Why do you believe what you believe?

Why do you believe what you believe? Topic: How to write a scope document example
May 25, 2019 / By Joi
Question: i have to write a speech about an argumentative topic that i can refute. can't think of anything! i want to stay away from religion. something a little more fun like "giants baseball is the best baseball team in the history of baseball" or "sex is good for your health." Help! :) thanks!
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Gaynor Gaynor | 2 days ago
I wrote an article about this -- the link is below. The best way to go about this is to choose an easy counter-argument. One way to find easy counterarguments is to browse common argumentative essay topics (by searching Yahoo or Google) and pick the flimsiest argument. Or you can choose the easiest rebuttal from the arguments that you're already familiar with -- ones where you are comfortable in summarizing both sides of the argument. It's easier to choose a topic that you're already familiar with, because you already understand the nuances. There's usually some overlap. For example, these are perennial topics (very common topics) that I can think of offhand: Abortion. School uniforms. Death penalty. Affirmative action. Marijuana legalization. Driving age. Gun control. In each case, I know both sides. Abortion: extenuating circumstances vs. protecting the life of the fetus. School uniforms: promoting selflessness vs. freedom of expression. Death penalty: only appropriate recourse vs. inhumane/flawed. Affirmative action: diversity/redress vs. meritocracy. Marijuana legalization: disproportionate punishment vs. one evil not reason for another. Higher driving age: high risk vs. overall burden. Gun control: more violence vs. constitution/faulty statistics. Here's how your arguments might go. Sex is good for your health: In support, cite studies that document various health benefits of sex. In opposition, cite studies that document the burden associated with sex vis a vis sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, etc. The Giants are the best baseball team in the history of the sport: In support, they have won x number of championships; the club has a great legacy and a long history of drawing some of the best baseball players. In opposition, The Giants are not the greatest club in the history of baseball; that title belongs to The Yankees. The Yankees have won the most championships and had the greatest overall impact on the public consciousness. The other important factor to consider besides picking the easiest assignment is how various arguments might be received by your audience; that is, sometimes it hurts to go against the grain even though you're right. Lastly, which I should have mentioned before, make sure you choose an appropriate topic. Neither of your topics is "appropriate." The most important problem with the baseball topic is that "best" is very subjective. Also, you need to narrow the scope. Giants baseball in what year? Or are you talking about The Giants franchise overall. The obvious problem with the second argumentative essay topic is it's not arguable. Strictly speaking, it's very hard to argue that sex is not good for your health. It's more practicable to argue that certain specific sexual practices/sexual mores are deleterious/detrimental. In both cases, you need to focus on narrowing the scope of your argument.
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Debs Debs
Hmm... That is a very wide topic to cover in a short speech certainly, but I'll do my best to give my personal opinion. Really there is no right answer for this question though. Here goes: People all across the world have some sort of belief system, whether rational or irrational, based on statistics or based on emotions, some coming from the people around them and others coming from the individuals themselves. However in short, all beliefs occur from past experiences or at least from the experience of others with a relationship to you, negative or positive. I would like to travel back a few thousand years to the root of human community and independent thought. Simple beliefs such as "maybe I shouldn't eat that spiky plant because Jo in the next shack ate some yesterday and he is now dead" or "maybe I shouldn't wrestle a black bear because the results were unpleasant for Jo" are accumulated through self-experience as well as the passing down of stories. This is how some ancient religions began, with the attempt to rationalize why some get good fortune and others don't. Jo starts praying to the sun and has a good crop year - clearly this god guy is real. But as you stated this shouldn't be about religion as it is as much about the smaller beliefs. I would like to attribute beliefs to a few things. Firstly the people around you greatly impact your beliefs. Parents especially can have a helping hand in crafting some beliefs (until they reach their teens). There was a video posted to youtube after the last US election in which a five-year-old boy was bawling that Romney didn't win. Is this boy old enough to know anything about politics? Not really. But since the parents were in favor of the politician, the boy reasoned: he loves his parents (positive relationship), his parents wanted Romney to win, therefore they clearly knew best. Stepping out of the political, this can also be applied to sports teams. Often, the parent(s) love a team an it is transferred to the child/friend. Other factors can change these views over time, (even potentially creating a light-hearted father-son rivalry) but this is key. A negative relationship can affect beliefs just as much. Let's take the example that a shy elementary school child sees the "cool group" playing Pokemon. This student has often been made fun of by these people so he begins to develop a negative attitude tords the actions of these individuals, perhaps eventually creating the reaction that Pokemon = stupid. Of course this not only applies to young children, but to everybody, although as we grow up we tend to base beliefs more on reason and experience. One could say "Sex is good for your health" because whenever I have sex I feel more alive and happy than ever. This action has a positive affect on the person's life and can cause bridges between two unrelated things ie. sex and health. Who knows whether sex is good for you, but it makes one feel healthy. I don't know there are a few really unfocused ideas to ponder over and I'm not even sure if I have advanced your search for a topic, but I hope I have helped. Cheers
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