firstrade http://www.firstrade.com/. There are no maintenance fees, no inactivity fees, no minimums, and trades are $6.95 each. Firstrade isn't as cheap as the deep discount brokers, but I do not suggest you try extremely cheap companies like Interactive Brokers or Zecco because they have very hard-to-use interfaces and poor customer service -- definitely not for beginner investors. As for what to invest in. I'm not sure if it's the best time to pick a company to invest in. If you want to play it safe, invest in ETFs because they are more diversified, so you'll face less risk.

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