I can't afford to get my engagement ring resized right now?

I can't afford to get my engagement ring resized right now? Topic: Ring case size
July 16, 2019 / By Josephine
Question: I can't afford to get my engagement ring resized right now, but it gets really loose when I'm cold & somebody told me that you can get a temporary clip to put in the inside to make it fit better.. I have no idea what she means: what it looks like, where to get it, or how much it costs.. Any ideas? The jewellery store where the ring came from said it could cost up to $100, but would cost even more if I left it longer than a wk after I bought it. Problem is, we've had it for a year..! And I don't want to take it to just any old jeweller in case it's ruined... Unfortunately I'm in Aus, and there's no Walmarts here :-P I'll have to ask around at the jewellery stores
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Georgina Georgina | 2 days ago
I'm in Australia too and had to have my ring re-sized down two sizes. :) We waited about a year too, to get it fixed. My ring is 18K white gold and it cost $75 to re-size it. I think the person that quoted $100 was ripping you off a bit.You can get one of those clips for the mean time, but it would probably be best to shop around for some quotes and get the cheapest one you can find. :)
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Georgina Originally Answered: Engagement ring help?
Ok ... here's the plan ... You orchestrate the next Saturday afternoon that you can spend together, and you turn it into an afternoon of ring shopping, thusly: Get in your mind which stores you want to take her around to, and pick her up at 11:00. Have some fresh flowers for her, and don't tell her where you're going. Pick 3 or 4 different shops in different places around where you live so that she'll have lots of different things to choose from. After the first place, take her to a nice lunch, after the second, stop for an ice cream, and when you're done, take a pretty drive somewhere romantic and find a quiet place to have dinner. Make this a day all about her. By the end of the day, this is what you'll have accomplished: She will have picked out 3 or 4 favorites (for which you will need to take copious notes - get a business card from whoever helps you, and write down the style number, her size, the prices and everything so you don't get confused or forget which place had which ring. Take pictures also.) You'll know what size ring she wears. You'll have been able to speak (discreetly) with a finance person at each store to find out prices, and credit terms, interest rates (VERY important on a purchase this big), and everything else you ever wanted to know about buying an engagement ring, but were afraid to ask ... and she STILL won't know which ring you're going to be giving her, because she told you her 3 or 4 favorites. I'm telling you ... if you do this right, it'll be a day neither of you will forget. She'll tell all of her friends and her folks what a wonderfully romantic guy you are, and you'll be letting her know that you ARE serious in the best way you can without actually giving her a ring (which you WILL do at some point shortly ... talk about anticipation!!!!) If you want to take your relationship to the next level, this is how you do it. This is the stuff that 'your grand children will hear this story' is made of. Now, go shopping !! Best of luck to you both

Deloris Deloris
I've had to do this! If you go to a jewelry store and tell them that you need the clip (also called a spacer), they'll put it on the ring and adjust it for you. It cost me $5.00. The clip fits inside the band and has tiny clips that are bent (with jewelry pliers) around the underside of the ring's band - it's pretty discreet, comes in a silver or gold tone to match your ring's metal and it won't damage your band.
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Caelie Caelie
The ring sizers cost anywhere from $3-$9. Or here's one for $1.50. http://www.fashionjewelleryhouse.co.uk/o... But, getting your ring resized should only be $20-$25...and a lot of jewelry stores will resize for free the first time if the ring was bought there.
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Alma Alma
yes you can get a temporary clip. its also called a spacer. most jewelry stores have them. I found it at a mall. Also you can go to walmart. and they have plastic spacers in the jewelry section. at walmart and at the mall its usually around 5-15 dollar. not too bad. i paid 10.00 at both places.
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Uzziel Uzziel
i used a little rubber band. then 2 weeks later i discovered the clips you are talking about. they are ok as well.
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Are you planning on ordering online???? DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!!!!!! This particular ring is not a good deal even at this price. It is K-I3 this diamond will be yellowish with obvious flaws. I3 is the worst category for flaws that there is. Go to this website and do your homework. No, I don't work for Zales and you may find better deals elsewhere. But the information will really help you. http://www.zales.com/jewelry101/index.js...

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