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May 25, 2019 / By Jess
Question: Hello everyone, I am planning a get together for the elderly Brothers and Sisters in my Congregation. I need some low key party ideas for them. I think I am going to do a high tea and appetizers. I want to have some activities that are not to demanding. They of course need to be very clean and tasteful. Thanks PS: Cherish our Elders! Great, great ideas so far. Thanks so much. This should be within the month. I am close to a place called Apple Hill which provides apples for the entire state of California and beyond so I think the apple thing will be fun (in small bites) Papa, of course you can come.. the more the merrier. Make Sure, That gives me a great idea. I will have prior to the party everybody write up a short bio on how they found The Truth then during the party I will read each one and have the friends guess who the story belongs to.... I love excuses to give out presents!
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Flori Flori | 4 days ago
If those coming don't all know one another well, & even if they seem to, you might invite each one to share how they came into the Truth, &/or, some of their most memorable moments: in the field ministry; with family members; at work . . . Things like that are very enjoyable, & keep everyone focused on Jehovah, & the hope that he holds out . . . http://watchtower.org/e/20040422/article_04.htm
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Hi, For food: Have a chocolate fountain! The kids will adore it and at the same time it'll be healthy as they will have fruit to dip. Hot dogs and burgers, Sweets, corns on the cob, Cute little biscuits/cupcakes, Sausages, Ribs, Wings, Salads, Loose leaf , Potato, Coleslaw, Vegetable tray, Fruit tray, Pop/punch/root beer, Activities: Bobbing for apples/carrots, truth or dare, but horse style, so truth would be something like your worst fall or something bad and then dare would be something involving your horse. The grooming games, split into two teams and you have two mins to groom a horse, the best groomed horse wins! Obstacle course (like a horse steeple chase). Some others that I got off a website are: CROP RACE: You put a crop on top of a standard or pole that is on one side of the arena and they have to race over there and pick the crop off the standard and then race back. first one back wins. SIT A BUCK: You put a dollar ( or u can use paper) under their legs and they have to hold it there no matter what they are doing. the one who holds it there the longest wins EGG AND SPOON: Each person gets an egg on top of a spoon. and they have to hold the handle of the spoon without touchin or dropping the egg no matter wat they are doing. the last one with an egg is the winner. MUSICAL STALLS: for this game you need to have poles to show where to stop. You need have one less pole then you do riders and u set the poles around the arena. everyone walks around in a circle while music is being played. then someone turns the music off and everyone has to get to a pole as fast as they can and the person that doesn't get on a pole is out. then you remove one of the poles and start again. the last one remaining is the winner. KEYHOLE: you need to have 2 cones step up about 3 feet apart on the other side of the arena. one rider starts. they have to run through the cones and then turn around and come back through those same cones. then race back to start. the one with the best time wins. BARREL RACE: you need to have 3 barrels (or cones) set up in the shape of a triangle (one cone at each point) one rider starts. they start at the open side of the triangle (< this side) they first run to the inside of the right barrel and turn right. after they go around that barrel they go to the inside of the left barrel and turn left ( they pretty much make a figure eight) then they come to the right side of the middle barrel and turn left. after they turn around the last barrel they run back to start. the one with the best time wins. POLE BENDING: You have cones set up in a line with enough space for a horse to pass through. (I I I I ) one rider starts. they have to weave their horses through the poles. the one with the best time wins. GAMBLER'S CHOICE (an easier version): you have various sets of ground poles set up randomly around the arena and each set has a different levels of ability and is given points for how simple or difficult they are. for example you can have one set with just one pole in it and that would be 1 point and they you can have another set with 3 poles that could be 3 points. Another way you can do it is by making them 2pt over them which would be 5 points or sit trot over them and would be 3 points or no reins, eyes closed, etc... after you've decided this they have to get the most points they can in a certain time period. the one with the most points win That's all I can think of right now! Hope I helped! GG

Dallas Dallas
Hire a barber shop quartet, or a small Big Band band. Hang up posters of famous Actresses/Actors/Celebrities all over the room. Ask either the elders or their family members whom they loved when they were in their 20s, 30s, 40s,etc. & bring those ideas to the party. Were any of them dancers? Find pictures of them dancing & blow them up, if possible. Play Moonlight Serenade, Sinatra, Benny Goodman Orchestra, all beautiful songs. Take photos of the people & give it to them as a present. (Polaroids, or digital, whatever works best & you have the equipment for. Hire a photographer? If not in budget, then you and/or your helpers be the photographers) Think outside the box. Good Luck
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Blondie Blondie
GrayGermanShepherds (previous poster) had a lot of great ideas, but with apple dipping it may be the wrong age group...lots of dentures. Old Lil Rascals or Shirley Temple movie? Depending on the time of year, if it is anytime soon, it will be time for the old Christmas movies like Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life. Or how about a bridge tournament or other card game?
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Aislin Aislin
You can try Apple dipping and tasting , it is Apple season , buy several different types and slice them , arrange them on plates with the names of the apples on a label . I am trying to think .. that game where you try to guess what the other person is Gesturing ? Where your given a word and you act it out until some one guesses it ? Maybe use Bible characters or places or things as the words they have to act out and guess . Like David and Goliath - one could act like he is swinging a sling at a taller person. Think Brain games.
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Tracy Tracy
You could do a bible quiz game. It is a fun way to learn something from the older ones among us. Also some light dancing - older people love a good dance. Sounds like a lot of fun. Just keep things simple.
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Tracy Originally Answered: Going Away Party Ideas?
Decorations: Photos, photos, photos. To really bring everybody to their knees about how much they're going to miss the person/people leaving, you need photos. The more sentimental, the better. A framed photo or a photo album you've started to fill in with special photos makes a nice going-away present to the dearly departing. Make sure people bring their digital cameras to the party, so you can keep the party memories alive. After the party, upload your photos to Evite so you can share them with other guests. Themes: Give your going away party a splashy theme to make it more memorable: • Casino Night • '80s Theme Party • Costume Party • Bowling Party • Luau Party • Arts + Crafts Party Activities: Ask guests to bring send-off gifts that are small and easy to pack. Maps for road trips, playlists for long airplane rides and plenty of books and blank notebooks. Here's a great way to welcome the person to their new home: Buy funky, funny postcards and ask each guest to write a personal message for the person leaving — along with their contact information. After the party, you address them and mail them. Send a few at random intervals so the person gets mailbox surprises for several days. Food: Since you'll want to spend most of your time with the people you'll miss, keep food simple. A buffet that nobody has to fuss with keeps the focus on the people and off the food. For especially sad goodbyes, you'll need comfort food, whether that be pizza, mac and cheese or just a whole mess of rich desserts. Featured Going Away Party Recipes from Epicurious.com Drinks: Kamikaze, anyone? Nothing says goodbye and good luck like shots of vodka, right? For an evening you'll actually remember, you'll probably want to tone down the drinks to beer and wine. Beer, of course, is a drink you can cry into, and red, red wine has been the subject of many a melancholy song. Kamikaze • 1 oz. Vodka • 1 oz. Triple Sec • 1 oz. Lime Juice Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes, and serve. Gifts: Send them off in comfort and style with travel kits, portable electronics and journals. Music: 1. Forever Young / Chris Isaak 2. Leaving on a Jet Plane / Peter, Paul & Mary 3. Say Goodbye / Dave Matthews Band 4. Thank You / Dido 5. Changes / Black Sabbath 6. Going to California / Led Zeppelin 7. Wild Horses / Rolling Stones 8. Take the Money and Run / Steve Miller Band 9. Follow Me Up to Carlow / Young Dubliners 10. In the Cold Cold Night / White Stripes

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