Should I tell my current salary even if it's very low?

Should I tell my current salary even if it's very low? Topic: Free jobs application in dubai
July 16, 2019 / By Joni
Question: I am currently searching for a new job but most of my applications have been asking for my current salary. However, I have concerns about telling the truth since what I'm receiving is just half of the average salary for my position here in Dubai but I might be caught lying if confirmations are made. Please help me. I really want to get a better paying job (at least the average rate) and leave my not-so-good boss... Thank you..
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Genevieve Genevieve | 8 days ago
I know what you mean, have been there, done that. Just tell the truth dear, that way, whether they comfirm with your boss or not, atleast you are free of guilt and what ifs. If the job is yours is yours! You will get it. When the ask you how much you want to earn in interviews, just say: "You can pay me according to my qualifications", put those words in the right way if you know what i mean. Because saying how much you are expecting, you might say less of what they could have offered and they just agree with you. So avoid stating the figure! Good Luck!
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Genevieve Originally Answered: My Current Salary & Career Path?
You're on the right track. Keep doing what you're doing. The most important thing is not what you make now, but what you can make in the future. For a 24 year old making $40k, you're doing pretty good. What is important right now is not how much you're making, but how much you're saving. That's what will matter later on. Make sure that you're contributing as much as you can to your 401k, especially if your company matches. You should put in as much as they will match because that's a 100% return, which is better than anything you'll find in any other kind of investment. Money magazine had an article in their January issue about where you stack up. You can enter your age and your income and they'll show you what the average net worth is by both age, and income. For your age, median net worth is about $400, so if you've got more than that in savings and 401k, you're ahead of the game. For your income level (I assumed $42k), median net worth is $20k, but most of those people are probably older and have been saving longer. You can also take a look at what you need to do to hit certain goals, like pay for your kids college or become a millionaire. You can see more at the link below. Keep working hard, set goals, and then do what you need to do to get there. I think you're on the right track just by virtue of the fact that you asked this question. Well done.

Deja Deja
Yeah you are going to have to tell the truth. Just don't leave your current job until you find one that is willing to pay you a better wage.
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Brook Brook
tell them your current salary. When they ask why you are trying to find a different job tell them "my present company does not pay near as much as what I am worth"
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Alisya Alisya
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Alisya Originally Answered: Should I try to renegotiate salary with my current employer? Before or after I receive the written job offer?
That depends. Some managers feel that once an employee gives notice, there's no sense in countering an offer from another employer with an offer for a raise to keep you on board, since they feel your loyalty is already gone and that you'd just leave when the next better offer came along anyway. Others are willing to increase your salary to keep you there. It also depends on your performance at your present employer and how much you are worth to them. Negotiate salary with your new prospective employer and decide whether you really do want to leave your current employer before telling your current company. Use online salary calculators such as those at Salary.com to get a better idea of salary ranges in your target job. Basic salary reports are free, or you can buy a custom report more specific to your situation. You can then use this as "ammunition" in your negotiations with your prospective new employer. Negotiating salary is a complex process. Keep in mind that it's important to leverage the value you can bring to a company rather than just wanting a higher salary without providing evidence supporting your case. To your success, David B. Wright Author, Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves http://www.getajobbook.com

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