Am I any good at photography? *pics*?

Am I any good at photography? *pics*? Topic: Case study critiques
July 22, 2019 / By Jill
Question: I asked this question a couple of days ago and I got some really good tips. I have since edited the pics and made them more vivid in color! I would really love to pursue this as a career, but I want to know if I'm any good! Please give me some honest answers! And please ignore the pics of me. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1
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Frankie Frankie | 7 days ago
The problem with asking for critique here on Y!A is the uncertainty of the merit of the replies you get. I see the gushers have weighed in massively! I am sure it is great to hear how amazing and professional your pictures look. What you have to remember is the majority of the answers may be from teens who have no real knowledge of the craft, but rather an opinion that they think it is really kewl. Nothing wrong with liking an image, of course! But there is a difference between liking an image, and the image actually being well executed. That is an unpopular thing to say, I am sure, but it is true never-the-less. Now, I thought the best on by far was the turtle. There are exposure problems there, but it is sharp and well composed. An engaging shot altogether. I do not know what post processing you have done, but almost every photo is over-exposed with large blown areas with no detail.. Whether that is due to the camera's auto setting, or if you have over-done the brightness in post I cannot tell. All the flower shots are practically a washout. The blue hydrangea with the bug is the most pleasing of the bug macros. The rose and the cactus flower are blown. Also the flash is not doing them any favors. Flowers seldom look good with direct flash. Next time, tape a piece of tissue or bubble wrap over the flash to soften and diffuse the light, also some minus compensation would be in order to avoid blowing so many highlights. The jay and the ladybug have either been cropped too closely or have had too much sharpening applied, plus they are pretty noisy. The first dragonfly is not too bad, but has a major blown item in the foreground, again due to auto-flash. The other dragonfly is a pretty cool capture, I like seeing that face. That is a case where you did need flash to counter the white sky. Here are two links I like to leave for beginners: http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.j... http://asp.photo.free.fr/Composition/pho... Take a class if possible, or join a local club or group for mentoring and feedback. Read your camera manual. Learn what the features do and how to access them. Visit the library for a book on basic exposure and composition. Look at good images in books and magazines and pay attention to the lighting and composition. Learning what makes good composition will improve your picture taking, even if you can't take the camera off auto. I think your camera does not have manual settings, but it does have a lot of modes. Learn to access them all and choose the best for the situation. Also you can choose ISO, and do exposure compensation to get some measure of control. Here is a link to help you with your camera: http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/defau... Here is a good bug gallery: http://photo.net/gallery/photocritique/filter Here is one of my bug shots. I am showing it just because it was done with a Canon Powershot, (older model G6 several years ago) and I used the built in flash: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2825990339/ You ask if you are any good. Well, I like your choice of subjects, and you seem like an intelligent person. Right now you are a beginner. There is no reason why you can't work at it and become more accomplished at the hobby. Also no reason why you can't study it in school with an eye toward a future career. For now, begin learning some basics. Practice, and keep at it. As you learn more and practice to gain experience, your skill will grow. You are young and have some time to decide if you want to pursue it professionally in the future after school. Best wishes and happy shooting!
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Frankie Originally Answered: What would you suggest to improve my photography 'skills'? [pics included]?
I think you're a very good photographer already, you just need to be a little more discriminating in your choice of subjects. A hand holding a cigarette with smoke coming out of it? Come on! No matter how well executed, it is still a very hackneyed image; in fact, if I see such an image in a prospective employee's portfolio, he's not getting hired (we can use the slightest excuse not to hire someone these days). As for faces, humans, like other primates, don't get tired of looking at others' faces. However, it is good that you shoot a lot of pictures of one person, so that you can be very selective in which ones to show the world. I like the picture of Daisy and I like the second picture of Saana. Saana's pose in the first picture seems a little too porn-y to me (not your intent, I'm sure), like she's waiting for you to take something out of your pants. Forgive my gutter mind, but you said to be as critical as possible. It's great if you want to be hired by a porn magazine or an ad agency, not so much for other purposes.

Darcie Darcie
Your got some excellent shots. Continue use different settings. You've got a good eye keep it up. You can be great at photography but you can all ways learn more and get even better. Evaluate your on pic as you are the one that has to like them
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Brandi Brandi
I would say that you are fantastic at photography. I am only a teen and have just started to take an interest in photography and this is at a very good standard. The reason i like your photography is because you get the lighting perfectly and the sharpness is outstanding and also the angle the photo's are it is brilliant i hope to see more photos like this. Hope this helps!
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Alease Alease
Instead of spending time in correcting the images, shoot new ones. Editing can improve the photograph only this much.(the smallest gap between thumb and fore finger). The high lights seems to be over blown.
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Tristin Tristin
I like your picture selection. You need to work on the physics a little bit. The pictures are really really bright. And look a little blurry. But other than that they look pretty professional. I like the picture of the turtle.
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Reilly Reilly
you have potential. keep going, and although upclose nature shots, like your somewhat natgeo inspired style, are nice, I would also try doing other subjects to expand your skill set. back when I was studying photography in highschool, studying the workd of ansel addams and robert farber helped me out greatly. definitely check out their work, and the work of other photographers on line that inspire you through the kind of work they do to improve your skill set. good luck.
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