How does grad school work?

How does grad school work? Topic: How to get a research publication
July 22, 2019 / By Jesca
Question: I want to know everything, I want to go to Purdue university to get my B.A in physics and then go on to get my masters and phd at MIT hopefully or a school of similar quality. Will my high schooll transcript have any bearing on my acceptance how much does grad school at MIT cost any other info would be appreciated. I will be the first one in my family to go to college so please help me out. I understand that you can get your Masters at the same as you get your phd is that free as well
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Florette Florette | 3 days ago
Grad schools don't care about your high school classes or grades, just college. Grad school in physics is free - not only that, but they pay YOU to go to grad school. You can get an assistantship - teaching or research - and they'll pay your tuition and a small salary while you work on your degree. MIT is very competitive for grad school admissions, so you'll need a very high GPA, a BS instead of a BA in physics, great GRE and GRE subject test scores, and as much research experience and publications as you can get.
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Florette Originally Answered: I want to apply to a grad school for social work. I have a G.P.A. of 2.85 and two F's and 24 W's.?
Honestly, unless you have an extremely valid reason for your performance, you don't have a chance compared to most applicants.

Darina Darina
Grad school usually depends solely on you undergrad transcript. They want to know that you have been consistent for the four year period that you were in undergrad and that you will follow that through to the postgraduate stage. However MIT is the creme de la creme, so they might go back to you high school transcript. I would call the admissions department at MIT and find out their admissions policy. All the best with your future - I am sure that you will go places, so dream big!
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Darina Originally Answered: When applying to grad school should you send your personal statement to the professor you want to work with?
I do not think it's a good idea to send it asking for feedback. It may be okay to send it as part of your already established communication (under the frame of giving more information about yourself), but the professor will see it as part of your application anyway, so that doesn't seem necessary. I would just continue communication expressing your interest in working with the professor in general, or discussing research ideas.
Darina Originally Answered: When applying to grad school should you send your personal statement to the professor you want to work with?
I don't see how it can really hurt you or help you to do this. Usually there is an admissions committee that takes care of assembling and organizing students' application files, and anything that is outside that normal process can be slightly annoying, that would be my only concern. It kind of depends on how admissions works in the department you're applying to. If you have to be accepted by a certain professor initially, then probably you should do this to demonstrate your enthusiasm for working with him or her. If the department just accepts students generally and then subsequently assigns them to faculty members, then there isn't much point to doing this. I missed the part about you asking for feedback. That's a bad idea. Get your statement into shape by working with professors at your current school.

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