How am I supposed to write an essay without using "I will" and "I think"?

How am I supposed to write an essay without using "I will" and "I think"? Topic: Writing a psychology essay
July 22, 2019 / By Jennifer
Question: My Psychology teacher wants me to write a 1, 000 word essay on Piaget and Erikson without using these words... How is that possible?!
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Best Answers: How am I supposed to write an essay without using "I will" and "I think"?

Flick Flick | 5 days ago
use the word "one" like "one may think" or "through one's eyes" any time you want to say I, use the word one! =)
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Daffodil Daffodil
Don't put your opinion in-just use facts. For example: I think that Piaget and Erikson were amazing people. They helped discover things about psychology that I believe benefited everyone. In this essay, I will further explain Piaget and Erikson. versus Piaget and Erikson benefited child psychology extremely. They realized things no other psychologist realized and have helped psychologists with their practice today. I don't even know anything about Piaget and Erikson, so please don't use either of the above two introductory paragraphs. haha
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Bindy Bindy
Since this is not a personal essay, you should be able to write 1000 words without using the 1st person singular of the future tense. And even if you absolutely can't work around it, you can always use 'I shall' instead of 'I will.' Sneaky, but apparently legal according to your rules. Regarding 'I think': since this is not a personal essay, you should have not cause to offer any opinions. If you have occasion to do so, simply state your assertion as fact-which, by the way, makes your argumentation more cogent. 'I think' implies that you don't have complete confidence in what you are saying.
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Ailse Ailse
Very possible. Research papers aren't about your opinion, they're about analysis and use of primary and secondary sources. Just write the information and talk about what it means. You'll find it's really fairly simple.
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