How is your life? (please help)?

How is your life? (please help)? Topic: How to write a happy song on piano
May 25, 2019 / By Jordana
Question: i'm writing a novel ... it's actually really emotional and i want people to understand the difficulties a person has to face. so if you don't mind i would like to know about your life and by that i mean... are you happy or sad? what is the reason? has any incident happened that has been imprinted in ur heart? what about your love life? how many friends have betrayed you, loved you, cared for you, angered you? what is the relation of you and your mom and dad? what is the relation of you and your grand parents.? can you describe yourself? (meaning your personality) if you want you can change your real name or make stuff up. i really don't care but i would really like for you to co-operate. thank you for your help peace =) p.s. i don't know if this is the right category or not. but Y!A suggested it =)
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Genny Genny | 4 days ago
Hey ! My name is rosalinda I was named after my grandma who died in car accident.when his son (my dad) was still very young..umm I am 4"10 got long legs though I have very light brown skin but people have pointed out that im white althought my mom always tells me its not true I have dark brown wavy hair that has some redish to it but not that much umm full lips small dark brown eyes that people cofuse as black and I either have a heart shaped or oval face and my body is hourglass shaped I hav a defined jaw and cleft chin that isnt visible unless u look closely..my fave band is muse and im very clumsy everything always happens to me and also my dad was shot when we use to live in mexico but survived..im christian I am,a scorpio although I dont beleive in those stuff..i was born in mexico and I am a possesive and protective freind even though I dont show it..i rareley wear makeup and never wear more than mascara and blush but usually just mascara..i have never had a boyfreind but ive been asked out I dont wnna date unless im sure I will be with that person forever..i dont think im attractive at all even though people tell me I am..when I go somewhere everyone stares at me like im an alien if I am alone outside sometimes gangster guys approach me but I just walk away I have almost been run over 5 times I have problably shed more blood in my life then an army cuz im so accident prone..people dont usually understand me I literally have to try. to act like a normal teenager because I act like a 60 year old I never see the bad things in peoples apperance I see everyone as pretty but I can spot a person who is ugly on the inside from a mile away.. I never like to admit im wrong im very stubborn but people often find it adorable when I try to act stubborn or when I get annoyed/mad..i cant smell blood but if someone bleeds I can taste it in my mouth idk why..and also when I see blood I feel weak and I cant feel my legs so if I walk, I walk stiff..i am also prone to anxiety attacks and when I get mad I cry..i am very ticklish if u tickle me I will.jump up and like accidently kik u or something but people find that amusing for some reason so they still tickle me..people often when they first see me think im the mean popular girl but im actually really shy and nice..i have never to this day worn short shorts dresses skirts or anything like that cuz I dont think I will look good..i dont think that I am worthy of anyone that loves me and I always put other people before me I hate the sun cuz it makes me tired and being sweaty makes me feel sticky I prefer rain I love the way it smells after its rained and rain makes me feel energetic I am told I am a good at drawing can never stay mad at anyone no matter what and also i am a very bad liar..oh and when I was little one time I.bit my dad while I was sleepin cuz I was dreamin that I was eatin a peice of bread oh and I dont like songs unless they have a deep meaning.. Oh and im usually the extra like people will hang out with me as long as no one better comes along im usually just the person who tags along and also partys bore me I love the piano the way it sounds although ive never played it but I did play the clarinet for one year in sixth grade I am always in the advanced honors classes although im never the best or even close to the best in school when it comes to being smart..i love paranormal or mystery books and romance books.. I love helping people
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Delila Delila
1.) I am happy nor sad. at the moment I'm annoyed, but that's a long story. 2.) I'm not happy because I'm tired and feeling a bt apathetic. I'm not sad because I have no right to be. and I'm annoyed but like I said it's a long story. 3.) yes, many. like performing for the first time, or losing my first best friend, or accepting the fact that I'm an outcast. 4.)my loves life pretty nonexistent. I've been in love only once, with my best friend, and he doesn't know. he probably never will. 5.) I'm not trusting because so many people have betrayed me. a lot of my "friends" say they love me but it's really just empty words because none of them know who I am. there's very few friends who care for me. my count at the moment is 5. I get angry easily. 6.) my mom and dad are supportive of what I do but not who ive become. I honestly don't care about their opinions. 7.) my grandparents are around but they're like my parents. 8.) I'm controversial and outspoken and independent from alot of people...but despite the stron girl facade I'm quite insecure and angry and dark and i don't really understand who I am and I just hope no one finds out before me.
