Odds of miscarriage at 6 weeks?

Odds of miscarriage at 6 weeks? Topic: Case study of old age homes
May 25, 2019 / By Jen
Question: I have seen several different explanations of how many births end in miscariage. Some have been that one in three will end in miscarriage, others say that 90% of pregnancies will not end in miscarriage. I am just wondering what the true odds are of miscarriage. I am 6 weeks now and have not had a Drs appt yet, but have had a positive pregnancy test at the health dept. Thanks
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Felina Felina | 3 days ago
A few factors affect the odds. Here's a brief quote from wiki "Determining the prevalence of miscarriage is difficult. Many miscarriages happen very early in the pregnancy, before a woman may know she is pregnant. Treatment of women with miscarriage at home means medical statistics on miscarriage miss many cases.[26] Prospective studies using very sensitive early pregnancy tests have found that 25% of pregnancies are miscarried by the sixth week LMP (since the woman's Last Menstrual Period).[27][28] Clinical miscarriages (those occurring after the sixth week LMP) occur in 8% of pregnancies.[28] The risk of miscarriage decreases sharply after the 10th week LMP, i.e. when the fetal stage begins.[29] The loss rate between 8.5 weeks LMP and birth is about two percent; loss is “virtually complete by the end of the embryonic period."[30] The prevalence of miscarriage increases considerably with age of the parents. One study found that pregnancies from men younger than twenty-five years are 40% less likely to end in miscarriage than pregnancies from men 25-29 years. The same study found that pregnancies from men older than forty years are 60% more likely to end in miscarriage than the 25-29 year age group.[31] Another study found that the increased risk of miscarriage in pregnancies from older men is mainly seen in the first trimester.[32] Yet another study found an increased risk in women, by the age of forty-five, on the order of 800% (compared to the 20-24 age group in that study), 75% of pregnancies ended in miscarriage.[33]" You can read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscarriage
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Felina Originally Answered: Miscarriage @ 15 weeks?
I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be unimaginable pain and grief. I have just made a post about this you may be interested in http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsXlx9g9KuvQMj8OAFp2AuHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080330092139AAFmSPc&show=7#profile-info-ieXGFQeHaa I'll copy it here "Before we come to Earth we decide on certain lessons we want to go through and the losses we ant to experience. Heaven is so beautiful and so perfect that we have a hard time understanding anything, but when we come to Earth-It's our chance to "get it" It's likely that a child and the motherfather were in on a contract with each other and God to go through this experience for a higher purpose of learning and teaching. Usually the baby always takes on the role of teacher. What is learned? It's always personaly and deeply routed in the soul. Perhaps someone who experiences loss can help another mother going through it one day, or perhaps that mother one day is able to convince a teen mother ready to abort to have her child-Or maybe it sets in a value of life that is so precious and short. It's personal and it's that person's truth. It's difficult to see beyond grief and towards the love that God sends us. Nobody wants that parent to be positive about the experience, but God does want that person to keep moving forward and keep the truth that they know. Everyone has their difficult lesson they go through, nobody escapes but those that are only here to "teach". You see, everyone usually gets a chance to be both teacher and student here on this school we call a planet. The souls of baby's who pass away will likely return again for another life with that same mother. Sometimes it is not the same soul that returns-if that is what you and they decided pre-birth in heaven, but they always have things figured out. There is no death over there, only love. The child will see things differently from the Other Side. They are alive and well there." So I do believe, without a doubt-Your baby will return to you if it was written in your contract too. I know someone whose baby passed at birth and he returned to the mother two years after. Giv eyour womb time to heal and your emotions time to heal and that soul will be ready and waiting. Prior to birth, if they know they will be misscarried(they always know)-they will exit the body prior to this. They never feel pain. Only Love and joy. Godbless
Felina Originally Answered: Miscarriage @ 15 weeks?
I am so sorry about your loss. What you and your husband went through was an absolutely horrible experience and my heart aches for the both of you. I am glad you where able to see your child . This alone can be a big start to beginning the healing process. You say you don't know whether to be strong or cry...feel free to do both, this includes your husband. You can find many support groups in your area and on line. Many hospitals have a social worker that can point you in the right direction. The loss of a child is, to me, the worst loss one can experience. Support groups as well as talking to family and friends can be very helpful. I know its difficult to tell people you are no longer pregnant, perhaps a family member can give others the word of whats happened. I am sure that once people are aware of what has happened they will understand the situation that has taken place, offering their support as well. You need family and friends at a time like this. Sometimes just to sit with you and not even say anything. As far as getting past the fear, it will always be in the back of your mind unfortunately. Don't let that discourage you and your husband. When the time is right and you both feel comfortable try again. Part of having children is enduring endless pain and worry. It's worth it in the end.. even for an adopted child. A child is loved from the moment their tiny presence is known. I can't think of a greater love. Don't be discouraged, be encouraged to bring this sort of love into your life no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.
Felina Originally Answered: Miscarriage @ 15 weeks?
You can be strong AND cry, too. What you have just experienced can be difficult for anyone. the most important thing I would tell you to do is to do whatever the heart tells you to do. Every person is different , and so each person grieves different, but just know that it IS important to grieve. I wish that your hospital would have given you a listing of support groups in your area, or at least had a grief counselor that could have pointed you in the right direction. Caringinfo.org is a wealthitude of info, containing directories of help groups that may be available to you, blogs of families going trough your particular situation, etc. I am a firm believer that crying is like taking one's soul to the laundromat, and can be very healing. When you need to cry, DO IT. When you need to yell, DO IT. And please, try to go through tthis with your mate.As you stated, he felt the pain and trauma of this too, and what so many of us do, we get so caught up in our own grief, that we forget that we have someone to share it with. I hope you guys make sure you are there for each other. Having an angel baby is tough; I know. But he will be with you always, and when you go on to have more babies, it will amaze you how your love for him will not fade, but the pain most certainly will. Blessings.....

Cressida Cressida
you know most miscarriages are because your body senses there is something wrong with the baby.(birth defects) also most happen with in the first 3 months. i have a two miscarriages myself. i lost one baby cause i had surgery and didn't know i was preg. Dr. told me i would have a greater change of losing the baby because of anastia cause birth defects. if your healthy don't drink smoke and eat right i bet you will be just fine. once you go to Dr. it will put your mind at ease. i wish you the best of luck with your new baby!!
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