Im starting to think im really depressed, now?

Im starting to think im really depressed, now? Topic: Consulting case starts
July 22, 2019 / By Jennica
Question: I had my doubts before, but I'm pretty sure now. I am seeing a therapist and we're trying to work on goals, etc. I havent been able to go lately, copay is $$$. And its either groceries or see my doc. Darn economy. Every month. more like every few weeks I'll get a bout of just staggering depression. It stops me in my tracks, mentally. It's usually 2 weeks before my period. But its happening again right now, 3 weeks before my next period. I dont like feeling this way, I want to be happy, and spunky, and adventurous again. I dont care about anything anymore. Big things, little things. I'll make tea and just leave it there, I'll do laundry - and it'll sit there for weeks. Whats worse is that I feel like im losing myself, like who I AM is slipping away. I havent got any interests, in anything anymore. Im worried, its starting to affect my relationship, because I cant really hold a conversation well sometimes. Anyone have any idea whats going on, or experienced anything like it?
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Fiona Fiona | 3 days ago
True depression is not something that you can just "snap out of." From the symptoms you have described I would suspect you have what is "atypical depression" or a borderline case of "major depression." I know from experience that depression is a long and upward battle, but things can get better. It often takes a lot of time, therapy, positive cognative thoughts, and sometimes anti depressive medications such as paxil or prozac. The best way to fight deression is to confront it from as many different angles as possible. Get back into a hobby or active that you once enjoyed. Try to talk to someone, if not a certified therapist then a clergy member, or even a trusted friend. Surround youself with positive influences and attitudes. EXERCISE this helps get the endorphyns in the brain moving to aid in overall mood elevation. Consult a family physician or a psychiatrist about the possibility of going on some meds do aid the depression. Or if you feel like emailing or chatting sometime email me through yahoo. I hope this helps. I have been there too. best of luck.
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Fiona Originally Answered: My life seems depressed but doctors say I'm not depressed, whats wrong?
they can't stick you with a needle and tell u whether or not you suffer from depression. they can tell by what you tell them. you sound a little depressed or apathetic but the reason they won't say ur depressed is because you may not be depressed enough for it to interfere with ur life. so you wouldn't benefit from anything. if you feel no point in life and don't see where yours is going, join the club, ur not alone.

Cyrilla Cyrilla
best advice I was given for depression is get a pet, a young playful puppy or kitten or something you can hold and play with. I have depression and there for a while it was so bad that I didn't even want to be with my son. now it's not so bad but I still have my days. I'm currently preg with #2 and the depression thing really kicks my butt some days. But getting a happy playful pet helped me a lot. Or if you can't have a pet then surround yourself with people that make you happy, I use to go to a church that had a therapist there and they really helped me and I talked with them every Wednesday and Sunday the great thing about that was I didn't have to pay because he was a church member. That really helped. I hope that you get better. I know depression is a sickness more so than just a state of mind.
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Bijou Bijou
Yep, it's called PMDD... a severe form of PMS... Your doctor can precsribe you some birth control pills or antidepressants to help with it. I used to feel like that too. Anti-depressants help me think clearly enough to determine what thoughts would lead me to feeling like that... I didn't feel ike I was losing myself, I felt that I never knew myself at all!!! I was tired of crying every night and lying there worrying about things I couldn't control. I took the antidepressants for about a year, then tapered off slowly... That was 3 years ago. ...And I'm still OK to this day.
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Ailith Ailith
I'd say you've got depression. I never recommend SSRI's, but if you want to research herbal remedies check out St. John's Wort. You can get it at GNC and CVS I think. There are side-effects like everything else. But, it's worth a shot. If you have a friend who's a doctor ask them about it.
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Tolly Tolly
Yes, I snapped out of it by choosing to smile & laugh each day for several weeks even when I didn't feel like it. Eventually it came naturally! :)
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