Please tell me how to write an essay in English?

Please tell me how to write an essay in English? Topic: Get better english writing skills
May 24, 2019 / By Jorja
Question: Please give me your essay as good example. And please begin to write with following below conditions. 1,Title: " Has modern society become too dependent on technology? " 2,Key words (use three key words among them): interpersonal communication / health and medicine/ traditional skills and crafts/ leisure activities/ work place efficiency/ environmental issues. 3,Logical structure: Firstly begin with introduction, secondly support sentence(s) of two or three paragraphs and thirdly conclusion. 4,Total words should be around 200 words. Furthermore, if you don't mind please give me some hints how to construct opinions in logical way. And it'll be preferable if you give me some rules that writer CAN'T DO in writing essay or effective way for clearly showing my opinion to readers. (I'm Japanese, so I don't usually write an essay in English on daily basis. Well, we can find many chances to read someones article in English relatively easily. But... Still I'm not get used to write my opinion through such logical structure in a way of essay. At least now, simply I need to pass English skill test in Japan. Please give me your help, I need some hints to think out my opinion in logical way. Thank you) Yes, of course I know that it's my own job. I should learn how to write by myself. I've ever tried and still am learning. And for the beginning I wondered if this kind of questions should be posted on everyone's community board. But I just wanted to know how natives write essay which come from natives socialistic back ground. As long as I live in Japan, it's quite difficult to find such a chance. Please understand me, it's not " plagiarism ". I sometime need someones advice as non-native English user.
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Georgiana Georgiana | 10 days ago
Since each essay is different, according to its subject matter, it will do you no good if someone writes you an essay as a "good example". But there are steps you can follow to set up a logical structure. http://www1.aucegypt.edu/academic/writer... In this case, the title is a question. So your thesis is either 1. Yes, modern society has become too dependent on technology. or 2. No, modern society has not become too dependent on technology. You have to decide how you want to define "modern society" [would that include the entire world or just the industrialized countries?], "technology" [all machines? computers? pharmaceutical drugs?] and "too dependent". You have been given "key words" so that you can do a Google search for each term. Be sure to use quotation marks around the term so that your search yields only articles directly related to the subject. English logic is no different from Japanese logic. Just remember to use some kind of transition from one paragraph to the next, so that they are not isolated statements but rather part of a cohesive whole.
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The essay topic would depend on your age/grade. However, these should be just fine. 1) A journey/a vacation 2) A summer you spent in the countryside 3) Your hobbies 4) Your best friend 5) Your first picnic 6) Your aim in life 7) What you would do if you were President
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Delora Delora
"Please give me your essay as good example" No-one is going to write you an entire essay. Do your own work. Just write it as you would in Japanese and then rethink it in English. Not dificult.
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