How to find out which memory to buy?

How to find out which memory to buy? Topic: Dell computer case sizes
July 16, 2019 / By Jordon
Question: I noe i nit to buy a DDR2 memory, but the problem is i dunno whether either 533mhz or 667mhz is compatible wit my motherboard, how do i go find out?
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Georgene Georgene | 7 days ago
The speed on the memory is generally fairly easy to find out. If you pull the existing memory out of the computer - most sticks are marked for what they are.. 2x512 PC3200 would be a 1 gb (2x512) of 400mhz ram. www.kingston.com - if you are using an OEM computer such as an HP or a Dell. If it's homebuilt - then check the manufacturer website, the motherboard manual, or just pull the ram and read the sticker. You can also take the RAM with you to the store and say - "I need another one of these" and tell them the size. RAM - you can go from fast to slow, just not from slow to fast. If your computer has 533 mhz RAM, and someone wants to sell you 400mhz - don't do it. If you computer has 533 mhz RAM and someone wants to sell you 800 mhz RAM - this is fine in most cases - as long as the sticks will play nicely together. Faster RAM is only going to operate as fast as your motherboard supports - or as fast as the slowest installed stick. Best of luck.
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Della Della
System Information for Windows is a great program that will tell you what memory you have installed and what speed it should be. Run a google search and download it.
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Bunty Bunty
take the memory you have in your PC with you when buying your new memory. 'Like for like' is the best way to give you no problems
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