Planning on being a stay at home mom. What should I purchase in advance to help out?

Planning on being a stay at home mom. What should I purchase in advance to help out? Topic: Baby pillow case sets
May 24, 2019 / By Jocelin
Question: Planning to be a stay at home mom what should I purchase in advance to help offset the cost a bit once our monthly income cuts in half and we have a little one? I am 24 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I currently work full time and my husband works full time. We are planning on me not returning to work after maternity leave so that I can be a stay at home mom. What are some good ideas of things we can purchase now so that when money does get a bit titer we wont have to worry about those things then. I've bought 2 packs of newborn diapers, one pack of size one diapers and a few tubes of desitin, huggies bath/hair wash, and wipes. I don't think I should stock up too much before my baby showers though but on the other hand I dont want to wait till last minute and depend on them for the things I need either. My baby shower is scheduled for Sept 19th and I am due October 31st so that leaves only a few short weeks to get the things last minute we need. Any advice from others ladies whose made the financial sacrifice to stay at home with your little one?
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Gabriella Gabriella | 8 days ago
congrats mama! .. i myself am a stay-at-home mom, i have a 3 month old. here's some advice on what to get to help out for later down the road ...... first off, don't buy any of your "big" items from your registry, or if you don't have one, don't buy a stroller, pack 'n play, etc .... just yet. wait until after your shower, because what i did was i got a bunch of giftcards at my shower so i used those to get the big items (a lot of people will buy the little things you need, or chip in on big items, but the thing is you never know what they're going to buy you, so save the hassle of having to take doubled items back to the store by waiting!) .... i know it's hard, i had my shower very close to my due date as well, and i put off on buying things as long as possible. also, do not buy baby clothes yet! lol ... i can't stress that enough! people go out and spend so much money on baby clothes, but honestly i got enough clothes from my shower for my baby's first year of life! which at that point i will be going back to work, so don't buy clothes until you have to. they are expensive. some items you probably won't need to spend the money on, unless you want to for luxury, are ..... baby bath tub. i bought my son a tub w/ a spray nozzle and like this cool spa thing, but ended up using it maybe 5 times, then realized it was more practical to use the kitchen sink as it's a pain to set up and break down the tub! so that was $40 down the drain pretty much. wipe warmers are unneccessary as well, again unless you feel you NEED one. i stopped using mine because it dries out the wipes on the bottom (more waste of $), and you have to replace the "pillow" things in them often because they burn and get hard. bottle warmers & formula mixers are a waste of money. if you REALLY want to save a lot of money, breastfeed. not telling you what to do or anything, i know there's a lot of BF nazi's on here lol! ..... it's not easy in the beginning but i've learned that it's worth it. i keep a can of formula around in case he is still hungry after i'm empty, but you'd be shocked to know how much money you'd be spending on formula! especially once they get older and eat more & more. after your shower, if you don't have these things i suggest going out and buying them: - burp cloths, at least 4, ideally 6-8 - swing or bouncy chair, for when you need a break - stroller of course - pack 'n play w/ bassinet attachment - changing table is ideal, but not completely necessary - diapers & wipes (depending on your baby's birth size, you'll need a few packs of NB and size 1, and save yourself the trip and get a big box of wipes, like the refill packs) - boppy pillow, whether you're nursing or formula feeding it's nice to have - a few toys, but not too many (they don't take much interest in toys for a while - a mat for tummy time, or you can just use a blanket (tummy mats cost maybe $15) - bottles (only buy one brand, one bottle at a time, until you find out what kind your baby likes. i went thru 5 kinds until i tried playtex drop-ins w/ the rubber nipples. he likes those best) - plenty of receiving blankets, which can double up as burp cloths everything else you can pretty much get as you go. OH! and i also suggest you check out the baby+kids section on craigslist.org ..... you can find great used baby stuff for CHEAP. and it's usually in great condition. i suggest it for your bigger items, or toys and stuff where it's not a big deal if it's used. throw the stuff in the wash or dishwasher and it's good as new. this is all just from my experience as a new SAHM, and i wish you luck! it gets easier as you go, it was very hard for me in the beginning but once the baby's a few months old you'll feel like a pro =) .... sorry this is so long! lol
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Davinia Davinia
Okay, I guess this will sound typical but get the crib or bassinet whatever you plan on using for your daughter by yourself, because yes they may be pricey but once its bought its already bought its done. Where as diapers and clothes and formula (if you are going to bottle feed) are a constant purchase. Me and my fiance bought our daughters crib ourselves and a few outfits here and there (I couldnt resist when we would walk through the infant sections of stores). But leave things like I said diapers, clothes, wipes to your baby shower. I swear I did not know how fast babies go through wipes. And it might be a bit tacky but if someone should ask what you would like or need for your shower just tell them, its better then to get things you do not need or want and having to return them your last month of pregnancy. (I had to and it was hell lol) Your last month of pregnancy should be about you. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts, spend as much quality time with your husband. Also a tip ask for diapers in different sizes not just size 1s and 2s. Let people get you all kinds and all sizes. A baby swing is also a life saver!!! and do get some formula or a breast pump (just in case if u do plan to breastfeed) maybe you just really need a little nap and with some bottles and formula dad can feed baby while you nap. Also bouncy seats or bouncers (whatever the real name is lol) are great for babys naps. Sorry I wrote so much I just wish I knew more when I was pregnant.Congrats! And good luck to you your hubby and your little Halloween baby!
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Brenna Brenna
Find some local support groups in the area. Being a stay at home mom can feel really isolating at first, especially if you don't have friends or family in the area with young children. If you are breastfeeding, go for a visit while you are still pregnant to a support group so you are comfortable with it. Buy some things for yourself that make cooking, cleaning etc easier. Find friends that will come over and help out the first month or so. Cook and freeze some meals ahead of time or stock up on healthy frozen foods. Good luc and congratulations!!
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Alexia Alexia
Don't stock up too much on diapers and stuff like that because you don't know if those brands will work for your new baby. Instead stock up on the things you and your husband use. Things like toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, shampoo and soap. Anything you use a lot of and is nonperishable would help cut cost later.
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Tybalt Tybalt
I don't think you need any advise, you seem to have a good handle on things. Right now you are starting to stock up which is great, I would also get a small can of formula (just in case you can't get enough milk) You will get more things at your baby shower too I'm sure.
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Rickey Rickey
the one thing you really need is a stroller and/or carrier. you will really have difficulties sitting around your house doing nothing. so make it easy to get out and about. another thing i noticed once i left my job to stay home was how lonely it gets. i suddenly realized all my friends had jobs. so get phone numbers or find moms clubs online where you can make friends with other stay at home moms in your area and just do little things like buy you a QT coffee and sit in the park. or have someone run to the store with you etc.... good luck and congrats.
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Merle Merle
you can never have too much wipes or diapers no matter what Other people give you it always best to have too much that not enough of it baby wash lots of it a lot of rash ointment lots of onsies clothes different sizes socks manicure set so you can keep her nails cut so she does not cut herself receiving blankets although i would wait for the baby shower for those lots of crib sheets sleepers good luck
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