Can I get into an above average college?

Can I get into an above average college? Topic: University and college admissions service
May 24, 2019 / By Jodi
Question: I am a Junior. I want to become a doctor. I got a 1700 on the combined 3 part SAT score. I have about a 90 average. But I am not in any AP or honors classes. I also do not have any extracirrulars or community service. Is this enough to get into a nice college? please explain and say what I can do. Can I go to an OK school and still get into med school?
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Gale Gale | 4 days ago
If you are in the USA, you can probably be admitted to one of the easier campuses of your state university. If you earn at least a 3.8 GPA in college and score highly enough on the Medical College Admissions Test for which you register in the second semester of your junior year of college, you will have a reasonable chance of acceptance at medical school. In college you will need to take the pre-med classes which are listed on medical school websites and pass them with high grades.
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Gale Originally Answered: My average sucks but i need to go to college! help?
Buddy, first you need to breathe. Welcome to the era of higher education at your fingertips. here's what i recommend. Look at Excelsior University based in Albany New York. Its an online college. Traditional schools are falling by the wayside. Why? 1. they are too expensive, 2. there is a ridiculous amount of pressure and homework and 3. zero flexibility. If your dreams are to own a record label then enroll in their business school and get a bachelor's in business administration or marketing. Thats 99% of what music label's are, marketing. Thats why no talent jerkoffs like most rappers are, have million dollar mansions: marketing. I went to a traditional state school. My problem was I had to work full time and pull an extra part time job just to pay for school AND have enough to live off of. This didn't leave a lot of time for me to do homework. Now, Im in the military and I take online and cd-rom courses through Excelsior. I don't have the tedious amounts of homework, classes start every two months, and i am only a few classes away from my BA in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. Online colleges don't have to compete for quotas so your grades won't affect your application They aren't state funded, they don't have building upkeep and campus costs. They don't care if you want to take 10 classes every two months or 1 a year. Lastly, Excelsior has a program called Cd-rom courses. I suggest you take as many of these as possible. they mail you your syllabus, you complete the assignments and email them to your teacher. Its usually a term paper, a mid-term and final in essay format (which is a Godsend) and a reaction paper. and thats it. you can do it all in the first week or last week of the semester. It's up to you. work on YOUR time and YOUR schedule. Nowadays the only good reason to go to an actual campus is if you are accepted into an Ivy League school. If not, then guess what...the frats and sororities and experimentation and promiscuous girls are not a viable reason to spend 100k when you can spend 15k and get the same degree in less time. Oh, and don't worry, this is the 21st century. experimentation and loose girls are everywhere you look so you won't miss out.
Gale Originally Answered: My average sucks but i need to go to college! help?
Why do you HAVE to go to college? Is it family pressure? Are people saying you'll never amount to a hill of beans if you don't have a diploma? Maybe that gap year in Israel will give you some maturity and direction, as well as some academic skills you presently lack. The college credits will certainly help, although I expect you'll have to do something scholarly to earn them. Decent high school grades and a high school diploma indicate that you have enough smarts to profit from a college education. Colleges rarely want to waste space on somebody who'll struggle and struggle, but who will never be able to keep up with their classes. I'm not familiar with the New York metropolitan area, but I know there are many, many schools, colleges, and universities there. Why not talk with a guidance counselor at your school? If that's not a fruitful idea, perhaps you could get your folks to pay for direct college counseling for you. You're an unusual case, and I think a place can be found for you. Do you have any mentors in your activities as a writer, musician, actor, and artist? They might be able to advise you on ways to get started in a career in the arts.
Gale Originally Answered: My average sucks but i need to go to college! help?
I'm seriously trying to help here. I don't mean to be negative, but if you're struggling in high school, college is going to kick your ***. I may have not been very different from you. My IQ is in the top 7% and I flunked out of college. You've got to figure out why you do poorly in school. I'm assuming your school has a counselor. Have you tested for dyslexia or any other learning problems? It sounds like you should start there rather than being so focused on finding the right college. If all else fails, you can always spend some time at a junior/community college and earn some credits. They'll take anybody with a pulse and a credit card. From there, look for colleges and universities that suit your interests.

Deanne Deanne
you will get right into a med college from a first rate college in case you do alright there and on the MCAT. the reality which you have not taken any college prep instructions will shop you out of the best faculties. attempt some state faculties, and not the terrific ones.
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Deanne Originally Answered: If i'm simply an average Jane right now, just how do I transfer into a better college?
I would suggest you take some more math; "competitive" college applicants have typically taken a year of calculus (or at least pre-calculus...at my school, trig was a separate class that came before pre-calculus; that might be different in your case). It seems like you would benefit from more math classes if that's your weak spot. Try also taking some higher-level classes in whatever subject you are best at, that will look more impressive than just general introductory courses. Additionally, I would suggest taking as many basic classes at your community college as possible if you are trying to save money. Have you considered waiting an extra year to transfer? It could save you a whole lot of money plus give you time to get really good grades and round out your academic weaknesses. Good community college grades will wipe out a weak high school record. You should take the SATs, simply because most schools require them. I would suggest really studying for them to do well; take it seriously and practice, practice, practice math questions! I bought a bunch of books to study and did the math questions over and over again and then I did pretty well on the SATs. If you have any interest in computer science, many liberal arts schools offer BA's in computer science. I assume you are female (Jane), and there are a lot of scholarships for computer science because there are very few women in the field. That might be one option for you. Check out Providence College's requirements: http://www.providence.edu/Admission/Unde... They're pretty standard, try to fulfill them during your time at a community college. Your counselor probably is the best option for asking about local schools to transfer to. In order to get taken more seriously, you might want to wait until you have a semester of good grades under your belt.
Deanne Originally Answered: If i'm simply an average Jane right now, just how do I transfer into a better college?
you need to do better than B grades if you want to transfer to a good or better school. most of the top schools give a tremendous amount of aid, so doing well will benefit you in that if you get accepted, you have a higher chance of receiving a nice financial aid package. some schools might require you to take the SAT, so brush up on your math skills and make sure you know your verbal stuff. figure out what you want to major in and start looking at different schools' websites to see if they offer the major and what courses that want you to have completed by the time you would want to enroll. you can google colleges in areas that you would want to be in (like in NY or MA for example).

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