Essay?! breaking down the prompt?

Essay?! breaking down the prompt? Topic: University thesis papers
May 24, 2019 / By Jessika
Question: Ok so I have the long story about how my teachers never really helped me with staying on track of things i should have down pat for school...I went through my years of schooling with laid back teachers (in my old school, Pretty much 2nd - 9th grade.)...I will also take the blame for not asking for the help, but I have a hard time with asking for anything. But now it's kicking me in the butt. What is the easiest way to write an essay? I know there is bubble paper or whatever but that doesn't really work for me. I'm a 10th grader and don't have much of clue where to start. Sad right? I know. I am at a new independence program and when i was taking my test for English an it took me 2 hours!!! An to top it off my, comprehension of things is not great. Which leads to the follow up question... The prompt: You are a creole in Venezuela. Your family is wealthy, and you are well educated. Through your education, you have learned about Enlightenment ideas regarding life, liberty and property. Although you are not a person of power, you enjoy a comfortable life. When a revolution spreads in your country, you are faced with a decision to become a supporter of Venezuelan independence, or support Spain, and your current way of life. What would you do? I know it's asking me to choose which one would I go with. I would be neutral. But am I missing anything? Any help would be extremely appreciated...
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Fortune Fortune | 1 day ago
Sometimes with essays it's easier to just pick a side. You can be neutral but that's actually harder to write a convincing essay on because the point of an essay is kind of arguing a point, or trying to prove something, and if you don't pick a side it can come off as arguing for two opposite things and just be confused. Remember that you just need to have reasons supporting your answer, it doesn't have to be exactly what you would do, just something you think would be smart. That doesn't mean you can't be neutral, just think about it if you get stuck. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, you need to have a thesis saying that. It is a sentence that goes on the end of the introduction paragraph. Put some reasons for why you picked that choice in your thesis. For example: "In this situation I would remain neutral to have a better chance of survival, avoid enemies, and not have to fight." Then basically make a paragraph for each reason, going into more detail (like why being neutral would make this happen, and why it would be a good thing). Start each paragraph with a sentence that says the main point of that paragraph then go into more detail. For example: 1) staying neutral would mean you wouldn't have enemies -because you wouldn't directly fight against anyone -this would be good because no one would try to kill you specifically 2) Staying neutral would mean you would have a chance to survive whichever side won -because you would never be the losing side -so you wouldn't be killed or exiled etc. 3) You believe it's morally wrong to fight in a war -because violence is not a good way to solve problems -so being neutral you wouldn't take part in violence So these paragraphs with reasons in them go in the middle, and before them you have an introduction paragraph that says what the essay is about and what your thesis is. After them you have a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main things you said. In the conclusion say your thesis again with slightly different words. Hope that helps, good luck! I know it seems hard at first, I'm doing my essays for university right now and it takes a while, but you'll get used to it.
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