In older brothers' shadows! Need help getting out?

In older brothers' shadows! Need help getting out? Topic: Math homework help kids
July 16, 2019 / By Jera
Question: I'm a freshman in high school (Private). My older brother is a senior at the same high school. And my oldest brother is a freshman in college. To begin let me say that I actually skipped a grade in school, so I should really be in 8th grade. Many people in my classes and some of my friends think I'm only smart because allegedly I'm "using my older brothers' papers and homework." While both my brothers are very smart, much smarter than me, in fact, they are/were both valedictorian for their senior classes, I would never even think of asking them for their old homework assignments or papers. -I ask my brothers for help sometimes, but they help me figure out the answer, they don't give me the answer (I've tried it doesn't work). -My brothers and I are very competitive in everything. Especially school and sports. So I'd never ask them for their homework or papers. And anyways if I did use their old school materials and studied off their old tests and quizzes like my friends think I do, it would be cheating and I wouldn't learn anything! -My brothers are very smart, as I've said before, and they barely studied for anything, they're just naturally smart. They'd get A-'s minimum on everything...ugh. Haha other than my oldest brother who got a B in gym LOL. -I work super hard. I study a ton. I focus on school and sports only. I rarely just hang out with friends on weekends. I have ADHD and I am dyslexic (but it was far more severe when I was a child, now its quite mild and under control) and I have spacial difficulties (meaning geometry is a killer for me). While both my brothers have ADD, they only had slight ADHD. Even with all my learning disabilities I still maintain good grades, B+s and up, nothing below B+. But it takes a lot of work and time. -My peers don't believe that I am smart. Although I am on the Math Team, Physics Team, and Science Olympiad Team. They think that I am only getting the grades I am receiving because I am using my brothers' old assignments. I am not, as I have stated before, and they do not realize or understand the amount of time and effort I put into keeping my grades up. I tried to explain this to my best friend, Liam, and he still has his doubts about my intelligence. I do not express it at school, but it really makes me feel bad that my classmates think I'm a phony. What should I do about this? How can I get people to believe me?
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Flo Flo | 7 days ago
Well for one thing they change tests every year, give out different homework assignments and although they look at generally the same things if they just did the same tests over and over everone could cheat, your friends dont believe your that intelligent? then their not realy that great friends are they one thing you could do is go for something different outside of school to make you a individual from your brothers, maybe learn an instrument of some kind? but only if your interested and dont worry so much about what everyone is saying it wont always be that way after allyou could go to a completly different college to them also try having friends outside of school, who would then know you for you not for your brothers kid brother hope that helped... and hope it was in some way legible, im half awake here :P
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yes they are i didnt understand why but now i understand that they do that because the love me.Your brother loves you so much that is why he is doing that.Would you like if your bro didnt care at all whether you did your homework or not,or he wouldnt care where you were what about if you get in trouble he will be there for you,so it is a good thing.

Daisy Daisy
If it's the same school your Brothers attended then you likely have the same teachers that your Brothers did. Point out that you would likely to be caught if you tried to submit the same work they had submitted in previous years. If it's a major problem (class or even grade-wide) then openly ask the teacher to confirm your work is original. It must be difficult to be in the shadow of your brothers but people have had worse high school experiences. I wouldn't let it get you down! Eventually your peers will come to realize that you do all your own work and try very hard to do so. Good luck! Matthew
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Bithiah Bithiah
If they don't believe you, then tough on them. Fools will be fools and ignorance will crush them later on in life. You are only in their shadows if you choose to be, kid. Just step out of theirs...and make your own. No need to try and please a bunch of idiots that judge a book by it's cover. Besides, grades aren't everything. It's about the effort, willingness and heart that drives a person to success. Grades are only good for paper pushers. Hell, they don't matter than much when getting into college nowadays. Only the beginning and the end are what matters. Everything in the middle eventually becomes history. Like war, the winner determines the history...whether it's false or correct.
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Aimey Aimey
You know the truth, lying and cheating would only ever get you so far. You should be more worried about your supposed friends who would suggest such a thing.
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It's really an unconditional bond that is present among brothers and sisters to care about one another in order to carry on the family traditions, and love that is present between them and the rest of the family. In this case, both are as equally protective of one another, naturally, for who they each are, and in their own ways.

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