How do I choose the right college?

How do I choose the right college? Topic: College application letter of interest
July 22, 2019 / By Jerry
Question: I'm looking for the right college for me. I'm not sure if going out-of-state is best or staying in-state is the better choice. Does the name of the school really matter?
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Flore Flore | 1 day ago
Unless it's very important to you, I'd recommend staying in-state. You'll pay less and you'll get to come home and see your family and old friends more (which right now may not seem like such a big deal, but it'll matter). Trying to find the right college can take a lot of work. You really need to go online and look at a bunch (and I mean dozens) of schools. Look at the price, look at the extra curriculars (do they have clubs, sports, and activities that fit your interest), look at the programs they offer (do they have what you want to study), look at the school credentials (is it a good education?), look at the location, pictures of the campus, etc. Gather up all this information and sit down and come up with the list of schools you'd like to apply to. Now you want to apply to many schools, but also remember that each school will have an application fee so it can get pricey. The key is to apply to at least a few schools that you really want to go to and have a good shot of getting in. Once you've applied, then you wait for the acceptance letters. Before deciding which school to go to, you also need to visit the campus and get a feel for the school. Going to see the school and talking to actual students there often is what sells you on a particular college. But as this can be difficult to find the time and/or money to go, it's best to only visit a limited number of schools, or your "top picks." Utilize the resources that are out there. Go speak to your school counselor or if the college/career counselor if your school offers one. They can be an invaluable resource for the whole process. Also check out resources online, such as Fastweb.
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Flore Originally Answered: Can you help me choose what to take for college?
I strongly recommend talking to an advisor. They know your colleges courses and requirements better than anyone on Yahoo Answers does. Architecture and IT will have the same prerequisites. If this is your freshman year, you are probably going to be taking English, a science class like Chemistry, Biology or Physics, a gen-ed like US Government or Economics, and a math class. So whether you choose architecture or IT, your classes for your first two years will be identical, so you have some time to make a decision.

Dalilah Dalilah
One of my criteria was that I had to be good with the living situation on campus. I am an only child and I thought I would find it difficult to live in such close quarters with another person, (it was a traditional residence hall), but I got lucky with a really cool rooommate. But make sure you are feeling the school. Don't go just because it's famous or most of your graduating class is going there, go because you feel you can do some good there. Look for ones that have what you want to study and your second option just in case you get to your History major classes and you realize you like social work, (example). Visit, visit, visit. You get a real taste for the campus when you visit. Most will be happy to show you around, but you can also ask to spend the night at some, (my school normally didn't do it but I set it up once), which will show you how a college really works. Because believe me when you go on open houses, its all airs. You gotta catch em off guard.
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Blanid Blanid
Look at where you are geographical in the US. Look around for small Junior Colleges 1st. It will be cost effective in the long run for you. Once you have gotten through the basic courses then look for a full on Univeristy.Apply for scholarships if you can, maintain a good GPA so that when you do apply for schools, they look at that. I have seen to many younger kids go to big schools, party themselves out or get put on Academic probation for not maintaining good grades, which also puts scholarship money in jeopardy. Most Local JC's are also a whole lot less per semester hour than at the University level. Trust me I have been down that path and am so glad I went to JC 1st, looking at being in Univeristy this fall.
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Airla Airla
Loren Pope's little book, "Colleges That Change Lives" offers some valuable advice in my opinion. Whether or not you like any of the 40 schools he profiles, his views on the whole subject are worth reading. Here's a page from his website to give you a taste of it, but the book is a lot better. http://www.ctcl.com/why/Default.htm
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Topher Topher
Research is the key. Without proper research you'll be stuck in a place you don't want to be. First off you need to figure out what direction you want to start your education off in. Once you conclude that, research some information on schools that specialize in your field of interest. Here is a link to help you find some college info.
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Topher Originally Answered: How do you choose the right college?
Congratulations to you knowing the direction you want to go to even in junior high school. I am an 8th grade teacher and many of my students are not sure where they want to go. It's normal to be somewhat confused, but you are on the right track by asking questions. First, let me ask you if you have a guidance counselor in your school? He/She should be preparing all of you for the next level. There should be Career Fairs,etc. for the students to get involved, visit colleges in your area, businesses, etc. to help give you ideas. Our students take trips regularly to the nearby colleges. Here in Nashville,we are lucky to have so many - Belmont, Fisk, Tenn State, Vanderbilt,Meharry Medical, and many others. Get online and look up colleges in your state. Find out what their cirrculum is like, what they offer and scholarships that are available. You should also be able to determine what Standard Testing they require such as SAT or ACT. You will have to write an essay to enter and you should also be very active in your community doing volunteer work of some kind. Colleges want to know that they are helping to educate you not only to succeed in a financial way, but to contribute to the society we live in, in your community and neigborhoods. I applaude your interest and I encourage you to continue with the highest honors in your school, get involved in social and community services, do things that will shine in your life and your families. Be the exceptional and expect great things. Because you are interested in being a teacher (we need more dedicated teachers) I am really excited about your choice. Bless you!

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