Isn’t Yahoo Answers Somewhat Trivial?

Isn’t Yahoo Answers Somewhat Trivial? Topic: How much does a research scientist get paid
July 16, 2019 / By Jilly
Question: When using the best answer system, I found I was looking, for the most part, answers that coincided with what I felt was the right answer all along. This is no different from a scientist making an experiment, and continually modifying it until he/she observes the results he/she was looking for since the beginning of the experimental process. In which case perhaps there is no point to any of this.
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Originally Answered: Will the Yahoo's stop students from cheating on Yahoo answers?
There are two ways to get suspended. First, you have had a number of violations. Yahoo has said in the past that the next one may be the reason. It is based on the pattern, not just the last one. Second, you can commit a TOS violation (the most serious) and it only takes one. Did you know that if you claim to be a horse on YA, that is a TOS violation. Also, posting that you are under thirteen is a TOS violation. TOS violations are the most serious and they will zap you quick. Most people who get zapped for things other than vile, racist things do one of the following: 1. Post links or ask for links to copyrighted material, usually music or movies. Giving someone a link to a youtube video of your favorite band is illegal in many cases. THis includes ring tones, movies, TV shows, etc. 2. Posting or asking for sites for free but pirated software, giving keys to software, or similar illegal activities. 3. Asking for people to give them accounts to sites or asking people if you can use their info and account. That is illegal in most cases. 4. Putting up codes or asking for codes for things like Coke Rewards. That is illegal in most cases. 5. Posting your website that may have business sections or sells anything. That is solicitation. 6. Posting links to scams, get rich quick schemes, work at home scams, or spam. Think back to the types of qustions you were asking when it happened and the subject matters. If you have gotten a number of minor violations, then you probably got one too many and you didn't learn the lessons of the first ones.
Originally Answered: Will the Yahoo's stop students from cheating on Yahoo answers?
It really depends on why the suspended you. I have never gotten suspended ,but I have recieved a violation 2 times. I cussed on one and then I offered to answer a question privatly through email. What happens is that if someone does not like your answer and under the community guidelines you violate then they can suspend you if you keep on doing it. I will be honest with you though. I see things on here a lot that should have been deleted ,but it was not for some reason or another. However I have seen things deleted that made no sence what so ever as to why. It all depends. I would read the guide lines and check out what is says and then you can figure it out.

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