How do i tell my mom about my bulimia?

How do i tell my mom about my bulimia? Topic: How to write a support letter to judge
July 16, 2019 / By Joanne
Question: I am a 17 year old male(5'10 & 128lbs) and I have been binging and purging since December. It started when my family moved and I had to start at a new school. I was depressed because I had to let go of my friends that I have know my whole life. It was hard and when I felt angry or sad I would binge on anything we had in the house. After I binged I would feel even more depressed and I would purge. I have been doing this daily and it is taking over my life. I want to seek help but bulimia is mainly known as a "woman's illness"and I am afraid of what my family would think if I told them.
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Gabi Gabi | 6 days ago
write her a letter explaining everything and give it to her. i find it much easier to explain difficult things to people in writing, rather than face to face. it is really great that you want to seek help. **** the whole woman's illness thing. you need support from your family, and they if they think badly of you, then they are stupid. they need to help you, not judge you.
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Gabi Originally Answered: Is this bulimia or something else?
Yes honey that is bulimia. The best & healthiest way to lose weight is to restart your body's natural rhythm. Lots of water throughout the day, in the beginning I did about 12-15 cups a day. Regular water. I know it tastes gross sometimes, you can put a little lemon juice in it for taste that also helps cleanse toxins from your system Small healthy breakfast, oatmeal with milk, fruit & bagel etc. Healthy morning snack, fruit, nuts. No granola bars they're just loaded with sugar. Healthy lunch, sandwich (with meat, cheese & veggies like lettuce/tomatoes) and a real fruit drink or milk Healthy afternoon/after school snack, veggie sticks, crackers etc Healthy dinner, meat portion the size of your fist, veggie portion the size of the palm of your hand, some type of grain (bun, rice etc) Healthy snack before bed, peanut butter toast is my fav Now I know this sounds like a whole lot of food, but it's food your body can use! And the trick is the water, the water helps keep your digestion flowing at a good rate so it's not having trouble digesting therefore converting into fats instead of proteins&vitamins But try your best not to purge. By not eating you are shrinking your stomach which will result in many digestive problems in the future, also dissolving the enamel on your teeth, I have dentures @ 26 yrs old, it's not fun take care of yourself you're worth it! And to all those that call you fat, they're wrong you are in the average spectrum. If anything they're jealous cause you've got sexy curves
Gabi Originally Answered: Is this bulimia or something else?
It sounds like you are suffering dual eating disorders. Anorexia is immoderate food restriction, and bulimia is purging after food intake. While a lot of people do binge then purge, bulimia is not defined by the amount you eat prior to throwing up. That being said, it is good you realize what you are doing is bad. Both disorders are very hard on your body. While you may get satisfaction with temporary weight loss, you are causing a ton of other lifelong harms to your body. Furthermore throwing your body into "starvation mode" due to lack of eating actually causes a response to store and hold onto fat. As someone who has been overweight, underweight, tried a multitude of diets and even starvation, nothing works better then good healthy weight loss. I know it takes longer, and it sucks to have to wait for results, but it works and you remain healthy and the weight stays off in the long run. Honestly though, you are hardly fat. In all reality a simple healthy eating plan and moderate exercise could allow you to drop the few lbs you desire relatively quickly. Please go the healthy route instead of harming your body, and talk to someone about the issues you are encountering and dealing with. It helps to have someone work through things with you.
Gabi Originally Answered: Is this bulimia or something else?
First off: http://www.calculator.net/pdf/cj41l022.pdf This is a chart that is supposed to help you figure out normal weight/height for your age. Of course I looked at it and couldn't figure it out to save my life, but maybe you can look up some information on how to use it. Second off: I'm pretty sure it's still bulimia. I had a friend in high school that was bulimic. I printed out 2 pages of information on how bad it is for you and she stopped. You're right, no one knows how you feel because no one is you but I can say this, this is not the way to lose weight. There are so many negative effects that could harm you for life. Have you tried exercising and eating a healthy diet? If you really want to lose weight you may have to work for it but I'm sure you can find something better than what you are doing to yourself now. Maybe you should try talking to a doctor and seeing what kind of healthy diet you can go on. You may lose weight this way but you are honestly not doing your body any favors. And I hope I don't sound rude or insensitive because I'm honestly trying to help. But I know feelings can be interpreted wrong through typing... Anyways I wish you the best of luck and please don't let stupid and insensitive people bother you. You have a full life ahead of you, enjoy it.

Daryl Daryl
I'm a guy and I do it too.. I'm 15 though. I'm not sure how to tell them.. I'm never going to tell my parrents.. I think you should like go to a counciler at school to start. Or like write it on a piece of paper.
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Daryl Originally Answered: Why is bulimia bad for you?
Bulimia and Anorexia are both bad and damage your body. She might think that being bulimic isn't bad because she is still eating, but then she forces her body to get rid of anything she took in. If she doesn't stop, suggest to her that she needs help from your parents or a nutritionist or counselor. Have her research the topic and she should see all of the damage she is causing. Being disgusted with herself is being disgusted with what God created. She should take care of her body and being bulimic is not the answer. Good luck.
Daryl Originally Answered: Why is bulimia bad for you?
Bulimia is bad for your sister because she's starving herself and the human body needs food to function. Puking it back up completely negates the fact that she may have eaten. She says you're the only one that thinks it is bad because she's probably not thinking straight or she doesn't think its bad for her. If that's what she thinks then she's horribly wrong. She seriously needs help if she's not stopping.

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