My boyfriend still talks to his ex, should I be worried?

My boyfriend still talks to his ex, should I be worried? Topic: Bff phone case ss
July 22, 2019 / By Jerri
Question: My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 and half years . He's been talking to his ex, which I knew he did when we started dating ( but he never admitted to me ) . However, when we started it was just little friendly chit-chat over texts and some phone call , so I didn't think anything of it. Recently, it's become a little more friendly--not flirty, just like they've been bffs for years. This boyfriend , “John Doe” , was his first but he cheated on him.. Then I came in his life after him . He tells me now that he and John Doe are just friends and I told him I'm okay with them talking and if they see each other I'm fine with them being friendly. He's more than likely to run into John, so I didn't want to make anything awkward for him, That's also just not my personality to be so controlling. Now, though, my boyfriend tells me he's going to help Sara ( Sara is a fake female name ,which is my BF helping her before we meet ).I told him I'm fine with them texting and seeing each other and hanging out with a group, but I told him I'd be uncomfortable if he and John Doe hung out together alone. In the name of helping “Sara” ( Sara is my Boyfriends Ex Aunt who taken care by my boyfriend and he is "power of attorney" for her .not only that he has been accusing me day one that I do got problem with Sara which is not true at any event and he also warn me point blank that he could ready to lose me or give up our relationship but he can’t leave that Lady Sara or abandon her for me , Please , note that I know this is very hurtful word coming from him for me , but I never had any issue about Sara . I worry that because He cheated on him, he's never gotten over him . Although he tells me he loves me and doesn't feel anything for John Doe , I still worry. Am I over reacting and, given the past history between them, should I be worried about my boyfriend and his ex being so close? Extra Details : My BF goes to his EX place every Saturday and Come on Sunday late night ,I know he is taking care of that old lady due to the he is her power of attorney . And recently he is out over 10 days and I have been told that he is moving the house with his EX and helping Sara and sign a lease to rent a new house for both Sara and his ex . Now in that case what should I do ?
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Flor Flor | 9 days ago
Yes you should def. be very aware and concerned and if I were you.. it's better to stay single than worried and questioing in a relationship.. Just incase you are going to break up with him make sure you have your facts right but about the ex thing.. it's just not healthy for you relationship goodluck mama
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Flor Originally Answered: How to tell my boyfriend I know he talks to his ex and not let him in on how I know?
The thing is you say you know he has been talking to his ex girlfriend and you have evidence of this. Remember one thing, NO ONE can interfere with your relationship with your boyfriend if he did not encourage it or allow it. Having said this, it does NOT matter what he thinks as to how you found out nor does it obligate you to tell him how. The bottom line is this, the fact that you have discussed with him that you do not trust him and the only response you get from him is anger, then this is an indication that your feelings within your relationship with him are not important to him as they should be. The only way she will ever go away is if your boyfriend discourages any contact with her at all, otherwise there is nothing you can do. Since he seems to not discourage any contract she attempts towards him, then I would say you really need to make a big decision. You must let him know that if he intends to remain in a relationship with you then he will have to consider your feelings and end all contact with his ex girlfriend. If he gets defencive, gets mad, and does not show any interest to do this, then if I were you I would move on. If you just stay there and accept this type of treatment then he will not take you serious. Sometimes we all need to take action to have our point of view come across. Good luck to you!
Flor Originally Answered: How to tell my boyfriend I know he talks to his ex and not let him in on how I know?
Is it about you? Or is it about her? If you're serious about having a relationship with this guy, then you need to be honest with him. Asking a web forum on how to be sneaky about telling him what you know is no different than her being sneaky trying to win him back. You should ask him straight up. "Do you still talk to her? Does she still talk to you?" If he can't be honest with you, then you two have a flawed relationship. Trust me, trying to be sly on how you came by a piece of information will doom the relationship.

Dale Dale
Hmmm well don't trip much about.. I think when they were dating they didn't love each other because when people stay just as friends is because they were never in love or are still in love. Which I doubt b/c he would've already broken up with you.
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Dale Originally Answered: What do I do about a worried boyfriend?
It can do that but it depends upon how serious the relationship and the people that are in one are about it. The reason for his concern is that you will be around other students your age and will probably be asked out on dates or functions that most high school students participate in. He will too be in a similar situation, but college there is not time to develop anything too serious because of all the homework and studying involved that interferes with dating. Sure, there will be some type of group projects that he might meet somebody that interests him, as you might too, but if you two really care about one another then that will not matter a bit. Now you are attempting to compose reasons why it will work for both of you, and here is my list if I were in a similar position I would use to talk them into not breaking off the relationship. 1. That right now, in our lives we have this opportunity to grasp something beautiful, God or nature brought us together and we have gotten to know each other and we both value what the other person is, and we mean so much to each other, that we need to give it a chance to see what it grows into. Couples have been together since high school and the connection was the right one, so there is no reason to stop seeing each other because of school. My wife's parents dated met and dated since high school, and her father was drafted in the Army and they married when he got out. That was over 50 years ago. 2. That you know what you want and that you want a chance to be a couple because he means that much to you. Part of this is that you desire to continue a relationship with him so you need to let him know it, so in essence you are laying your cards on the table. If you do not feel like this then it is better to let him go. If you feel strongly that being a couple is right then let him know. Let him know that nobody else makes you feel like you do, that he is special and you are willing to commit to him and be faithful to him when you are both are separated. Also, let him know that you expect the same kind of commitment from him, that he will not get involved with any other girl because he is in a relationship with you. That is where doubts begin, you need to be willing to trust the other person and to vocally commit to one another, that you two are a couple. Just tell him that you are mature enough to know what you want, and are willing to go through this separation committed to him, because he means that much to you. If you are serious and are willing to do the things that would make this work and if he is too, then it will work out. Tell him that it is so hard finding somebody special that when you do, you don't let them go, but you figure out how to deal with issues and they will make you a stronger couple. My Mother in Law was 16 and her boyfriend was 18 and drafted. They dated for about a month before he went into the Army. Frank was the boy she knew she would be with forever, and they both knew that they would marry and they actually have a fairy book ending, living together happily ever after. Good luck to you, Dave
Dale Originally Answered: What do I do about a worried boyfriend?
honestly i don;t think he's worth it if he is giving you an ultimatum. if he is willing to break off a perfectly good relationship because of a little bit of space then he is not worth it. you deserve 10x better..someone who will put as much effort as you do in the relationship.

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