First day of high school! Help?

First day of high school! Help? Topic: High case scenario
July 22, 2019 / By Jillian
Question: In about a month will be my first day of high school. At first I was excited and couldn't wait, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts. First of all, I have to walk to school all by myself because they rerouted the bus routes. I'm not really nervous or scared about getting bullied because I've dealt with that in the past and I know how to handle it well. I'm just nervous about getting lost and losing my friends. I'm also scared I won't have any classes or the same lunch as my friends too! I know high school isn't like it's stereotyped on Disney and stuff. So many different case scenarios keep running through my head and I am starting to lose sleep at night. And I'm not enjoying my summer because of worrying... UHG! Someone help
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Frannie Frannie | 8 days ago
Just relax, you WILL make friends, just say hi to everyone you sit by. Here are all my tips, advice etc. It doesn't fit in the answer box so i put it here. http://thestufftoknow.blogspot.com/
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Frannie Originally Answered: How do we can help a foreign high school student in an american high school to be academically successful?
Actually your premise is different from that of a school district. The schools are paid for by citizens of that state. There is no mandate for a program that a high school should offer for someone who is not a resident of that state. However, bullying is never OK no matter what the origin of the student. The school should have a response in position for any type of bullying.

Darcy Darcy
As you know, bullies pick on the timid, so you have to appear to carry yourself with confidence. This will also help in making friends and carving a good niche for yourself socially. Hard to do when you're in a new school so fake it in the beginning if you have to - think of it like an acting job, where you're playing yourself, but 1 year from now where you have things figured out. The first few weeks will likely define the rest of the year as this is when people figure out who their classmates are, so the beginning is a key period. Body language is key: stand upright, not shying away from making eye contact etc etc. Getting involved in extra activities right off the bat is important - you need to be "out there" working with as many of your classmates as possible. Cast your net far and wide and early. Friendships will be formed in the first few days and weeks, and it's hard to break into the cliques as an outsider, so make sure you get in at the beginning. Don't put too much pressure on yourself - recognize the relevance and importance of things as they should be and then cut yourself a break. As another writer said, if there's an orientation of any kind where you get to visit the school, then don't miss it (pay attention to the clothing worn too). You may start meeting new friends right there. Don't be afraid to be a little forceful in introducing yourself or breaking the ice. Usually a simple hello is all that's needed to get the ball rolling. If they don't respond, don't even think twice about it and roll on to the next person - it's their loss not yours and does not reflect badly on you what so ever. I wish someone had told me this when I started 9th grade!
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Brandie Brandie
1. Be yourself, it’s cliché buts it’s also TRUE. Don’t forget that your entering high school as an independent person and will leave high school that very same way; so don’t let anyone’s problem interfere with you and your life (socially and academically) 2. MAKE SURE; you go to your school’s orientation. Unless you have an emergency it’s not something that you should miss out on. They will tell you everything that you need to know. You might also receive: school schedules, class schedules, maps, sign-ups, and information about the school itself. IF you miss it then please call the school to try and get these things a little earlier so that you don’t run into problems the first day of school. 3. It’s good to have your own style and as you move up, you will realize that. But if your still a little concerned about common styles in high school, here are some: Shorts – especially during the summer (beginning of school year) Cami with Cardigan - same, during summer. flip flops - summer Skinny jeans Hollister, Aero, AE, A&F etc. Plaid tops Uggs – during winter Sandals Vans, Converse, Nike Although, I commonly advise one to use their own sense of fashion. 4. Choose the right classes; DO NOT choose a class that you know you can’t handle (such as AP or honors) you will regret it. You might end up failing the class and not get credit; and it can literally destroy your GPA which is pretty tough to bring up. –Try to go for what you can handle, you don’t want to put a lot of stress on yourself during your first year of high school, because you have 3 more years of it. 5. Focus on your grade and don’t procrastinate, that is another thing you will regret near graduation time. 6. BE INVOLVED; Join an extracurricular that you enjoy. Not only will it keep you busy but you might end up making a ton of friends. Or try community service if you want to get that out of the way, if you reach up to a certain amount of hours then you have a better chance at getting a scholarship. 7. Hang with the right crowd and stay away from DRAMA; it comes in all directions so just WATCH OUT. 8. SCHOOL SUPPLIES; It’s best to wait until school starts but I know how stores can run out of stuff easily before school starts, and their deals end quickly. Just try and get the basics. Teachers will say you need highlighters, glue, markers and all that stuff BUT really you don’t . . . its good to keep them at home for projects though. Here are the basics: Notebook Pencils Pen Binder or Folder (I recommend a folder for each class unless the teacher specifically says a binder) Highlighters
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Aleen Aleen
You seem like a smart girl, I would be your friend. High school is not as bad as you think, as long as you hang out with the right people. I'm going to be a Junior, and I regret wasting my first two years of school caring about others. There are actually many good people in high school, bullying really doesn't occur much. As long as you're yourself and don't try to impress with anyone, you'll be fine. Join some clubs and meet new people. OH! Also respect others, they will respect you back.
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Triston Triston
Don't fret! Be calm. You are freaking out over nothing. :) For one: you won't lose your friends if they are true friends. Also, you may or may not have lunch or classes with every single one of your friends, but it is no big deal. You can make new friends or you'll have lunch & classes with friends the next semester. Everything in high school isn't perfect; life isn't perfect. Just go with the flow. You'll be fine.
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Reuben Reuben
No need to fear~~! Just be your friendly self, talk to people (the right crowd, okay dear? ^_^ Saves you a lot of headaches and heartbreaks, truely), and most importantly....DO WELL IN YOUR CLASSES. Also, if you get all your A's and B's in classes, the adults around you would trust you a whole lot more, so when the time come where you want to go to some sort of school club event/dance/etc, they'll more likely let you go. ^_^
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Mel Mel
oh honey it's time to deflower and then you will understand your role as a woman. take time to give some bj's under bleachers or get to know the sports teams and let them take turns dping you. before you know it it will be time to graduate and then you will have to put all your practice into use so take advantage of you. and remember in school you can take the classes over and over or not even attend the important thing is to get popped as much as possible. have fun doll face.
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Mel Originally Answered: Question for high school students or recent high school graduates about laptops?
Hi. Yeah, so basically, i'm in high school. (Well in the UK anyway). I kind of had that same thought when I first started High School. But trust me, they're some right nasty buggers in High School and you have a very high chance of your laptop/notebook getting nicked. :( Plus, almost all schools in the UK, if that's where ur from- will have computers all over the school. I know that my school has over 2000 computers in it. :D Everybody gets their own username and password and then you can do all of your essays and stuff on their instead. If you want to buy a laptop, then keep it at home home for doing homework only. :) If you have work that you want to transfer from your computer at home to the computer at school, then just by a USB Stick or a "Pen Drive". You should know what they are anyway. :P. Hope I helped, and I highly recommend that you listen to my advice carefully. Cause trust me, other students will steal it. When you least expect it as well. :( :O.

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