How Can I Possibly Offer A Summary?

How Can I Possibly Offer A Summary? Topic: How to start topic c essays
May 24, 2019 / By Jody
Question: I just finished reading, 'Don't Know Much About Geography: Everything You Need To Know About Geography But Never Learned' for a school project. In this book, it is just a bunch of questions and answers based on geography. But, the focus of the book ROAMS. It starts with who discovered geography, then goes to the topic of oceans, and then to outer space! (With other topics in the middle). Then, I have to write a 2-3 page essay including the summary of the book. "A) Offer a summary of the book. B) What is the author's intent? C) What location is the focus of this book? If it is more than one place, then please describe the various locations. D) What do you think this book teaches the reader about geography?" This is what the paper says, but I am only asking about the summary part. Please help.
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Originally Answered: Can you do to me the summary of passage named THE SECRET GARDEN?i need the summary of chapter two?
Your best bet would be to summarize the leads (first paragraph) of the stories. Or look at the first three paragraphs of the stories. That is generally what the crux of the story is about. You could summarize by writing something like, "Recent news reports about human rights in China show that ________" Focus on the main themes and highlight at least three points from the stories. Good luck.

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