Hearing voice always means schizophrenia?

Hearing voice always means schizophrenia? Topic: Schizophrenia case study
May 24, 2019 / By Jordyn
Question: does hearing voices always means schizophrenia? doctor also gave me abilify 10mg because i had hear voices but doctor DID NOT mention i have schizophrenia
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Georgette Georgette | 8 days ago
No not always, even though people who hear voices usually DO have schizophrenia, I'm sure that there are a few exeptions. Usually the voices that they hear are: telling them what to do, saying bad things about them or about other people, they're usually whispering, sometimes there are more then one voice and sometimes the voices talk to each other... that's just in general. But then that's just one of the symptoms, you have to have at least 2 of the symptoms: Hallucination (visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and auditory. You have auditory), Delusions (paranoia/reference/grander/control), Disorganised thoughts (lots of thoughts at once, racing thoughts), Reduced speach, Lack of facial expression, No pleasure in everyday activities, Social withdrawl, Dificulties with memory, with attention, with planning and with decision making. You need at least two of these, or even three. Even with two or three of the symptoms you are still not sure to have schizophrenia, in depends in every case. That's why your doctor has to "study" you to be sure, when he is sure that you have the disorder he will tell you. But he can't tell you before he's sure just in case it's just a false alarm. If you have any other of the symptoms above then be sure to tell the doctor about them, it will help him. And it doesn't matter if you do have schizophrenia, as long as you take all the meds that he tells you to take then you can continue living a normal life.
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Dellma Dellma
No. Not always. As said, could be God (probably not, as God doesn't usually directly talk to people unless there is a major issue as it would take away faith and replace it with sure knowledge which would mean the poor human is then more accountable for actions). Do not fret too much right now. There are cases of people with depression who hear voices, but it's not due to schizophrenia per se, but it can be ONE of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Regardless, make sure you report the symptoms to the doctor so s/he can better treat you. It could be just the missing piece s/he needs to complete the puzzle. Be sure to jot down what the voices are telling you. It's easy to forget things. Then bring your notebook with you to share with doctor.
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Burgundy Burgundy
No. Voices can be God, or angels, or demons. Turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, read the bible, and obey God. Then you will have eternal life in heaven where there is love and joy.
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Allissa Allissa
No hearing voices is also a sign of bipolar with physcosis or schitzo effective disorder which is a milder form
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if they find out that they have Schizophrenia they usually have to be aware of the possibly that they would be crazy. people with Schizophrenia are totally delusional they are really likely to fall for scams as they are gullible to fall for there own illusions and they can take things way out of context.

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