Identity theft. Someone is trying to prosecute me. Please help?

Identity theft. Someone is trying to prosecute me. Please help? Topic: Forms for writing a will in florida
May 24, 2019 / By Jezebel
Question: I got a phone call from a lady claiming to be an officer. She said she is investigating me for fraud. She claimed I took a payday loan out last year and never paid it back. I have never had a payday loan in my life. She has my social security number, my brothers birthday, and my fathers address in the account. My father lives in Florida and I live in NY. My father says it is a scam. The name of the company is Rosenthal, Stein, And Associates based in Atlanta. I ran my credit report last night and have no derogatory loans in collections. What can I do about this? Please help. Thank you.
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Francisca Francisca | 6 days ago
Since you know the debt is not yours, tell them to go pound sand. Don't give them any info. If the continue to bother you, send them a certified, return receipt letter telling them to cease all contact. They must comply but might sell the debt to another collection agency and you would have to send another cease letter to the new collection agency. By the way, the FDCPA gives you the right to tell third party collectors to cease all contact. It does NOT give you the right to demand contact in writing only. People often misquote the FDCPA on this and validation requirements. Don't bother to use any of those form letters found on "credit expert" sites. They will cause more problems.
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Francisca Originally Answered: Identity Theft - What more can I do?
Just relax. You did everything right and I honestly wouldn't expect anything to I wrong with your things :) unfortunately I had my identity stolen as well except from an online server at my university that was hacked 3 years ago and I just figured this out In January when I tried to file taxes with my husband. It's not fun not doing anything but you have I cause there really isn't anything else to do Edit: anyone can be a prime candidate for Id theft. I had mine stolen at age 18 luckily it seems like it was just some illegal Mexican looking for a legit US id. The only thing they did was file taxes with it

Darcey Darcey
RSA has complaints in the BBB files in Atlanta. A review of the files posted on the BBB site indicate that RSA seems to be somewhat decent about attempting to fix complaints even though they get an F (read the complaints here: http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-revi... - of the 10 complaints, they have tried to address most of them. I would start by calling the owner of the company directly (her name is on the web site). If that does not work, then I would file a complaint with the BBB and as a last step, send a cease and desist contact letter to them. EDIT: Just so you know, RSA is a collection agency, they are not an investigative agency - the bit about identity theft was a tactic to scare you into paying whatever they have.
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Brande Brande
There are lots of websites which provide online assistance for getting a payday loan. Although there are a lot of online sites that offer payday loans, you must be aware of their high interest rates and their impact on your credit. Some payday loan companies will do a credit check and some state that they do not. Make sure to read the fine print and get it in writing. Only get a loan from reputable payday loan companies.check this site below. http://www.bestpaydayloancompanies.com Get more information..
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Alea Alea
If they call back tell them "Per the Fair Debt Collections Act I am demanding you to send me written proof of the debt to my home address within 30 days. I am also demanding that you never contact me again by telephone and all communication will be done in writing. Failure to comply will mean I will file a harassment suit against you" I would also contact the state Attorney General's office in the state where this company is located to report that they are trying to extort money from you by pretending to be an officer of the law and claiming you owe money when a credit report shows no outstanding debt.
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Tristen Tristen
My mom was scammed once. Someone told her she owed money and she grabbed her Discover card and paid. So be careful. Did you look at all THREE credit reports, or just one. These smaller companies sometimes don't report to all three. Get the other two at Annual Credit Report.com Stop by your library or bookstore and get a book on ID theft and do a bit of reading. You have nothing to worry about if this is not showing up on your reports... yet. Once it shows up on your reports, you can do things like get a police report, and send a copy to the credit bureaus, etc. ------- The other answer is right. Most ID theft is done by a close family member. If you file a police report this family member could face jail time...
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Tristen Originally Answered: Identity theft?
This isn't identity theft. It's forgery. I don't understand enough about the issue- if they've proved that it's a forgery, you're off the hook. What that means to the felony case, I have no idea, since I don't know the specifics. Is the person being tried the person who forged the note? If the police aren't already pursuing this person, you could file a complaint against that person. Go to your local police department.

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