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May 25, 2019 / By Juanita
Question: Click here to explore the Book of Hours (Très Riches Heures), a collection of prayers and texts for each day. In particular, pay attention to the illuminations. These images provide a glimpse into the tasks required of peasants throughout the year as they tended the fields. Using what you have learned in this section and the images in the Book of Hours, write a journal entry from the point of view of a peasant. Imagine you are a peasant in the Middle Ages, required to provide food to the knights and nobles. In 350–400 words, describe what your life is like. Discuss the manor on which you live and your living conditions. Also describe your required tasks. Feel free to add clip art to illustrate your journal entry.
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Gilda Gilda | 10 days ago
I hope you don't want people to write the whole thing for you :/ . If you've read the Book of Hours, then just do the assignment like it says. Depending on the point of view, the context my change. I think I remember doing something similar once a long time ago. All you need to do is write about living conditions it seems. So explain what life is like each day and how you get through it, what's the largest issue you have a peasant and what are the conditions like? It seems like an easy assignment.
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This is a lot of words to just ask you to pick something that was part of colonial culture, something that came from one of the groups you listed. 1. Pick a part of colonial culture that came from Native Americans, African Americans, women or children. It could be turkey, slave songs, quilting, whatever. 2. Pick a wristband color for it and a saying to identify it. I don't think the color has to be ay specific one, just one that can represent what you're talking about. it can be symbolic, like white for the spiritualness of the slave songs. 3. Write a short paragraph explaining what bit of colonial culture the color and saying represent and how.
Gilda Originally Answered: History assignment help?
adolf hitler because of the fact he develop into an significant yet evil guy in worldwide background. additionally, what he had executed had replaced the worldwide and the entire worldwide develop into in touch in his scheme. clarify each and all of the flaws he executed, his evaluations, his riots, and talk in basic terms a splash bearing directly to the holocaust. it may be exciting and a desirable subject count. i be responsive to once I examine my scholars' paper approximately WW2, i consistently provide an excellent grade with each and all of the recent issues i learn each and every time. theres incredibly some adolf hitler and the circumstances of the holocaust + WW2. im a background instructor coaching juniors.

Deni Deni
350-400 words? Are you serious? That is easy! Dude, I don't know what grade your in but 350-400 words was considered insufficient when I was in 5th grade so... Just read the Book of Hours like your supposed to and start on the assignment. It seems easy to me but trust me, the hardest part of doing an assignment is sometimes just getting started.
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I bet you are just so happy people answered your question!!! Hahaha! I just took AP US and it is a lovely class, I truly enjoyed it. Now, the reason I am typing! I would pick the Chesapeake Bay Region. That was the area including Jamestown and was southern, as opposed to the Puritan settlements to the north. It was the most successful because of its economy. If you look up tobacco prosperity in that region, you will find all the resources you need to write a slammin' paper! Selling tobacco lead to a great economy, a southern elite, indentured servants and slaves. I have lead you in the right direction, now make up your own points and write your own paper!!
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The question is aimed at how well you understand the material you have been studying. Markers recognize the work done by students because of syntax and participation in class. In order to get the highest mark possible, pick one of the several colonies - try one you don't think most of your classmates would pick. From there work on what you believe to be the more positive aspects about, life, decision-making, and standard of living in that particular region. Be certain to cite sources accurately.

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