Do you trust your justice system?

Do you trust your justice system? Topic: Day case supreme court
July 16, 2019 / By Jonelle
Question: do you really have faith in your justice system when all else fails? i"m human and should be able to speak freely!!!i went to lega aid and don"t recommend it to anyone!!!!!!they pick and choose what cases they take< they"re not on you side and only do it to make them look good do you agree?
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Genette Genette | 6 days ago
In our country, the Phlilippines, our Justice system, is better off next to none. The excuse that our Justice would work better if they are well funded is a myth. The budget they recieve was greatly increase, yet they still did not perform well. Our Supreme Court is manned by senile members. It takes them so long for decisions critical to our national issues. There should be laws to ban old folks to sit in the Supreme court. Also, even in the local courts, the wheels of justice grinds so slow, very slow, and the slowest (if that's the right phrase), in the world. It takes almost ten years to decide a simple bounce check. Mind you, I have a case wherein from the fiscals office, for a simple resolution, up to now, three years (3 yrs.) and it has not yet reach the court. What could just take 90 days, and up th now, I haven't recieve the resolutlion. The salary of Judges, the Fiscals, etc, has already been raise, yet bribery is still going on. A certain fiscal requested Php10,000 pesos bribe for my claim to get a favorable decision. And last Christmass, he again, ask for a christmas gift in the tune of Php 1,000 pesos. Should I trust our justice systems with these vipers, crocodiles, and snakes, wearing the robe? IN fairness, my apology to thoes innocent members who still believes in integrity and fareness. I am only expressing my view base on my experience. I am not a lawyer, but I have so many cases pending in the court, and this is my observation. I also have aversion towards lawyers. Most will over charge you. In fact, I intend to dis-bar a lawyer who committed perjury and falsification of public document. I submitted my complaint to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court passed it on the complaint to the "Integrated Bar of the Philippines", and sad to say, 15 years had passed, and it is still froozen. What justice are you talking about?
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Genette Originally Answered: The Justice system and my anger?
You should read about Cameron Todd Willingham. This really happened: In 2004, the state of Texas executed Cameron Todd Willingham for starting the fire that killed his children. The Texas Forensic Science Commission found that the arson testimony that led to his conviction was based on flawed science. The follow up on his case will make you even angrier.
Genette Originally Answered: The Justice system and my anger?
Well. I suppose the best thing for you do to would be to go to therapy to help you deal with irrational and baseless anger issues. (You should understand that this is FICTION. It is designed to be entertaining. This is not a realistic story line. It is utterly irrational to watch a movie and then decide that this could be real and it could be a "possibility." It is not even remotely realistic and it is not reasonably possible.)

Deena Deena
I had a lawyer for a teacher in college. He told the class that there was no fairness in the justice system. I have always believed that. Lots of judges take payoffs. Lots try to write their own rules and misuse the law they are elected to protect. It it is not a good system but it is the best we have. I heard of chinese justice. A chinese soldier stole a pair sunglasses. His sgt marched him behind a tent and shot him. So just be thankful for what we have until we can make it better
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Brogan Brogan
You must be joking! Nobody with sane mind can trust the stinking legal system. Many legal practitioners are bigger crooks than the crooks.
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Brogan Originally Answered: Weakness's of the U.S Criminal Justice System?
the legal journals shows how a country did away with the jury system after much abuse ie singapore. besides the jury its the mistrust between the various components of law enforcement. the judicial sys dont trust the enforcment system ie police. there is suspicion on both sides. police does not hv a good reputation of being straight and honest hence the intricate laws of search warrants etc. imagine finding the evidence and yet unable to use it as the search was not legal. how ridiculous. criminals hv time to get rid of the evidence. to each his own. the rivalry between the various law enforcment agencies also to blame. to each his own - they only look after their own selves. hence the crime remains unrequited. look at the british or european legal / law enf system and u can see the diff. so u write what is good there that can be applied here. corruption too. which is not seen in the public eye. as there is little publicity on such matters. when politicians get involved, it gets messy and police do compromise. gun laws too. nRA is so powerful a lobby that they will not allow changes to take place. its also gender / color bias - how to get rid of such age old prejudice - its education and changing pple's minds and attitudes. this is complicated. and will take time....at least another 5 decades!

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