What happens if a woman claims to be raped by a man?

What happens if a woman claims to be raped by a man? Topic: Court case scenarios
July 22, 2019 / By Jordan
Question: Out of curiosity, if a female was really angry because her boy friend or husband did something bad to her would she be able to go to the police or court and say she was raped with a condom and the guy would have to go to prison for a long time even though there is no evidence supporting the case? How could a guy get out of this situation if it happened? Can you test for a rape in this scenario? if so how?
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Gennie Gennie | 3 days ago
she would be able to go to the police and the court - but it is up to her to prove she was rapped not the other way round - innocent until proven guilty - the courts have to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that the guy is guilty and that's very hard to do if he hasn't done anything - especially with rape - with rape the women basic gets cross-examined and put on trail, most actually rapes don't get convicted because of this and the beliefs that many judges have that men, once attracted to a women can not control themselves, or its a women's flat she gets rapped for wearing a short skirt or walking late at night - the more a man rapes people the easier it is to get convicted - but if her boyfriend hasn't even rapped her, she has got no chance of getting him put behind bars.
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Delight Delight
Happens a lot and the cops are not happy with it. Often the woman is charged with wasting police time. If you think this has happened go see a lawyer, pronto!
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Bryanne Bryanne
"...charged with wasting police time..." ahhhh.. how about 'Filing a false police report...' and also perjury if it goes to court.. A great setback for women's rights and a dis-service to all women and men..
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Bryanne Originally Answered: I just got raped a while ago and I don't know what to do?
why the hell arent you calling the police? if its to save your current relationship..... stop that right now.... the guy who just raped you will brag you wanted him and your boyfriend will believe him because you did NOTHING. And... this is a violation of your body... that is highly illegal.....so whilst you still have his semen inside you, call the police, get a rape test done and give the police a statement... do it for you if not for other women who go through the same thing... the more women who speak out, the better the system becomes equipped to deal with it.... more than half of all sexual assaults go unreported leaving these scum bags free reign to continue harming more innocent girls... your not the first girl this guy has done this to and if you do nothing, you wont be the last. added: by the way, your not a slut... your a woman who got too drunk and trusted an ex to bring you home safely.... you did nothing wrong... he did. Society has a bad habit of blaming the victim..... she wore this or why was she out that late and in your case "why did she accept a ride with him" that point is moot and garbage... the day nobody can accept a ride from a party from a friend/ex without worrying about being raped or maimed is the day this world comes to a civilized end. Its okay, your going to get through this..... call a good friend right now.... or your mother..... and call the police... this was wrong and it should be dealt with.. dont hide it..... please... you will regret it. Please, call the police... now. good luck

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