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Bryony Bryony
Sure, don't see the harm in sharing my life. (1) Happy or sad? Happy - but stressed (2) Reason? I just finished exams, Im about to start my life (University and leaving home) (3)Incident? None, just small things that have shaped who I am. (4)Love life? Too busy to have one, but looking forward to having one. (5) Friends? Too many betrayals, too many good friends. But there's one girl who will ALWAYS be my friend no matter what she does. She's also related to me, we're the same age - they say its blood. (6)Mom and dad? After many conflicts, we're working through things. (7) Grand parents? Fathers side: They're probably the people I love most in my life. Mothers side: I hate the woman. Pop died before I was born, but I hear he was a great man. I'm too complicated and busy to describe - apologies! Good luck with your story!
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Allene Allene
Me I'm 21 and I have a worried life I get sad at times cause I don't know what to do in life what to become I get very cranky at times and my job makes me upset. My relationship is a fail I haven't had a GF for 8 years the last gf I had let me cause I was too nice I hate her! and I try to get in relationships but they don't like me. There was one girl I fell deeply in love with she was so beautiful but she had a bf I was strong and moved on so now I'm not into love. I can't have close friends without them stabbing my back or getting on my nerves! My grandparents took great care of me they showed me about god and I thank them till this day but also my mom has random moods like she can be calm then she can get upset my father is annoying who gets upset for little things. I wanna leave this world soon with the lord :)...
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Uthai Uthai
1.happy or sad? Im pretty happy right now but i occasionally get really depressed. 2.What is the reason? sometimes feel like cutting myself. I still haven't told anyone because I'm afraid that they will think of me differently. (i have emotional and anger issues) 3.Has any incident happened that has been imprinted in ur heart? One night me and my boyfriend got in a huge fight because he almost got me suspended that day and he said that he didn't love me and a bunch of other really hurtful stuff. 4.What about your love life? We occasionally have arguments and falling outs but i still love him because even though he can be a jerk he can still be really sweet. He is the one i usually go to when i feel depressed or sad. When he makes me smile it just makes me melt and forget about all my problems. 5.How may friends have betrayed you, loved you, cared for you, angered you? I have two really great friends that are always there for me. One of them has been my best friend since preschool. She has pretty much been there for me my whole life. My other friend i go to for all my love life issues. We're pretty much each others Dr. Phil. Me and this other girl used to be close friends but now I'm not so sure. She acts like my friend but she can't keep a secret. When i tell her something private she practically yells it to the world. She's a spoiled brat and practically rubs it in my face. And she always reminds me that she dated my boyfriend before me and goes on and on about it and it just makes me want to go straight up to her and tell her to shut the hell up. 6.What is the relation of you and your mom and dad? My relationship with my parents is kind of complicated. I feel like i can't tell them anything. Don't get me wrong i love my parents but they are the kind of people that are kind of rude and really strict. I feel guilty because i lie to them a lot. I don't mean to but sometimes I'm afraid to tell them the truth. 7.What is the relation of you and your grand parents? I don't really see my grandparents a lot. I occasionally see my grandparents from my moms side of the family because they live a couple hours away but my grandparents from my dads side of the family live all the way in asia and I've only seen them a couple times. 8.Can you describe yourself? I know earlier i said that Ive cut myself but I'm not necessarily emo. Ive only done it once and i regret doing it. I was bullied as a kid and sometimes my older brother and little sister gang up and make fun of me, call me names, and bully me even now which developed into anger and emotional issues. I grew up being pretty independent and occasionally violent but I've gotten better. I have a 4.0 gpa so i guess you could say I'm smart. Im the kind of person that looks really happy and joyful on the outside but is dying on the inside. I keep a lot of things to myself and I'm not really a follow the crowd type of girl. I love to be unique and just be my own person. hope i helped:)
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Uthai Originally Answered: Why are we asked to work hard for life-time (and we keep on working hard too) when life itself is uncertain?
I am not sure that there is a direct correllation between money and happiness. I know that studies have shown indirect correlations, but the poorest person in the world can still be happy. The richest man can still be miserable. You ask "Could people have sued him had he not done anything wrong?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY. People get frivilously sued all of the time. This question is like asking, "can people get arrested without doing something wrong?" You may as well say that people are guilty without a trial! Pablo Escobar was killed by the Columbian and American Governments!!! But because he died rich, you think he is a winner? To answer your final question: No. It is not ok to make money illegally. You seem to think that because a person has nice things, then they have won, and that is bullshit. We should work hard for a life-time BECAUSE life is uncertain. Any other mode of thinking is like saying, "I won't try to succeed because there is a chance I will lose." That is completely asinine because the chance of losing will always exist. The chances of winning only exist when you work hard. So there are people out there that start with more, but this will always be the case. Some have more money, or a better education, or a better upbringing, or more luck, or more talent, or better looks, or better people skills, or blah blah blah.... If you want to quit working for a better tomorrow, then I guarantee you won't have a better tomorrow. If you persist through adversity, the you are all but guaranteed achievement, even if not in the monetary sense.

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