Please i need help! ive givin up. i dont know what to do?

Please i need help! ive givin up. i dont know what to do? Topic: How to write a bully song
May 25, 2019 / By Joelle
Question: Please i need help!! ive givin up... i dont know what to do...? lately ive just been giving up... im so depressed. i dont know what to do . im to afraid to end my life yet i dont feel like theres any point to life anymore... i go to high school some kids are mean to me. yesterday somebody told me they hate me... in this one class the boys always pick on me. a few days ago they were so cruel to me that i was close to running out in tears and never coming back. i dont really have any friends.... i always hear people talking about this party theyre having and ive only been invited once this whole year to do something... i just feel like everyone hates me at school. when i come home.. home isnt even home anymore... right away in the car after ive had a bad day... my mom starts yelling at me for my grades about how i dont try! i fricken cry myself to sleep every night.. ive lost a lot weight (didnt tell my mom) i have a lung diesease(cystic fibrosis)... i found out if im lucky ill live til like 37.... and i want more out of this life.. i dont try in school cuz im so down anymore.. i have a list of big dreams i want and my mom would never understand... i want to be an actress/model a little bit i have written so many songs lately pouring out different emotions and i think i have a lot of talent... im a good writer too. i dont want to go back to school next year where i get put down ! its terrible!! i want to get out of this area and pursue my dreams in the next few years... but i just realized that prob wont happen so i dont want to live anymore!!! help i dont know what to do....im starting to feel like my family even hates me.. i wish i could just stop chickening out and take my fricken useless life . my grandma just died and its just like everythings been adding to this horrible slump i cant get out of.... i want to write movie scripts and songs and travel the world and buy a guitar and sing my songs...... ahhhhhh help!
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Garnette Garnette | 7 days ago
I get very depressed and feel like ending things too. I'm someone who doesn't care at all what other people think. I'm not bothered by their opinions but I get super depressed a lot. Sometimes when it gets bad and you want to end it, try taking a nap instead. As long as you don't have bad dreams, it can be like a break from the world. Sometimes if it goes well, you can even feel refreshed, like starting anew on a clean slate. Hmmm.. the bullies... don't let them bother you because whatever they say is most likely not true. Either ignore them (this really annoys them! Trust me! I was around a lot of immature boys at school) I dropped out of school at 14 and I have no qualifications as of yet. Might apply for a college. You should try to stay on because you should try and get any qualifications that you think will help you achieve your dreams. If you want to be an actress and you really enjoy acting, then why not sign up for a drama club/school or any sort of drama sessions going and surf the internet for positions as extras in any sort of film or tv series. When you gather confidence start searching for small roles and gather experience. If you go for bigger roles later, after your small ones, you will be in with a little bit more of a chance as you can include all of your past roles in your submission or acting resume. This will show that you have experience and that other productions have thought you good enough to give you a role and encourage others too. Of course, most of their decision will count on your actual acting audition/ability though but try to increase your chances as much as you can. Acting can also help you with the modelling you want to try. You need to create an atmosphere and send a clear message through your expression and body language so they kind of tie in with each other. As with anything, it helps if you create a portfolio of your work. Take pictures (or get someone else to take them) of yourself with as good a quality camera as you can get your hands on (to show up detail of the image) and don't use a phone camera or something of that sort. If the images keep coming out wrong or you don't think they're too flattering, just keep going until you get some good ones. PRACTICE! If it takes you a month and you only come out with 4 good photos, that's fine. It's better than getting stressed and including work that is not so good just to fill your portfolio out. As you keep practising you will get better because you will become more experienced and find out what works for YOU. Everyone is different. Some angles that aren't too flattering on one person can be the most flattering on another so if you're researching and see a pose/angle/look you want to try and it doesn't work for you, that's fine. Don't feel bad about it. It's not a bad thing! It's good! You're discovering more about yourself and what works for you. Also, search the internet for what hairstlyes/colours flatter your face and which clothes suit your body shape. Don't make the mistake a lot of girls in my area make - trying to squeeze into clothes that are to small. It will make you look bigger. Try and find clothes that are as near to the perfect fit as you can find and in a shape that flatters your figure. I'm normally a UK size 6 (size 4 USA) but sometimes I get smaller clothes and sometimes a size bigger. All clothes are made differently. They fit differently so don't worry about going up 2 or 3 sizes or needing them smaller. Just get whatever fits right. Your skills as an actress will help you ignore anoyone who picks on you. Just act oblivious or just smile at them. When you walk past them in the corridor/hall just don't look at them walk straight forward. If they call out to you either carry on ignoring them or look at them (don't really turn your head much, only slightly - you want to give the impression that what they've got to say is not that important and are not paying them or what they're saying toooo much attention) and roll your eyes at them like "typical...". If they carry on after you do that (like calling after you or something and shouting insults) either carry on ignoring them (this is effective because the hight of their insults might increase after you do this - but this is not a bad thing if you ignore it - it means they're annoyed that they aren't getting to you and are therefore hightening their pathetic efforts) or call back at them with a good retort/comeback and do it in a fully coinfident voice of slight disdain if your realy annoyed but it's best to do it in a voice that suggests you don't really care and that you find their pathetic efforts quite amusing. Kind of like you're almost going to laugh (or you can actually really laugh aswell - annoys them lol). Try to do your work in classes. Try to make an effort but if you can't, then you can't. Don't take these negative experiences and make them into something negative, jot thing like feeling or words down in a notebook or or if you'
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