How do I stop crying so much?

How do I stop crying so much? Topic: Yoga homework
May 25, 2019 / By Judi
Question: So today in class, I forgot to do a small 5 point homework assignment, and I started bawling my eyes out. I have no idea why, I wasn't even upset about it, the tears just wouldn't stop. My friend sat next to me, and kept trying to comfort me, but I wasn't even sad in the first place. I snapped at her though, because if I had talked, or had any human interaction, it wouldve gotten worse. It was so embarrassing, and I was wondering if there was anyway I could somehow be able to control my emotions a bit more. I get upset whenever someone I respect calls me out for something, or tells me I did something wrong. I was thinking how my tendency to do this would affect me in the long run when I get a job, and make a mistake. I was thinking of meditating or yoga or something, but I don't know if that will work.
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Gillian Gillian | 1 day ago
Just keep staying calm, dont get yourself pressured about anything. Yoga can help, sometimes if you find it relaxing...it can help your brain rest/relax calming you down. Also why not think about the most amazing things in your life, like your idols...that works for me.:) hope this helped..it probably didnt but you know haha
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Gillian Originally Answered: How to stop myself from crying?
I know this feeling very well! Pamper yourself. Hot chocolate, hot water bottle, blankets, pyjamas, slippers, whatever it takes. Comedy programmes, funny youtube videos, paint your nails.. What seems to help me is playing games on my iPod. Or solving puzzles or something. I'm a nerd like that haha! Don't worry though, it will all be okay and you just need to relax and go with the flow. :-) I hope you feel better! x

Denice Denice
I guess ur just emotional. Try not to take these little things to heart, if soemone calls u out for something, ignore them. They are they, you are you. Don't let other ppls comments affect u. And also, know its OKAY to make mistakes. Next time when u make a small mistake like forgettin a question, b4 u start crying, remind urself, "Does cryin really help me make this situation better? no. It doesnt". Anyways, just learn to be strong, dw about it :) have a good day!
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Calida Calida
I think you should hold back your tears or ask to leave the room or just cry softly to yourself I'm sorry if this is terrible advice but ya know!
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Alys Alys
I cry kind of easily in situations like that, too. It has gotten better with time; just try your best to hold it in.
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Most of us have the experience of heart break at some point in our life, this is unavoidable. Break ups are difficult and painful and we might believe " I will never get over this excruciating pain", "I can never find love again" Be patient with yourself. There is no instant cure for recovering from a relationship breakup especially when cheated upon. > Be Nice To Yourself - Breakups happen - Actually, they're a normal part of life. It's important to cut yourself some slack when you're feeling vulnerable and rejected. Let yourself mourn the loss, and remember that you don't have to be perfect all of the timeā€”or any of the time. Nobody is! > Avoid your ex as much as possible - Some people cannot move on if they are constantly reminded of the heartache that they are going through. Your ex is the number one reminder of the heartache and you should avoid them as much as you can. > Stop further argument with that person or the fantasy voice of that person about how they are wrong and you are right - Every time you catch yourself arguing your point in your own mind, just say stop and focus on something completely different. > Don't Obsess About Why - Such things tend to happen when two people have been growing apart for a while. This isn't to say you shouldn't reflect on what you could have done differently in the relationship, but it's not helpful to dwell on the whys and wherefores. > Don't Lose Faith in People - Stick to your friends and acquaintances and try to find joy in every facet of your day and things will get better. It's important not to lose faith in other human beings. > Talk it Out - Bottling your feelings can make you depressed and complicate things for you even more. Confide your feelings in someone you really trust. It may be a friend or a family member. Letting out your feelings will also help in making new bonds. > Think positively and Don't Stay Bitter - "If you think you are beaten. You are". "If you think you dare not, You don't". Success begins with your own will. It's all in your state of mind. Also Remember "Not all Men are the same" Being bitter is normal -- it's simply a stage you are going to go through. But move past it quickly. > Get a New Hobby - Now you have a lot of freedom to try new things. Indulge yourself in some activities that didn't interest your ex, whether it's sport activity, bird watching, take a photography class, start writing poetry or join a club that interests you. You'll meet new people and feel good about yourself, which will attract both friends and admirers. > Learn to forgive Your ex - "To err is human, to forgive is human as well"...A break up happens because both parties are at fault regardless how it may seem. They are part of the past now and holding the grudge will only do harm to yourself. Let go any resentment you may have towards your ex. > Strictest Rule to Follow >>> "No Sex With the Ex" - Look, I know it will be tempting and most likely there will be occasions that he will try and tempt you or request you to have sex just for old times sake!!!! However, when this happens, keep one thing in mind: YOU BROKE UP. You will never get over your ex if the two of you have Sex after the break up. So when you see your ex contemplating (or tempting) you for one more roll in the hay, just for the heck of it, repeat to yourself: NO SEX WITH THE EX. You've been hurt and left heartbroken. Life's been unfair to you and you can't take it anymore. Seeming like a familiar feeling? These cycles of ups and downs are all a part and parcel of growing up and evolving each day, to be a better and a wiser person than you were before. Good Luck>r

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