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Help, bad nightmare? Topic: The sister nightmare
July 16, 2019 / By Jonna
Question: Okay, I'm 12 years old and last night I had this really scary dream about my sister, she died of some disease and my whole family was crying, it really freaked me out!! Was this a glimpse of the future or was it just a bad nightmare? Thank you for all ur help and answers! Sophia x
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Genie Genie | 10 days ago
You're just concerned about your sisters well being - you're a good sister and it shows you love her very much - turn it into a good thing instead of a bad thing - good luck =)
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Genie Originally Answered: I just had the worst nightmare! Whats the worst nightmare you've ever had?
this lady tina hated everyone and wanted revenge. so she took me to put in a guillotine. then i begged for her to not chop my head off. so she said "OK, I wont chop off your head " so i was glad, so SHE CUT OFF MY TOES!!!! then i was really p***ed off. then she was like " you don't want me to cut your head off right?" and i said yes. so she put me in the head crusher for like 3 hours, and said "see i'm not chopping off your head, i'm just crushing it" then my teeth started breaking loose, my bones started splintering through my mouth, my blood was pouring out of my head, and one of my eyes came out. then she took my eye and made me eat it. then the cops showed up and arrested tina. then i got taken to a hospital and got fixed but my face was kinda messed up. i survived!!! but i was in alot of pain. then tina's daughter, susan shall we call her, took me again and all of my family and started to burn us all of my family died except me. i recovered. all of the left side of me was burned all my hair, my hand was burnt down to the bone, my leg was burned, my face, i lost three of my fingers, my skin was literally bubbling, i was in so much pain. then a guy dumped water on me, then he touched my bad hand, it hurt really bad so i punched him in the nuts. it was funny. but i went to a hospital, and recovered, then i wanted revenge on susan. so after i recovered, i showed up at her house and she shot me, but it was in the arm so i was fine. so i threw a knife at her chest, and she dropped dead, i was very happy about that. then her brother, dan, was really mad that i killed his sister, so we got into a big, bloody fight. he had a samurai sword, and all i had was a knife, i threw the knife at him just as i did with susan, and he dropped dead. i felt very successful.

Delaney Delaney
Dreams/nightmares are the minds way of sorting out things that effect us through our waking lives and are rarely relevant to the people or places that feature in them. Dreaming of death usually means the birth/start of something new. Maybe you, someone or something close to you is undergoing a change or challenge that will lead to something new. This could be exams, moving house, an operation, a baby etc etc. The fact that you dreamt about your sister doesn't mean that it will effect her, it just signifies that it is something you care about. The disease means it is something that perhaps you don't or can't understand or maybe something that you don't like, it could even be something unseen that your subconscious has picked up on and that you are not necessarily aware of. Unfortunately the interpretation of dreams is not an exact science, however, rest assured that it is almost certain that your nightmare was just that!!
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Brooklyn Brooklyn
It depends. Have you watched anything on TV or movies that dealt with disease/death of a sibling or relative? Reading a book, listening to music, had a recent discussion with friends about the subject? Alot of things can influence our dreams. I have had many nightmares concerning family and friends over the years, and nothing ever came of it. Sometimes you are just needing to connect better or resolve things with these individuals and it's your sub-conscious that communicates this to you in your dreams.
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Alix Alix
Just a bad dream. I dont personally believe in the human ability/disability of predicting the future. With my educational background I can tell you that dreams are just a way of getting rid of the days events. Your eyes and brain process some 400 BILLION images every day. the brain needs to dump what it ist going to store and we think that one of the ways this happens is by dreaming. Thats why in your dreams you can have purple crickets and greyhound busses in the same dream....Hope this helps.
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Uriah Uriah
It was probably just a bad nightmare, things happen in dreams and most are just in your head. Many of my dreams have never come true! Don't worry about it, it was just a dream! :)
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Uriah Originally Answered: What does this nightmare mean?
Recurring nightmare = recurring problem in waking life. getting married = getting connected or hooked up with, in this case, something or someone you do not like and cannot get away from (=can't move). If the person you are marrying is often different, you may be sensitive to bad relationships, to the extent that the emotional turmoil you have over it is paralyzing. Often, the people in your dreams represent not themselves but their main characteristics that to some extent you have in yourself. Pick one of the groom characters and quickly (without thinking too hard) pick 3 main characteristics of him. The faceless people are an important clue: because people in your dream very often represent aspects of yourself, having faceless people may mean you are searching for your own identity. Did the bleeding wrists conjur up the image of suicide for you? Don't worry - this is highly symbolic, suicide of your identity is how I would read that, if that's what it seemed to you. You are being connectted to some other identity or characteristics that you don't like, and that means you're own identity is threatened. That's also another reason for the blank faces around - no identity (for you, because your dreams are all about you). To get rid of this nightmare, make some concious decisions about who you want to be. Take concrete steps and decisions, you want this and don't want that. Develop your interests, pursue them with enthusiasm. Let me know if this does you any good.

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