Why do woman try to make it seem that men are more shallow then they are?

Why do woman try to make it seem that men are more shallow then they are? Topic: Flag case stand
May 24, 2019 / By Jocelyn
Question: Clearly to anyone that is paying attention to the world, women are the more shallow of the two. You often hear women bemoan the fact the men want hot women and even cite tv shows like "King of Queens" where a fat guy has a hot wife. Now notwithstanding the realistic nature of sitcom television (:P), don't women also place a high value on looks? Not to mention that women will judge a man based on how much money he has, his social status, the kind of car he drives, his job, his past dating history (big red flag if not married by a certain age), children from a previous relationship (single fathers have a much harder time dating then single mothers), etc, etc..... When you consider the facts, how can us women seriously try to pass off this nonsense that men are more shallow then us?? antagoni - for the last time I am not a troll and I am not a clone. If there is a nother user with the same name and avatar (who obviously gives much less intelligent answers from me, if all the feedback I have been getting is any indication) wants me to change mine to protect her ego and lay claim to it, she can e-mail me directly and ask me to change it. Otherwise, back off or I will report you for harassment! loven: that is a typical PC bullshit answer.... antagoni - I didn't claim that I came before her, just that I am not a clone or imitation of her. That is your last warning, another comment like that from you and you WILL be reported! sugah, that was absolutely awful reasoning (and spelling) on your part. The fact that women are shallow about more things condemns them, not absolves them! Wake up! Christie - you make a solid and interesting point. That being said the fact that women will think less of men on average for more superficial things supports my case.....men who go after women based on jobs, wealth, social role, etc are MUCH less prevelant then vice-versa.
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Gaby Gaby | 10 days ago
In "King of Queens," she's not so hot, and I think he has allot more intelligence than she does. Who would want a wife like that? Single fathers actually do not have a harder time getting dates than single mothers, there are more women who are "looking for it" than men. The problem is that they're all still married, and are cheating on their husbands. Men are not more shallow than women.
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Gaby Originally Answered: Why do men still think they should pay for dates even if they make as much or less than the woman?
It is a social more that will soon disappear as women achieve equality in other areas of their lives. There will simple be no need for men to pay. A woman likes to be treated because it shows that the guy is willing to pay for the pleasure of her company... it also shows that he is a provider. In old times this was a good sign that made the guy seem like a good catch... nowadays it doesn't make sense anymore... Society is going through a process of adjustment... more and more couples split bills and share expenses on an equal basis... just give it time.

Day Day
Different types of shallow. In reference to gender, the point people tend to make is that men ONLY care about looks when choosing a partner. This is labeled "sexually objectifying her". When women ONLY care about something like money, she gets labeled "gold-digger". The point of the labels like that are to call out the fact that they place too much value on one thing. But to me, if someone stays in a relationship, they aren't being completely shallow. There has to be something there. The only way for me to see someone in this way is if they leave the person for a better "deal" based on these things alone. Edit: Nice Meh, that works.
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Brianna Brianna
how shallow a personality is hardly depends on whether the individual is sporting a penis or a vagina however your question seems to be WHY do WOMEN as a group try to make it SEEM that men as a group are more shallow than women as a group but the fact that you say this happens as a group effort is perhaps distracting readers from the actual question the reason i think it SEEMS that women as a group try to make it seem that men as a group are more shallow is because when individual women complain about men being shallow they tend to do it in a group and it tends to get laughed off as a harmless remark based on her experiences with men....however if a man makes the same statement "women are soooo shallow" in a group situation he tends to get a negative reaction......so some men have learned to keep this opinion of women being the more shallow ones to themselves...on the other hand women have learned that they will tend to get agreed with and sympathised with if they call men shallow so they keep doing it .....i personally think that's why it SEEMS like women have this feeling more than men do
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Alexis Alexis
Seem I have to agree with your statement about women judging other on levels men don't even think of. However this is why the statement men are more shallow. They don't look as deep in a person. But if you look at it this way men usually judge on just looks (hince shallow) dumb but cute= okay, broke but cute=okay, whore but cute= very ok. .......ie shallow. Mind you all men are not shallow it also depends on their upbringing. Men with sister tend to be a little deeper imho.
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Tylar Tylar
There's always going to be shallow people. It depends on the person. --- But from my own experience, I see that guys in my age group (high school) tend to go out with dipsh*ts that also happen to be attractive. I've had my own guyfriends tell me "yeah, so-and-so has an awesome rack and that's the only reason why I'm sticking around." This leads me to believe that guys are in fact more shallow. Also it has been scientifically proven that guys are more visual, and guys also watch more porn. There ya go. When girl's have the equivlent of Front, Playboy, Maxim and Hustler, maybe that's when we'll all just admit that we're shallow.
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Rickie Rickie
Why are you still trolling as a Tracey clone? That is shallow. EDIT: 8/13/09 vs 10/8/08 you are the clone.
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Merlyn Merlyn
Both are roughly equal in that area, anyway. However, I agree that they often look at men as the more shallow of the 2, which is ridiculous.
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Jophiel Jophiel
women are more picky. a gentic trait to ensure healthy offspring, though i have to admit, women in this day and age are blowing it out of proportion.
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Jophiel Originally Answered: Did this woman like me? Or was she just trying to make a fool out of me?
WOW...I sort of relate to your situation, but this seems a lot more extreme than mine was. In my case, I think I acted sort of like the lady you describe. I would be all lovey dovey but I had (have) a boyfriend and knew I couldn't be with the woman so sometimes I had to remember that and "come back to earth." Sounds like this is what the woman is doing. It seems OBVIOUS to me that she is romantically interested in you...BUT, like you said, she's taken...which she realizes...and is definitely confused. She wants you to know how she feels about you but also knows she is stuck and doesn't want you to think you two can be together. I bet this is a more common situation than we think. I wouldn't contact her. If she decides to leave her husband and contacts you, go fot it. If she calls you up as a friend, go along. But don't initiate anything in the romantic department. Leave that up to her!

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