Can you give me some information on my grandfather and his parents?

Can you give me some information on my grandfather and his parents? Topic: Cloud writing paper
May 25, 2019 / By Jenny
Question: his was James Jackson born in about the 1870s he married Illinois Jackson. is children were George Jackson, Vera Mae Jackson, Donnie Jackson etc. born in worth county or either Stewart county Ga. im trying who is parents were and what race were they because my great aunt told me that she remember one of her parents being white but family search list the all as *****.any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Flicka Flicka | 6 days ago
lauren...........can I make a suggestion which may help you.........I have not answered your numerous posts asking about this family as there are some very good American/Canadian based genealogists and an Austrialian based one who answer US queries and although I do personal hold a fairly large collection of US records and know where to find others, I found no need to answer as the others had already given you the information................................ I know you have had lots of info given, lots of leads, clues etc as well as images of records............just go over every previous answer you have recieved and using a blank sheet of paper write down all NEW information in like a time line I do 4 columns date, event, what record it is from(cite) and information..........that way you can see very clearly what you are missing, more importantly what new information you have and what you need ask for record numbers to check so you can cite................. It is so hard when you are researching your own family, we all get bogged down and 'sometimes can't see for looking' as there are emotions and family stories ....to other people it is pure research of names dates, records.........so no clouding of facts............this may help you as just looking at your post you say again 1870s, yet I think he was 1897ish.....there could be two father and son maybe, or uncle and nephew....................best wishes and keep going
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Dahlia Dahlia
Lauren, you are relying only on certain records..and seem to not be putting the info together that you get from here. JAMES Jackson...husband of Illinois (Echols...I gave you the marriage record) was not born in the 1870s. Per the 1930 census, he was born about 1897. I am thinking there also is more than one George Jackson, who you may get mixed up with the family living with Joe Pippins. You need to include the NAME OF THE GREAT AUNT in order to validate who her parents were.
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Bithia Bithia
They could very well be very fair-skinned and white in appearance if they were half-white or an even higher percentage white. They still would have been considered black, however, and would have been listed as such on the census forms. Why don't you ask your great-aunt for the names of her parents? If you can get a copy of her birth certificate or your grandfather's, it might provide the names of their parents.
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Ailsie Ailsie
It seems such as you will could desire to get a replica of the adoption checklist. finding on the predicted year and the country and the region of the adoption, you're able to seek for the checklist on line or discover out a thank you to get a replica. in case you have the names and approximate start dates of his mum and dad, we can seek for his or her advice straight away... i'm hoping that helps you get began!
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