What happens if a person doesn't sign a ticket a police officer writes them?

What happens if a person doesn't sign a ticket a police officer writes them? Topic: Police writing a citation
July 17, 2019 / By Jemma
Question: I thought you go to jail - is that an urban myth then? I'm watching COPS, this old guy called the city because a pigeon was hopping around near a road and he was afraid it would get run over, they sent a police officer who captured it to take away. When the officer told him it might get euthenized the man started fighting wanting the bird back so he was written a ticket. He refused to sign it so another officer was called as a witness and they still gave the guy a copy of the ticket to appear in court and let him go but he never signed it.
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Best Answers: What happens if a person doesn't sign a ticket a police officer writes them?

Felicity Felicity | 2 days ago
It depends on the policy. In New Mexico for instance if you refuse to sign a ticket they will place you in the back seat of a radio care and you will be transported to jail. Other states refusal to sign a ticket can result in an additional charge being added to the citation. In California VC2800 Refusal to obey a police officer. Your comment about watching COPS on TV you must remember you are only watching the primary incident not the ruling of the court. For instance you indicated that the man started fighting. That too depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. This could very well result in a charge of PC 243 battery on a peace officer and a minor incident been elevated to that of an arrest rather than merely that of a citation. I would suggest rather than to cop an attitude when you are stopped for a violation away try to be courteous and respectful. I am sure that you will find that the courtesy and respect will be returned by the officer that is doing his job. A bad attitude will not help resolve the incident you have been stopped for. Remember the first step is to hope the officer will be sympathetic and understanding to that outrageous and wild excuse you have for your violation of the law. It is he that has the discretion as to cite you or give you a warning. Try the use of your wit it may just help. If not at least the bad attitude will not come out in the event that you must make a court appearance. There you will have the opportunity to once again be courteous or piss off the judge that is hearing your case.
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Felicity Originally Answered: What happens when an officer writes you a ticket with a fine that's more than the maximum allowed?
go to court, then tell them this, you were in the right. had you stayed still you would have gotten into a wreak, had you moved earlier you would have gotten into a wreak. also since they gave you a fine larger than the max it will most likely be thrown out...

Courtney Courtney
If you refuse to sign a ticket you go to jail. At least in Texas. By signing the ticket you are promising to appear in court on a certain date. If you don't sign then the officer has no choice but to take you to jail. It is called "Instanter". The opportunity to sign a ticket instead of going to jail is a courtesy the courts offer you since tickets are a class "C" misdemeanor.I don't know what state your story took place in but letting someone go w/o signing a citation is unusual. So it is not an urban myth.
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Betony Betony
Depends on the ticket and the charge. For minor traffic violations, if the offender did not want to sign, I would just note on the ticket, "refused to sign", and hand him the copy. If the offense was more serious, I would still do the same but would call another officer to witness the citation.
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Agnes Agnes
It is a promise to appear in court, but then again, so is the bond on the ticket. If you do not sign a ticket, I simply put "refused to sign" on it, contact my sergeant, and move on. If you are a douche about it though, I can take you to jail in lieu of the bond amount. I have never done this, nor has anyone I work with but I know it can be done. A signature is not required.
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Timmy Timmy
For most jurisdictions, your signature is just used to confirm you were given your copy of the ticket. Because the guy refused to sign, another officer was called as a witness. That way, the guy can't claim he was never issued the ticket. There are some jurisdictions that will hold you for bond if you don't sign, but that is rare for minor offenses.
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Timmy Originally Answered: What happens when a police officer writes you a warning?
Whether you get anything in the mail depends on the Officer's department policy. In my department, since you're under 18 the Officer is required to notify your parents by mail. Warnings don't affect your insurance or permanent record. Only citations that involve the court. SO, tell your parents the TRUTH, relax, don't worry. Also, don't speed, don't drive under the influence of anything ever, and WEAR YOUR SEATBELT! Live a long and happy life. Best wishes.

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