Is this wrong to do with a letter?

Is this wrong to do with a letter? Topic: Write letter formal
July 17, 2019 / By Jenae
Question: ok my sister is a little slow, she writes letters to our aunts, when she addresses the envelope she will write aunt jane doe, well our cousin told her that she shouldn't do that, it was ok to that inside the letter but she should leave aunt off on the envelope jest use jane doe, my sister said well stacy did that and you didn't say any thing, cousin says stacy is a five 7 year old child, you are a 40 year old woman, well that made my sister mad and now anytime she writes a letter she will write their relationship to her in front of their name, like cousin jane doe, niece marry smith, and so on, and when she sees our cousin she will tell her what she did and then say what are you going to do about that, i don't say anything to my sister because she will get mad, i was wondering if you think that she is to old for that and should i say something to her i didn't say that my sister was to old for that even tho i think she is it was our cousin that said that aunt has never said anything about it
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Felisha Felisha | 5 days ago
I have to say that her writing aunt, cousin, uncle, niece, etc. Is fine. It's not harming anyone is it? I would just let her be. I'm sure the mailman doesn't mind, whoever is receiving the letter doesn't mind, and since she wants to do it I would just let her. If it's supposed to be a Formal Letter and going to someone who she isn't related to - then I would advise her not to.
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Cristen Cristen
I think your sister can continue addressing her letters as she is, and anybody who doesn't like it should be doggone glad they don't get a letter addressed to "Overly Sensitive & Nosey So&So". Cousin needs to step down,get a hobby or something. Planta garden, read a book, anything else but have time enough to pick on your sis. Jeez. I actually addressed an envelope to my niece as "Miss Kee Toe", so . . . have some enjoyment in this life while you're/we're here.
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Bettie Bettie
My question is, how was it hurting you for her to address the envelopes as she wished? As you say, she's a 40 year old woman. You might be embarrassed on her behalf but she's clearly not. I think you should respect, no matter her difficulties mentally, that she's an adult and this is what she wants to do and this choice is really not worth quibbling over. Choose your battles but this one shouldn't even make the short list.
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Aideen Aideen
Uh, that was a bit hard to piece together, however, if your aunt has asked for something to stop, it makes some sense to just stop that since it is such a small thing. Why escalate something so minor-its bothers your aunt, so don't do it.
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